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  1. What's the rush? Golfs obsession with slow play

    I agree. Those are annoying. The point I'm making is that some guys feel they can overpower something by rushing and disregarding other players. Played this morning with one of them in the group. on a 165 yd. par 3 I was three feet short in the rough. He was about fifteen yards short. He hit his shot, then walked directly in front of me towards the flag and his ball as I was lining up my chip. There were caddies in the group so he didn't need to mark his ball, by the way and it wasn't in ayone;s line. I hit my shot anyway, missing him by a foot as he walked towards the hole. My putt was a gimme. I stayed on the green while the others putted out. Then he rushed to the next tee and hit first. Maybe he thinks he's a real man for those kinds of antics, I don't know.
  2. What's the rush? Golfs obsession with slow play

    No you are wrong. I play at a great pace or "ready golf" as you might call it. I spend most of every hole waiting. I'm talking about the kind of guy who will pitch or chip up to the green and not wait for another to execute his shot. The guy putts and hits in a rushed manner looking to "rattle" an opponent who observes standard golf etiquette. This is also the type of guy who will move around behind the hole as you putt.
  3. What's the rush? Golfs obsession with slow play

    Unfortunately many below average golfers overcompensate by trying to take pride in being "fast players," while scapegoating better players accused as "slow players." It's a form of bad sportsmanship that doesn't get enough attention in the golfing media. It is very disturbing to see the types of distracting tricks they try to use... Take an example of a par four, where the better player has a longer drive. He waits for the others to hit, as they are away. As soon as they hit they rush up to their ball, whether on the green, bunker or short of the green. When the player with the longest drive finally has his turn to hit, he is often faced with multiple players encircling the green or actually walking around on the putting surface. When he hits, he is the last to arrive on the green. Often some of the other players will begin to putt out of turn, accusing him of being "slow." Another form of gamesmanship and bad sportsmanship is for the players who have rushed, to walk off the green to the next tee without letting another finish putting. This further creates the false impression that the player left on the green is "slow" when the group behind approaches. Other rude and unsportsmanlike golfers will simply make a beeline for their ball, no matter where it is in the course of play, hit, then follow their ball to the next shot and so on. I have spoken directly to such players, telling them not to hit and walk in front of other players, and the common response is "I wasn't in your way," or, "We're just trying to move along." These players are usually the ones who improve their lies, etc., and try to employ distracting pressure to win a hole or a match. At regular games my club has had for six years, which used to be fun, balls are tossed on the ground to make up the foursomes at random. This precludes being able to arrange one's own pairings. It's a casual club without a membership committee where such conduct could be raised and disciplined. I would be interested to hear opinions, particularly from golf professionals. We recently had a retired tour pro join the club, who immediately saw through the shenanigans. Naturally, both he and I have been labelled "slow players" because we observe both the rules of golf and etiquette.