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  1. The Ryder Cup is competition not an exhibition. Even if it was an exhibition where is the pride in doing your best. Did Jack, Arnie, and Lee have losing records?
  2. I wonder how many could have practiced till they were better and win? I think Tiger could have reached another level or two higher if he needed to do that to win. I have read that Jack only practed his short game just enough to win. He had back problems.
  3. If a player can't produce a winning record in 3 ryder cups he shouldn't play. All he does is put points on the European side of the scoreboard. We have used 3 of the greatest stroke play players of today and each one has had total losing records. What would our Ryder cup record be if Tiger, Phil and Jim had each one produced one more win point than losses each year. Transfer three points from the european score to the American side.
  4. I hate the guy with the high speed cart who races to his ball that is 30 yards in front of mine. And then he sits in his cart between me and the green. And waits for me to hit my shot over him.
  5. What you and I think should be is right is not necessarily what will happen in court. The law is not clear so that lawyers can make a living. And the situation can be an invitation to a court case. You don't go to court without a lawyer and a simple court case can cost $5000 to $10,000 in legal fees. That's why I have golf liability insurance. It doesn't cost much and also covers mishaps with golfers and the golf cart.
  6. The worst is: 1. Trying to enforce incorrect penalty's on other players. 2. Trying to force me to make swing changes. 3. Driving ahead of me and stopping so I have to hit past your cart. 4. Unsolicited coaching.
  7. I have heard and read many wise answers to your question. Some may sound silly, but they are correct. 1. Always pursue your dreams while you are young. 2. Your destiny lies down the road of your dream and hard work. 3. It will have real hard times, but real progress always comes after frustration. 4. Life is tough and it takes hard work to achieve anything of merit. 5. Don't wake up when you are older wishing you had tried.
  8. I like to play as a single in orderto get paired up with strangers, just to make new friends. IT is surprising how many people get mad if someone behind them plays faster than they do. It is shocking how many people take it as an insult if you play right behind them. and they wont invite them to play through unless the alpha players in their foursome suggests it. It is kinda funny, to watch men's reactions when a foursome of women are playing faster behind them.
  9. .83 COR is only measured at a swing speed of 90 MPH. Who knows what COR Bubba, Dustin, and Jason have available at their swing speeds of over 115 mph. This is the day of technology, who knows what COR's are created by designers at taylor made and ping for pros who swing at high swing speeds, when a driver creates a .83 at 90 mph. for all we know "long drivers" could have CORs that are way higher than we normal players get with the same driver. there are no figures available showing the COR for professional golfers who swing at over 115mph. Players who drive the ball over 300 yards don't ne
  10. This is the natural consequence of gamesmanship. For instance: What would you do if you were SP and the putt was never conceded? Morally was this any different than Annika's chip a few Solheims back?
  11. Some things I remember. European soccer fans are the world's worst. They have major battles. Some high schools have banned fans from football and basketball games. NFL teams have paid out large sums of money for damages to spectators who have been severely beaten at their games. I have friends who won't take their children and grandchildren to Steeler football games. Have you noticed the number of undercover armed security at golf tournaments. I've seen them on tv guarding tiger and Annika. Paige MacKenzie had trouble with stalkers at tournaments.
  12. When I was a beginner, I took 5+ hours to play a round of 18 by myself. And I rushed and didn't waste time. When I asked some of the single digit handicap golfers how I could speed up my play. One asked me if I would like to play 18 with him tomorrow. I said yes, and when we met up the next day he handed me a bag of balls and said to play them. He also said when ever I hit a ball in the rough to drop a ball in the fairway and play on. Don't look for the lost ball. Reasons: 1. the course I played had High rough. I did and we finished 18 holes in 3 hours and 45 minutes
  13. There will not be a Women's Masters at Augusta. Reasons 1. The LPGA will not be able to guarantee the same cash profit for the club. 2. The LPGA will not allow the world to see a full comparison of the LPGA women's game is that of the PGA players. 3. I remember when most LPGA players and officials objected to amateur Michelle almost qualifying to play in the Masters. 4. What do you think would happen if the Masters gave an invitation to the top LPGA player to play along side the Men from the same T in the Masters? PS: It is only a matter of time till som
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