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  1. Just got mine as well. Thanks for the heads up about the middle marker. Now I have to find mine! I will also be giving a skin to the OP.
  2. i wish i spend that amount of time on conference calls. I need to speak with my CEO
  3. Let the club do the work. As stated in previous posts... do not try and "help" the ball up. Hitting off of hardpan is a great way to solve this issue. Ball first, then take a little divot once you start to figure it out. Let the club do the work.
  4. Right there with ya. My *60 treats me like shit... but for some reason I still cant keep my hands off of her.
  5. I loved all 60 minutes of that game. For some reason... more so than others Lets go Blues
  6. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it Friday due to work. I will be there Saturday though.
  7. sweet thanks for the info! i'll be there
  8. Do you have your online pass code by chance? I play this game all the time and I recently changed xboxes (went to the 250gb) and didnt have my email address right so I had to get a new gamer tag.
  9. Totally agree. I was very disappointed when I saw that after shelling out $60.00 for a new game.
  10. Does anyone have it? If so, do you play online? I'm an Xbox 360 gamer who frequently plays xbox live. Just wondering who else shares this interest.
  11. Cleveland Classic 290 Driver 2 Winterwear Pullovers FJ Wintersof gloves (Gainey style) 50 Balls Cleveland fitted had 2013 St.Louis Cardinals Alternate jersey. (not golf related but i just HAD to)
  12. "Keep your head down, Swing hard, and hit it straight"
  13. Now this "aunt" you speak of... is she "legally" your aunt? or is she just married to your "unlegal" cousins father? (who also doesn't take bs)
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