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  1. I still have quite a while until I retire but my vote is for The Villages, Fl www.thevillages.com My In-laws live there and it is always a good time. If you want to see how it is living there, they have a program where you stay there in a house for a week or two to try out the lifestyle. They have quite a few executive courses as well as championship courses. The executive courses are free for residents but you have to pay a membership for the championship courses if I remember right.
  2. Picked it up at the golf course next to the military base in Augsburg, Germany. All the americans got to play for next to nothing. Below is a link to the google maps location, I don't think they have an official website. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&sour...02547;&t;=h&z;=16
  3. In High School I actually wanted to be an architect. I was accepted into the University of Nebraska but to get into their architecture program I would have had to take a full year of math to meet the requirements. That plus their program being a competitive one meaning I might not even have the chance to finish my degree as an architect made me rethink what I wanted to do. For lack of anything better to do I decide to join the Army since it was what my father was in and that’s what I know. Turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. Became a computer analyst and used that training and knowledge that I got in the Army to get a job working in the defense industry as a contractor. I have since worked my way up to an IT project management position and while I would rather be playing some sport for a living I do enjoy what I do. One word of advice though is to make sure you take care of your degree while you’re young. I screwed around and partied when I was in the Army stationed in Germany and Florida. When the time came to get out I didn’t have a degree even started. I will actually finish my degree this year but it would have been a lot easier and probably not have taken so long if I had taken care of it while I was younger and didn’t have to ‘refresh’ my memory on certain subjects.
  4. Does anyone on here play in the Golf Channel's Am Tour? If so how do you like it? I am thinking about doing this next year since I will be done with school and will have some time on my hands. Is this a good amature tour or are there better ones out there?
  5. Guess thats why they call it "sin city"
  6. I would try either Wilson 50's or Wilson Zips. They are cheap and great balls.
  7. I was in Target yesterday doing the dreaded after christmas shopping and saw they had Callaway tour iX on clearance for $24.99. I live in Miramar, Fl and don't know if other Targets have the same deal. Just figured someone would want to go snap up a few dozen.
  8. I would recommend The Villages. It is just north of Orlando, Fl. www.thevillages.com Has quite a few courses.
  9. cepausm

    Moe Norman

    This is the best line onthe Wiki page. It is even said that on one hole his caddy told him he could get to the green with a driver and a nine iron. Naturally, he hit off the tee with his nine iron and then onto the green with his driver.
  10. cepausm

    USA vs Brazil

    USA by 2, this is going so much better then I thought it would. The US squad is really looking good right now and is able to counter a lot of Brazil attacks. Hopefully the defense can hold, Brazil is doing a lot of attacking.
  11. Has anyone in South Florida ever bought one of these in the past? If so do you think you got your money out of it? I see they added two of the Doral courses this year and since I work directly across the street from them I am thinking of doing it. Any thoughts? http://www.pcmgolf.com/premier/
  12. I shot 103 on Friday. The first three holes were brutal since we were rushed out on the course so we could get out in front of a big group. But after that calmed down and made a couple of pars and putted very well. All in all was a good round with my new Fusion irons.
  13. I'm going to have to agree with Cody, I like the Wilson Staff 50. I'm a high handicapper, but I do think this ball is a lot better for me then others I have tried.
  14. I bought a never compromise voodoo putter about 4 months ago. I love the putter, and feel that it was an excellent choice. I used to have a cheap putter from a beginners set, now I know what people mean when they say you can feel the ball through the stroke. The putter you linked to looks nice, I like the fact you can move the weights around.
  15. cepausm

