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  1. Jhwarren

    Core Exercises

    Hahaha I don't know if I'm ready for complexes. Thank alot for the advice. Those seem like a good strategy. P.S. I just googled RKC plank. Those are no joke. I did one in my office to try it out. I'm glad nobody walked in.
  2. Jhwarren

    Core Exercises

    Yes, stretching is so important. I did end up joining a gym. They have this half-cage looking thing where you can do thousands of different stretches. It shows a picture of all these stretches and what part of the body it is working. It is awesome. It really showed me how tight I am, especially is my hips and hamstrings. This may be a question for its own thread. I have started incorporating some free weight training into my routine. My plan is to work out with the weights three times a week. Originally, I was going to do arms (biceps, triceps and shoulders) one day, chest and back the next day, and legs the third day. A buddy of mine who I work with suggested that I do chest and triceps together because a lot of the exercises use both muscles. Then, he said do back and shoulders together for the same reason. And then finish it with legs and biceps. Does this sound right? Or does anyone have any advice on a weight training program that I could do in three day a week cycles and hit everything? Thanks.
  3. Jhwarren

    My Swing (Whoppersk)

    You do alot of good things, especially for only playing for three months. If the chin feeling is helping you, go with it. I would say that you tend to get a little disconnected and long at the top of your backswing. Basically, your body stops turning and your arms continue to lift. Place a tee under each armpit and hit some mid-irons, focusing on maintaining the pressure in the upper arms. The tees should never fall out. It will probably feel very restricting at first. But once you get it, your arms and body will work better together and make it easier for you to deliver the club from the inside. Hope this helps. Keep us posted.
  4. Jhwarren

    My Swing (Whoppersk)

    Hey Whoppers, Welcome to the forum. Would you elaborate a little on "chin up in the backswing?" Thanks.
  5. I completely agree with you. Which is why I put the word standard in quotations in my post (as did you). I certainly wasn't making an old man-style "get off my lawn" argument about the clubs of yesteryear. I have no resentment toward the lofts of today's clubs. I do think that jacked-up lofts can present an issue with regards to proper spacing between clubs. But, if you have the information, then you can get the right set-up.
  6. It's going to be a little challenging because your PW is really strong at 44 degrees. That's the "standard" loft of a 9 iron. Ideally, you would go 44, 48, 52, 56, 60. But that is a lot of wedges and probably wouldn't leave you enough open spots in the bag for other clubs. I would pick up a used 50 degree, see if you like it and, then, maybe think about purchasing a new set of wedges if needed.
  7. A 10 degree gap between your scoring clubs is too much, in my opinion. I would recommend that you look for a 48 or 50 degree gap wedge.
  8. My apologies. I will check it out over there.
  9. Nice improvements there Tristan. What drills or feelings did the instructors have you work on?
  10. Jhwarren

    Index Finger on Grip

    http://thesandtrap.com/t/57531/the-importance-of-pp3-lower-hand-index-finger-against-the-club Here is a another thread discussing the role of the right index finger. Hope this helps.
  11. Jhwarren

    My Swing (iacas)

    And that's what "Talent Coding" is. Nice Work.
  12. Jhwarren

    My Swing (Blitz28179)

  13. http://sweeps.golfweek.com/bracket.asp?ID=7&Bracket;=26184 Looking for a good run out of Thorbjorn Olesen.
  14. Jhwarren

    Accenture Bracket Challenge anyone?

    I'm in

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