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  1. Just set the ball on a tee in that spot, theyll understand they made a mistake
  2. I toss is anywhere in between the cart and the green so I will pass by it on the way back to the cart. Ive been using it for long enough that my putter feels naked without it so Im always aware of it.
  3. Just bought a 907 D2 and a 906 F2 18* on ebay, got a great deal. $70 for the driver and $25 for the 5 wood. The only problem is the 5 wood will need a new shaft, it has a soft regular on it. I think I swing a little hard for that ;) So any suggestions on shafts and how I should go about getting a new one. I would rather not spend a lot of money on it seeing as how I only spent $25 for the club itself. PS. ebay is amazing when people dont know how to spell Titleist. Found both by searching for "titelist" I was the only one that placed a bid on either in the 7 day auction. Just a little tip for you guys.
  4. One of my goals for '09 was to drop to a mid single digit (5-7) and with my 76 today I am now a 7.2 which I am going to call a 7. Sweet deal! Updated the goal to get down to a low single digit. Working at a golf course is definitely helping.
  5. Nike. Pretty good clubs, great everything else, clothes (from golf clothes to workout clothes to everyday clothes) and good balls if you can get past the very un-durable cover and since Im sponsored i get as many as I want
  6. This week I have played 4 rounds and I was out of town on Sunday. I will play tomorrow morning so it will be 6 this week, maybe 7 if I play 2 rounds tomorrow and she doesnt care too much since it is mostly when she is at work. The days she is off, I tend not to play so we can hang out. But then again we both work at a golf course (her: wedding coordinator, me: golf shop) so I'm at the course all the time and my schedule allows me to play before or after work depending on which shift I am working. Also we arent married yet, 2 weeks from tomorrow we will be.
  7. I talked to my father in law about it , who's played it a few times, and he said it is just so visually intimidating when youre standing on the tee. It looks like a tiny little dot you have to hit to with water everywhere. Your eye seems to focus a lot on the water.
  8. Are you trying to tell me I should be afraid that someone is going to try to "kick my ass" on the course if I'm wearing metal?
  9. I understand they dont agree. And you know what I dont really care if they do or not, obviously. What I do care about is when people are telling me I need to get my ass kicked. Thats what makes me mad.
  10. How do you people know the course I played on doesnt allow metal? You dont so shut your mouth. I played 2 rounds, get over it. I switched back plastic so it dont tear anything up. I never got the chance to play in metal so why cant I try them a couple times. You guys are ridiculous.
  11. So I've played 2 rounds with metal in and I have to say I like them a TON more! The traction is unbelievable. I played a round yesterday without them, we've been getting some rain and traction was terrible with those stupid soft spikes. Maybe there are some diff ones that provide better traction Ill have to look. As to the green damage, I could see how if everyone was wearing them it could do some damage especially with people dragging their feet, but just looking at my damage, it really wasn't that bad. I've played on a lot worse greens than what my spikes did to them.
  12. Ultimate wager! Slap Bet!! No rings. Whoever wins gets to slap the other person as hard as they can in the face.
  13. Yea Ive been wanting to for a long time so thats in my dream set. Soon as I save up the cash Im buying a mini mill. Next Scotty Cameron
  14. I never saw the greens back when metals were allowed but look at a green now at the end of the day I cant imagine it would be much worse. They look like waffles. I think you'd have to really dig in and drag your foot to create more damage than dragging your foot with the soft spikes. I dont know, when I play them I guess Ill decide if like them or not and if they really do that much more damage. Im just one of those guys that likes to learn from experience
  15. Im just sayin I want to try them. I know how much better they were in baseball so why wouldnt they be better in golf. The ones I bought have a few plastic prongs as well as the one metal spike in the middle.
  16. Not hard to find. Champ Pro Stinger's will work in the tri-lok. Coming from a baseball background I've been wearing metal spikes since I was 10 and I just bought a set for my golf shoes to try them out. I cant find anything on my home course's site that talks about them being banned so I figured I'd give them a go. These plastic things definitely dont work as well as I would expect metal ones would. I got mine for $10 on ebay. If I cant use them, no big deal, its only $10, Ill go back to the plastic. On another note, if they weren't better why do a lot of pros still use them, even the younger ones? Just remember to repair your marks.
  17. He had some non cancerous lesions removed about 10 days ago
  18. Thats what Im saying though. He is unbelievably known for being a golfer. People know him around the world. I was in Spain this last summer and saw a nike ad with Tiger. Insane
  19. I was thinking about it, is Tiger Woods the biggest sports star ever? How many belong in this category? How many people do you recognize simply from their first name or nickname? MJ, A-Rod, Beckham, The Babe... I bet anywhere you go you could easily find someone who knows who Tiger is. He has completely turned golf around. Before Tiger I never knew much about golf, maybe had heard a couple names, Arnie, Jack Nicklaus, etc but no one like Tiger. The only one I think that can compare is Michael Jordan.
  20. Tee. But I dont lose much off the deck. When I tee it up its only about 1/5th of an inch up. Thank you
  21. Titleist 909 D3 9.0* Titleist 909 F3 15* Miura Blade 2-9 Vokey 48* 53* 59* Custom milled putter by yours truly
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