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  1. I've always had a mental block in getting the swing started. When I put a club across my chest I can make a turn no problem but put the club in my hands and into position, I freeze. Should I be feeling like I'm just turning my shoulders which will get everything else going or is there anything else I can do to get the swing started?
  2. Playing today and couldn't see a rock which I've obviously hit. Is this worth fixing or just leave it? The face is OK but there's quite a few nasty scores and a small gouge out the sole of my V6 7 iron. It's along the tungsten part. Is this purely cosmetic damage or is there a chance of rust or actual damage to the club?
  3. It's actually one stroke less than the other course but it's a lot longer. Some of the back tees add 100 yards onto the hole. It's my general course management. The holes are a lot tighter, more water and double tier greens. Meant to say way over handicap is 12 shots gone by the first 9 holes.
  4. My club has 2 courses and the toughest one has given me a mental block with it. Every time I play it I shoot way over my handicap (12). It's at the point where I actually dread driving to the course. The medals on this one at the weekend and I've never had a good round on it. What's the best way to overcome this and play well on it?
  5. Sorry I didn't mean me duffing it, I mean the ball flight. Its slicing all the time and I generally have a slightly open face anyway so is this making it even more open?
  6. I was fitted for a gapr mid but the pro has changed the settings to near the low end to tie in with the yardages. Whenever I hit it, everything is curving off to the left with poor contact. Would changing the settings possibly fix this as I never got a setting manual when I bought it?
  7. I've been trying for over a year to stop coming out to in and get in to out. I've tried everything like swinging right, aiming left then firing right etc. I can get it with no ball down but main swing is over the top. Only thing I can see which might help is trying to keep my right shoulder behind me on the downswing. Would this work?
  8. I've been struggling with an out to in path and my pro got me to aim a bit left and swing to a different ball target line so it feels like I'm swinging right and getting my left shoulder up and right. Now, it seems to be helping get more of a draw shape but should the ball be finishing on the ball target line or my feet line?? I think I've got confused somewhere along the way.
  9. Love them both but I got burned by Callaway and had several clubs break after a misfit. Are Wilson any less quality than Mizuno as I'm worried the same will happen.
  10. Looking at new irons for next year and narrowed it down to either the Mizuno 919 forged or the Wilson Staff V6. Not hit either yet but love the look of them both.Has anyone tried these or able to confirm if the Wilson quality is a lot less than Mizuno? I always thought Wilson were a budget make for supermarkets etc.
  11. Why not check out the Wilson Staff C300 irons? I'm looking at the Staff V6 irons for next season.
  12. Loving the look of the Wilson staff v6 and c300 forged irons. Has anyone got an opinion on these and is it true that Wilson’s as good as major brands?
  13. Taken it off and reattached. The driver was stiff to loosen unlike the 3 w tho. Think my wrench has broken again tho. The titleist wrenches seem quite flimsy. Meant to add the main wrench part sinks into the plastic grip.
  14. So I was just tightening my driver head and giving it a couple of clicks when my hand slipped when turning the wrench. It’s still clicking but is there any chance I’ve damaged the head or screw? It doesn’t look flush round all the edges of where it fits with the wrench but it could have been like that before. Sorry I said driver. Meant 3 wood. Here’s a pic.
  15. I’ve read numerous threads over the last while about shafts but I’ve noticed a small scratch/score on my driver shaft. I know this could happen at any time but will this cause the shaft to weaken? You can only really feel it with your nail. It’s near my thumb on the pic.
  16. I’ve been working on my ball position recently and I’ve been told that if the balls in my centre but I open or close my stance, this will affect the ball position. Is that correct as it still looks central to me?
  17. Noticed on my 917 3 wood that the grooves appear to be chipping. Has anyone else had this? Will it affect the actual grooves and is it worth fixing?
  18. Would the fact that one of them seems to not be flush and has a bit of a ridge at the side be an issue? Only noticed it when some mud got into it.
  19. Can anyone let me know what the small circle above the titleist logo is for? My driver one seems to be more flush than the 3 wood as this one sticks up slightly.
  20. Just got a new pair of Puma ignite discs but I’ve never had a shoe with Boa before. What’s the best way to clean these? Can you damage the boa by getting it covered in polish, water, sprays etc?
  21. Got an awesome gift at Christmas in the form of a lesson with either Rick Shiels or Peter Finch. I’m a big fan of both with Rick edging it. Due to the availability it’s looking like Finch is easier to get booked in with. Has anyone had a lesson with him that can let me know how it went or whether I should hold off for Rick??
  22. Decided to go for the titleist 917 driver and had the fitting a couple of months back. During the fitting I was fitted for a stiff shaft, draw face and draw weight. Had a lesson last night and hitting more of a fade now. Would the slight swing change knock the settings all out??
  23. Looking at a new driver and 3 wood and have been fitted for both models. Both stats came out roughly the same but the fitter recommended the titleist being half inch shorter if I choose that one. My irons are 1.5 inches longer with being 6ft 5” but what’s the advantage of the shorter driver shaft and what’s people’s thoughts if they had to pick one of the above??
  24. Just range time at the moment due to snow!
  25. Is it just me or does anyone else have it when they don’t hit balls for 1-2 weeks that they feel like they’ve lost their swing a bit? Starting to think my muscle memory is shocking.
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