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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, going by my skill level id be very surprised if I noticed a difference from what you guys are saying.
  2. yeah its of my ap1 irons, couldn't find a replacement anywhere, so ordered the xp95 attempting re griping and re shafting in the next few days.
  3. I guess so lol I would cancel the order however if someone knew if it did make a big difference or not.
  4. I broke my 8 iron Shaft recently it was a true temper xp90 r300 8, I was searching online for a replacement but couldn't find a match, so I bought a xp95 r300 Shaft, does anybody know if their will be a noticeable difference in them? Thanks
  5. Cheers for the advice, il check out them videos give me something productive to work on over the next while. thanks
  6. Finally got some slo mo videos, the light isn't great on the fornt view, trying to work on impact position with varying success. Trying to feel like im pushing the club into the ground, been struggling with ball striking mostly toe strikes, so trying various things I seen on video's see if their any help.
  7. I made my own net out of some scaffolding, its definitely not the prettiest net on here but it gets me making some swings.
  8. hi, finally got a front view of my swing never realised how bad it actually looks, trying to get a slow mo versions sorted but im filming off a iPhone 4 so could be a while. Im trying to work on getting my weight forward more on the downswing.
  9. hi thanks for the feedback I'll try get better camera angles and front view videos later in the day cheers, I tend to hit between 3-6 greens over 18 holes but I'm mostly up and around the green in regulation, I just don't find my strike consistent enough too many toe strikes, my putting for most parts is consistent very few 3 putts 1 maybe 2 a round. il try get more videos up later thanks.
  10. I've been Playing Golf for: 1.5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 90-95 My typical ball flight is: push right/ straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice/ toe shots Videos: hi, looking to improve during lockdown so I made my own net, was wondering if any one had any tips or advice on how to improve all feedback is welcome thanks. il get some front view videos tomorrow thanks.
  11. I just feel the faster i swing the more out of position i get causing the shank, but i don't no much about a golf swing so im probly wrong thanks
  12. Went out today was shanking it all over the place, apart from the 18th were i hit good iron shots in really thinking its all down to the tempo of my swing.
  13. Il have to try some of them MS256 aslong as i can stop the shanks nothing more embarassing than someone watchin you and then you shank it across the fairway.
  14. Thanks for the advice guys il try and get a video up soon, its frustrating standing there and having no clue what you did wrong. i just had to laught it off even though i was boiling inside
  15. This year id like to break 90 and then stay in the 80's. Long term break 80 only been playing less than a year and im 19 so i've time on my side if anything.
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