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  1. How about a 913f 15 degree? It can be adjusted to 16.5 and back down to 13.5.
  2. Hand & Knuckles - too much golf!

    I too suffer from this, but just got my clubs regripped to mid sized and seem to be doing better with the soreness. Maybe bigger grips would help?
  3. Ping club alterations

    FWIW- I just got fitted for Ping irons and it was a great experience. Guy spent a couple hours with me and let me hit several different clubs/shafts. He knew I was buying. I would hope you would get the same service from someone just trying to adjust existing clubs, but the oldster in me says pbly not (unless it's someone you know personally).
  4. Best ball for the $

    There going to be mad.
  5. Best ball for the $

    It just had a click we both didn't like. Compression is higher on the e5, idk. I was surprised too.
  6. Best ball for the $

    I was given a few by a friend and hit one on one hole. It felt too hard for me. I handed one to my wife to try without warning her and she said "ewwww.... too hard".:D She hits e6's too.
  7. Best ball for the $

    I like e6's, especially when they are being blown out everywhere for $22.