    Blue Monster

    So I got a chance to play the Blue monster yesterday. My Bosses bosses boss(site lead) got four free tickets to play there from his investment banker. I must say it is really nice to play on a course of this caliber. I was actually so nervous waiting on the first tee my hands were shaking. After I saw my friends go into the rough it calmed me down a little and I actually surprised myself out there hitting it pretty well. I am not a very long hitter so my strategy was to play every hole like I had an extra shot, for example if it was a par 4 then I would play it as a par 5. I never played a driver off the tee as I am not that accurate with it and the rough on the course is very deep. It is so deep that unless you are standing right over your ball in some places you will not find it. I used my hybrid 3/4 irons to tee off and our foursome played off the white tees. All in all I must say I was very pleased with my performance, I wish I could do the first three holes over where I scored the 8's on them and the 10th where I imploded on myself with a 9 and the last two where I had 8's also(stupid sand traps). I recorded my first actual par ever on hole 4 with a 80 foot chip in and again on hole 7 where I had a 6 foot putt after my approach shot. A few things I noticed, I have a hard time hitting off the tees, I will top the ball, worm burn it, or slice it to the rough and the ball would go about 75 yards but the next shot I would use the same club and hit a perfect shot 200 yards down the middle of the fairway. It got to the point that my site lead said to me "Now why the f*** can't you do this off the tee?" I think it may be everyone standing around watching me, I don't know. The rough there is just as nasty as everyone says it is. And I am actually proud of the way I played out there, my score would probably be horrible to most of you but seeing as I am a high handicapper and playing on a championship level course I am happy with my 114(57 front, 57 back). I thought it would be MUCH worse. If you ever get the chance to play the course I would recommend it, it is beautiful and in perfect shape. I will try to post my scorecard sometime this morning. Here is a link to the scorecard. http://www.doralresort.com/_files/_p...RSCORECARD.pdf I shot: 8 8 8 3 7 6 4 8 5 57 on front 9 6 6 5 5 5 6 8 8 57 on back
  16. I was wondering if anyone on here actually plays together? Or if anyone has ever though about getting people together from here to start a regular group to play a round with?
  17. I work as a UNIX Administrator in the defense sector.
  18. '05 Audi A6 '01 Pontiac Sunfire GT - Have to throw the GT on there Used as the commuting car as it is great on gas.
  19. In the bag.... Let me start off by saying that when I first bought a set a clubs I figured I would buy a cheap set to beat up on while I tried to learn how to play. So I bought a set of Spaldings that came with everything putter/irons/woods/bag. I used those for a year or so until I went out and played with a coworker of mine that had a set of Adams Ideas that he let me try. I loved them and got a set of my own shortly thereafter. So I am slowly phasing out all the Spaldings. DRIVER: Spalding Pro (need to replace with a decient driver) WOODS: 3 and 5 wood are also Spalding Pro's (I was going to replace these but don't really use them anymore as I use my hybrids) HYBRIDS: Adams Idea 3i/4i, Love these, basicly took the place of my 3/5 woods. IRONS: Adams Idea 5/PW. These replaced the Spalding Pro's, I love them and have thought about trading them in for the new version but see no reason to. WEDGE: Currently only have a 58deg Titlest. I used to just open up the face on my PW depending on how much I wanted to change the angle. I will pick up probably a 54deg soon but couldn't pass this up as it was $25 at Golf Galaxy. PUTTER: Just picked up a No Comprimise Voodoo putter. Tried several including a couple of two ball putters and found I liked this one best. Couldn't believe how much a good putter helps your game out. As with all the other clubs this replaced the Spalding. The ball just comes off the face of this putter so much nicer. BALLS: I used to just pick up whatever was on sale since I would lose most of them anyways to whatever water there was on the course until reciently when I took some cheap balls I had(cougar I believe) and hit/putted a few against some Wilson Staffs/MC Lady/Nike Ones. I couldn't believe the difference between them. So while I will still look for the good sales I will not go for some of the really cheap ones anymore. BAG: NIKE Stand Bag. My wife picked this up for me one christmas. Actually love it as it has the dual straps and is extreamly light.
  20. How do you like that course? Is it a wide open course or are there trees/houses right off the fairways? Are you a member of the country club? I am trying to find a couple of good courses to play regularly. I live in Miramar so that isn't too far from me.
  21. I do the same thing when I am with my friends. Hand wedge is what we call it.
  22. Barkley said that swing just started one day. Other players say on on the range he is alright. But I can't get enough of watching him in pro-ams
  23. I still have the stock ones on my clubs but they are getting quite slick now so I think I will have to change them. Just a matter looking around and finding ones I like. Question.. I have never regriped my clubs before, but I have seen it done. From what I remember there isn't much to it. Would it be better for me to take a club or two somewhere to have someone show me the "correct" way of doing it first before I go for it on all my clubs?
  24. UNIX system administrator. Woo Hoo first Post!!
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