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  1. Try Pinnacel Gold. Similar to DT SOLO but are $15.99 for 15.
  2. What's the rush? Golfs obsession with slow play

    It depends on what you mean by slow play. 3.1/2-4 1/2 hours is a good pace and I don't like to rush either. It's really annoying when your partner(s) take too much time lining up each 2 foot put, waiting for them to go through the 5 minute pre shot routine AFTER you have already hit your shot or the foursome in front of you stand around on the green and have a social event after puting out.
  3. Ok, Im a convert...the Pro V1 and 1x balls rock!!!!

    And so are Pinnacle which, by the way, are made by Titliest.
  4. Driver for Beginner...

    Check out some of the older PINGs, especially the Rapture V2. This is still a very good driver and I saw them at Goflsmith for around $200