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  1. Irons for new senior

    I'm 60, average build, but I cannot use graphite shafts. They are just too light for me. Yo need to feel the clubhead to have good tempo. So I use steel shafts but the lightest I could find which are XP 95 in regular flex. This is what worked for me.
  2. changing golf balls

    I'm just a mid handicapper, but after trying many balls over the years I like Pro V1 more than others. It's not just spin around the greens, there's something about the feeling off the face and about the flight of the ball that I like more. Recently I've been playing Z Star (I like yellow balls) and it feels just as good as Pro V1 and it's cheaper. I like Z Star more than Q Star Tour.
  3. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    For me 58 works better than 60
  4. Swingweight Help

    Most men’s irons are D2 or D1 swingweight. C5 is too low. My opinion.
  5. Club innovation and sticking with the same set

    In my view, club improvements are not only related to distance, but also to MOI and lower center of gravity, meaning more forgiveness when hitting off the sweet spot. I remember watching a video of a comparison of current drivers versus drivers of twenty years ago. The distance increase of new drivers was noticeable, but even more so was less dispersion.
  6. What ball, and why

    I'm a mid handicapper. I always go back to Pro V1 or Srixon Z Star which I find to be equivalent. I only lose on average one ball per round so I don't mind paying the price of these balls. The flight and stopping power I get are worth it.
  7. I'm a mid handicapper. I played Titleist AP2 for about three years. Some shots I hit well, some not so well. I just purchased a set of the new AP3 and I couldn't be happier. They look just as slim as the AP2, more forgiving and 5 yards more distance per club on average. I'm glad I switched. By the way, AP1 were just too chunky and too much offset for me. So the AP3 were perfect.
  8. Vokey, 58 degrees, 10* bounce, S grind.Use it for chipping and for compact sand bunkers (common at my home course)
  9. Driver Loft advice

    I'm 60. I use a 12 degree driver, and usually outdrive younger guys.
  10. PING's Color Code System

    My understanding is that the dot refers only to the head in relation to the factory standard lie angle which is black. For example, a green dot would be the head bent to be 2 degrees upright. However, if the club is longer or shorter than standard length it is up to you and your fitter to decide which color code you need now to attain the effective lie angle that you want.
  11. Which degree loft to play- Driver.

    My opinion, Most people should use at least 10.5*
  12. Shorter driver question

    Titleist drivers have removable weights. Take advantage of that. Factory Standard is red. If you need more swingweight you can install a blue weight to add one swingweight or a black weight to add two and a half swingweights. Most Titleist drivers are D3 swingweight. I am 60 years old and I have found I really like a D0 or C9 swingweight.
  13. Your experience with golf lessons

    My best lessons have been with people who have played PGA or LPGA. They just seemed to be able to identify my mistakes more quickly and give good advice on how to fix them. More expensive though. My experience.
  14. For me, pitching wedge that came with the set (45 degrees), gap wedge that came with the set (50 degrees) and Vokey 58 degree sand/lob wedge. Yes, it would seem there's a big gap between a 50 and a 58, but I can play the 50 with a shorter swing and cover all the distances, so I'm good.
  15. Sorry, another chipper question

    I use a Cleveland smart sole chipper. It has 43 degrees of loft, slightly less than my AP2 pitching wedge at 45 degrees. (a 7 iron has 34 degrees of loft or less). The major difference I see is not loft, or bounce, or even a shorter shaft. The major difference is WEIGHT. My Cleveland chipper is much heavier than a 7 iron or a pitching wedge and this gives me a lot more control to produce the distance I want on fine precise shots. When I don't have the chipper I use my pitching wedge and I can still obtain good results, but I am not as precise distance wise.

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