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  1. It WILL be hosting the 2010 US Am, and the 2015 US Open.
  2. I'll leave the cargo shorts part alone, as this is getting beaten to death in another thread, but I have no problem with a no jeans/ t shirt policy. I don't think it is an unreasonable request, and I hate that players on tour get to these "mock" turtleneck shirts. I think they look like like fancy tshirts...
  3. I knew someone would say that....
  4. The USGAdoes not "round" down, they simply drop everything after the tenths when determining your index. Each individual score differential is rounded normally to the tenths digit.
  5. After getting several emails, detailing how wonderful the Tacoma Golf Show was going to be, I broke down and brought my kids (kids free) down to the Convention Center this afternoon. I honestly had very low expectations for this event. Well, I was suprised that they couldn't even come near my low expectations. I am honestly sure that with about 1 day of prep, I could put on a better golf event in my garage... Yes, you do get a free round of golf with a paid admission... I now have a free greens fee at Auburn golf course (M-W from Oct 15- Mar 15)... woo hoo! They also advertised a free golf club for kids.... ohhh nooo... What you get is a form to order a "custom" club with $29.85 s/h get it in 6 weeks. Not really any clubs to demo, barely any exhibitors at all... maybe 15 booths total. Please noone waste your time or money.
  6. I'm kinda all over the board... Most Current Score History U T Date Score CR/Slope Diff. A 7/08 83 70.8/130 10.6 A 7/08 80 72.2/129 6.8 * AI 7/08 80 72.1/124 7.2 * H 7/08 79 69.9/119 8.6 A 6/08 89 69.2/121 18.5 A 6/08 86 70.8/130 13.2 H 6/08 80 69.9/119 9.6 A 6/08 86 69.3/123 15.3 * H 6/08 77 69.9/119 6.7 * H 6/08 75 69.9/119 4.8 A 6/08 79 66.5/114 12.4 T 6/08 83 70.9/124 11.0 * T 5/08 78 70.9/124 6.5 A 5/08 88 70.8/130 15.0 * A 5/08 76 69.2/121 6.4 * A 5/08 77 69.4/120 7.2 T 5/08 85 73.6/125 10.3 * I 5/08 81 73.5/125 6.8 * H 5/08 79 73.6/125 4.9 * H 5/08 84 73.6/125 9.4
  7. I had somewhat the same decision to make when I finally wanted to join a men's club and establish my handcap this year. The Classic is right up the road from me. It is a great course and usually in good shape, but it kicks my ass every time... On the other hand - I could join at Lake Spanaway which was 10-15 minutes farther away. Spanaway, I feel is a bit more forgiving and I play so much better there... So I joined at Spanaway, and when I have broken 80 4 or 5 times, I go to the Classic and get my comeuppance with an 86-90. Just because you join at one doesn't mean you have to play all of your golf there.
  8. Which courses are these? Just by the stats, I would pick the last one.
  9. i loved going out to Seminole in the afternoon when I was up there... Ahh.... good times... I loved #6.... I must have eagled that hole more than a dozen times...
  10. Absolutely play. I played in a couple of tournaments around here, and most of the guys I played with that were 2-7 handicaps didn't break 80. It can be a bit intimidating, but most all of them were great guys and they made it a lot of fun.(plus I played really well, for me at least) Go for it!!
  11. I joined the local course's Men's Club this year so that I could have an official handicap, finally. Now I have played in a couple of tournaments for the first time since high school. ugh 20 years?!?!?... I had signed up at TheGolfChannel.com last year, but I think this type of handicap is kind of BS. I actually was the "handicap chairman" for the Seattle/Tacoma golf channel's club... I had to talk to someone from the USGA and confirm that we would set up tee times for tournaments so that the members (over 200) would have the opportunity to play together. This lie got the club certified to be a type 3 club. Since then, I have heard not a word from anyone at the Golf Channel.com who were supposed to maintain the club and have never heard from or met anyone in the "club". I would put no stock in these type clubs (type 3) for the most part either. Since these "official USGA handicaps" aren't GHIN or IGN issued, I don't think many clubs would take these as official handicaps either... maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so...
  12. +1 on that... I am constantly frustrated on the course... no matter what. Sunday I shot 75- my best score ever... but I was +4 on the last 4 holes... I would have been overjoyed and taken a 75 before the round, but as always, I got in my own head and choked it all away....
  13. This would seem to be purely a sign that you are more comfortable at your home course. As you should, you have more knowledge and should play better there than on a new track... A vanity handicap is more the opposite of a sandbagger... if you aren't inputting artificially low rounds at your home course, then no- you do not have a vanity handicap...
  14. jwnolefan

    Another rant

    Thanks! That was the funniest post I have read on this site...
  15. Now that we seem to have agreed for the most part that you were in the wrong... Which would have been worse, them throwing your ball in the water, or turning around and firing right back at you(which I would have done)
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