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  1. Turn your hips until you raise your left heel, as Nicklaus, Palmer and Watson did. Works for me.
  2. Posture has a lot to do with lie angle. Narrower stance vs more open stance. Knees more flexed or less flexed. Torso more upright or less upright. For a long time I thought I needed more upright clubs until an instructor fixed my posture and now I can play with standard lie angles.
  3. When you use every minute of free time to go on-line to read Golf Digest articles
  4. I have used Gorilla epoxy on many clubs with no issues and I have read about many people using Gorilla epoxy on many clubs with no issues. Only thing is it does require a bit more heat than golf epoxy to break down if you ever want to remove the shaft. Gorilla epoxy is not brittle. It is somewhat rubbery.
  5. Are the two drivers the same shaft length? My guess is that one has a longer shaft than the other.
  6. Seems to me Just trim 1 inch off the butt end of every club and you'll be back to standard specifications
  7. One instructor noticed that when I stand naturally my shoulders are slightly open to the target. This contributed to pulled shots. She told me it is the shoulders that should be square to the target, not the feet. Now I take my address position with my right foot slightly back.
  8. For me, my Cleveland Chipper using a putting stroke is a magical club for short chips around the green
  9. It's just a Gap Wedge. I don't think I need exact shaft specifications. If it were a 6, 7 or 8 iron I would be more cautious.
  10. Just wanted to share. I had a wedge head with a 0.370 hosel and a True Temper XP 95 R300 shaft (wedge length). I measured the tip of the 0.355 shaft and after about an inch it becomes 0.370 parallel. So I just trimmed one inch off the tip and voila I now had a 0.370 shaft. I suppose that trimming one inch off the tip basically made the shaft "stiff" instead of "regular", but that's all right because it will go into a wedge. I epoxied the shaft into the head with no problem. I'm not saying all 0.355 shafts have this geometry, but for what it's worth these TT XP 95 shafts do have a true 0.370 parallel section above the taper. I don't feel comfortable using shims. This solution worked well for me.
  11. I f you decide to get a 48 specialty wedge you may want to replace the shaft so it matches your other irons.
  12. Lie angle is totally dependent on POSTURE. If you stand very upright, you need a certain lie angle in your club, but if you have a very open stance or if you bend your knees a lot, then you need a different lie angle. I suggest you first fix your posture before you modify your clubs. My experience.
  13. The shaft is most important. I'm 62 years old, 5'9", average build. I use True Temper XP 95 R300. A light steel shaft that feels soft and launches high. Very popular.
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