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  1. I'm entered as Tiger Woods. Hopefully I can do better than last year. And no, I'm not staying at Bay Hill with Arnie!
  2. I like the feel and the grind of the Mizuno MPT wedges. I feel like I can hit any shot I need with my 56 degree wedge. Can't go wrong with Vokeys either.
  3. Played 9 holes before the rain came, shot 1 over 37, 1 birdie, 2 bogeys. I'm liking my new mizunos!
  4. Holed out from 80 yards for eagle on a 359 yard par 4. That will probably be the highlight of my season!
  5. I have DirecTV and they show the Golf Channel and Versus in Hi-def on the same channel so sometimes its showing golf and other times (like tonight) its showing Bull Riding (Versus programming). The first 2 rounds were on the HD channel but not the 3rd and final rounds. My question is for people who have Hi-def and service with someone other than DirecTV. Does your Hi-def package share the Golf Channel with Versus or do you have a dedicated channel for GC HD and were able to watch the final round in Hi-def? Thanks
  6. I was having the same problem a couple of hours ago, but now it's working. Isn't opening day on the PGA tour great! Now if only there wasn't snow on the ground here in Indiana and the temperature was in the double digits
  7. It used to take me a few rounds to break in golf shoes until I tried a pair of Footjoy e-Comfort brand shoes. It's not their top of the line but they are so comfortable from day 1. That's the only brand I have bought the last several years.
  8. I got the SG2 for Christmas last year and love it. I'm thinking of upgrading to the SG3 or SG4. How long do the AAs last in the SG3? Can you get in a complete round of 18 with a single pair?
  9. I played my first round with my new driver (TM r7 425). I was a little quick on my first tee ball, pulled it left and made bogey from the trees. I settled down after that and hit every tee shot after that long and straight. Technology is a wonderful thing! I parred the final 8 holes, with 8 GIRs; couldn't make a putt (18 putts), but was very happy with the driver. I shot 1 over, 36. I can't wait to play 18 holes tomorrow in my league's kickoff tournament. I'll be spending some extra time on the practice green.
  10. I decided last Friday I didn’t want my Ping golf clubs any more so I started looking on-line and in my golf magazines for info on the latest clubs. I went to my local golf store Saturday morning, traded in my 2 sets of pings and bought a brand new set. I went with the intention of buying a set of Titleist 735s. I thought I was good enough to step up to a set of forged clubs but I was wrong. When I hit them I was very inconsistent so I had to re-think my plan. I tried just about every demo club in the store and narrowed it down to 3, which happened to all be Callaway clubs (Fusion, X-18, BB). I hit those 3 some more and decided on the 2006 Big Bertha Irons. They were just so easy to hit. I couldn't miss a shot with them so how could I not buy them! The Fusions also felt sweet, but they were $400 more. They came 4-SW but I'm adding the 3i and AW (50 deg). I can't wait to hit them on the course. I recommend that you go somewhere where you can hit the clubs on a full range and where they'll measure you (lie, lenght, shaft...). It will take some time but it's worth it. What a better way to spend a few hours pounding balls with the latest irons on the market. Hope this helps.
  11. I haven't used clickandsavegolf.com. I'm looking to buy new irons and am thinking about the Titleist 735s based on the review I read here. I went to clickandsavegolf.com and they have them for $100 less than anyone else I've seen. I don't think I'll order through them though since no one here has used them. I checked golfgods.com but they don't sell titleist equpiment. I'll stick with my store here in town where they can do a custom fit.
  12. makgolfn

    Super Bowl

    Stevens finally caught a pass and it was for a TD. Seahawks are coming back. Not good field position for them now after that punt, but I think Alexander can take over the game if they get him more involved.
  13. I like reading about everyone's cool golf stuff. I received exactly what I asked for: 2 dozen Pro V-1s, sky caddie, a couple of Ashworth pullovers, and a cert to play a round of golf. Now I just need some warm weather to use my new stuff. I always ask myself this time of year, why do I live where it's cold??
  14. makgolfn


    24-23 USC. This is looking like it will be a great second half. Go Trojans.
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