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  1. It depends on a number of factors in my opinion! I will break it down on how my thought process would go if faced with this (no particular order of steps, just have to consider all) 1. Can I hit it 265? ( front of green) 2. Is this my first hole of the day or 10th? I would probably GO FOR IT starting out on #1, where if it is #10, score would come into play more for me. 3. Am I playing this hole one time? or is it a tournament where I have to play it multiple times? Odds are you will score better laying up 4 times with a 4-5 iron rather than using driver to g
  2. Big year coming up. Lots of events to play I have set goals for what I want to shoot and what I want play for tournaments. I am tentatively playing: 5 Club level (defending 2) 3 Provincial level 1 National Level (based on performance at provincial) 1 Pro Qualifier 1 Team Provincial Level (ryder cup format) Also throughout the year I am going play some courses for training that are approx 73 - 75+ rating, 135-147 slopes Any questions?
  3. Basically did it once last season.. Played battle golf with a friend so i hit driver off #1 but the rest of the round with irons. Played off 6750 yards shot 80.
  4. Borf

    Season To date

    Provincial, club level
  5. Borf

    Season To date

    Hi, here is a summary of my season so far. Feedback, questions and comments welcomed. Events - 8 Wins - 2 Top5 - 3 Top10 - 1 Top20 -1
  6. Borf

    Going Pro

    I have read rotellas 15th club and golf not a game of perfect... Ill have to check that one out
  7. Borf

    Going Pro

    Thanks david, I wasnt so much looking for peoples opinions on what i want to do, more 'how to' and specifically things that will help me continue to get better. The purpose of this wasn't for me to come here and look for validation of my idea. I realize that at some point I will have to go pro( move locations, quit my job etc) if i ever want to see how good I can be, I just want to keep improving and do things now, so that if and when i make the decision to go pro i will be that much more prepared.
  8. Borf

    Going Pro

    Club, provincial
  9. Borf

    Going Pro

    4 Top 3 finishes (counting the win)
  10. Borf

    Going Pro

    I play in basically every am tournament i can, not married i have a job currently graduated from university. I have done very well in tourneys, last season i posted 1 win, 6 top 10 in 9 tourneys.
  11. Borf

    Going Pro

    The canadian tour is a terrible place to start out and attempt to be a pro golfer for myself anyway... Its like 9 events spread over 4 month, across the entire country.
  12. Borf

    Going Pro

    Great posts everyone! I came to an online forum to get peoples opinions, I am aware of many mini-tours etc but its nice to get actual peoples opinions on the matter. I have shot -6 in regular rounds, many -3s in competition. I obviously know I need to improve my game to be competitive in the pro ranks, thats no secret to me. As far as money and coming down south, i feel i have enough money saved up to attempt this(start it maybe) but would need a plan of attack to move forward.
  13. Courses from the tips make you actually think your way around rather than blasting driver anywhere and going for every shot. Prob couldn't get to par 5s in 2, which makes it harder and longer par 3s like you mentioned make it more difficult also
  14. Borf

    Going Pro

    Typically courses would be rated 73-75 for a tournament, at +1 i would typically shoot 72-74...so to be able to compete I estimate +3 would have to be your handicap minimum.
  15. Borf

    Going Pro

    Touring pro, I appreciate and acknowledge the odds are against me but whatever bro! I don't buy into other peoples expectations, especially on this one because its completely up to me in the end.
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