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  1. A softer shaft will give you a higher ball flight and more backspin
  2. At impact the club face was pointing left. Perhaps your grip was too strong.
  3. I have owned many Titleist drivers and fairway woods. When I adjust them for more or less loft they just never feel right. I stopped doing it.
  4. I'm not an expert but my understanding is that jiu jitsu is the nastiest martial art. The moves are such that you can break the other guy's bones and ligaments.
  5. Use the longest possible shaft that you can hit consistently in the center of the clubface
  6. Shaft weight and shaft flex are two very different things. For me, shaft weight affects your tempo and you have to find the weight that best fits your swing. Shaft flex is a less important factor and gives you a slightly lower or slightly higher ball flight. My experience. In my experience, a "regular" flex in a heavy shaft is usually stiffer than a "regular" flex in a light shaft.
  7. I'm no expert, but it seems to me in real life you are always hitting balls below your feet, above your feet, downhill lies, uphill lies, etc. In those cases the lie angle of the clubs changes drastically up or down with respect to the ground. And you can still hit straight shots if you have a good technique. My opinion.
  8. Just look at the number of shafts out there. I'm sure many have the exact same performance. However, people spend more money when they think they found something that "exactly" fits their game. (many people call this marketing)
  9. I would describe it as a good ball for a mid handicapper. A low handicapper would probably use Srixon Z Star
  10. Recently I've been paying more attention to feeling the weight of the clubhead, from the moment I start the backswing to well past impact. It has greatly improved my consistency with all clubs in the bag. It seems to me feeling the clubhead is a critical aspect of a golf swing, but many high handicappers probably have never heard of this before. My question to you all is why this is hardly ever mentioned in magazine articles or instructional videos??? Just wondering.
  11. Over the years, in my experience, consistently, REGULAR in a heavy shaft is stiffer than REGULAR in a light shaft. By the same token, STIFF in a light shaft is more flexible than STIFF in a heavy shaft. There must be exceptions, I'm sure.
  12. I must be getting old. I only play 9. For me playing 18 has become like going to the movies to watch a four hour film. Please don't hate me for saying this. For me 9 is just perfect.
  13. In my case, I was not looking for distance. I was looking for fairways!!! I preferred a straighter ball flight, that's why I went to 13.5 degrees even if I lost a bit of distance. By the way, I do want to stress that for me hitting a 13.5 driver is easier than hitting a 13.5 three wood because of the larger sweet spot. The draw fade adjustments have not really worked for me. I did set the driver to the most upright lie angle to compensate because I trimmed the shaft by an inch and a half. So my setting is A3.
  14. Just wanted to share. I am 62 years old. Midhandicapper. I play with a Titleist 12 degree driver. The club feels good in my hands but I still produced a bit of a slice on many shots, enough of a slice to frequently put me in the rough. I struggled with this for years. I decided to experiment setting my driver to 13.5 degrees of loft and now my shots are straight as an arrow! Basically what I have now is equivalent to a strong 3 wood. Many pro’s sometimes tee off with a strong 3 wood, like Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods. I did lose about 10 yards but for me it’s a small price to pay to get considerably straighter shots. I highly recommend people try it. In the past I did try teeing off with a 3 wood but found it hard to hit consistently.
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