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  1. For me, many of my problems were solved when I learned to maintain the "triangle" both during backswing and during downswing. On the backswing, my torso and arms move together keeping the triangle. When the shoulders stop turning the arms stop too. On the downswing, the torso and the arms move together again maintaining the triangle until impact. If you do this the lag happens by itself. I strongly recommend trying the above with a half swing where the left arm only reaches 9 o'clock position. This makes it easier to understand, feel and learn the movement. There are many videos that talk about the "triangle" this is what worked for me.
  2. Repeat offenders are given away for adoption. Usually a friend or a caddy.
  3. 7wood is a wonderful club. For some people (especially sweepers) woods are easier to hit than hybrids. I use a G30 7 wood.
  4. An instructor once told me that you need to have a golf club in your hands every day even if it's only five minutes doing practice swings.
  5. After I learned to properly grip the club and I developed a good technique in my swing my calluses have practically disappeared and I can use the same glove for a year without any holes. It did take me six years to reach this stage though!!!
  6. A man gets home from Golf earlier than anticipated He hears strange noises coming from the bedroom on the second floor Not knowing what to do, all he can think of is to yell FOOOOREEEE!
  7. One of the things I like about golf is that it's a gentleman's game. I always thought gentlemen dress well (e,g, James Bond). Therefore I like dress codes. It's just a personal thing.
  8. I'm just a bogey golfer but I have studied tons about the golf swing. I don't play that well because I have some coordination and flexibility issues. But I think I have some good knowledge. I have always been the kind of person that offers to help people all the time, anywhere anytime. Even at golf. But I have learned that people don't want unsolicited golf advice. I will usually mind my own business, but when I'm paired up with somebody with serious swing issues that is delaying the whole group I will politely ask if I can give them feedback. Many times people have said no and that's the end of it. Sometimes people have said yes and I think I did manage to help them a bit. I think it is wrong to just throw unsolicited advice at somebody, but if you politely ask if they want some feedback and if they politely say no, it should be no problem. Somebody said something along the lines that offering advice is like saying I'm better than you and I want to prove it. There's some merit to this and from now on I'll be double careful about it.
  9. At my club a caddy recently told me about a player who had 150 balls in his bag. And the caddy had to carry the bag the whole round. (I'm in Mexico and thank God we still have caddies. I like to walk and the caddy is always by my side like the pro's on tour.)
  10. I ground the club to grip it but then I will hover it to just barely touching the tips of the grass blades.
  11. 6 to 8 balls. I will lose two or three balls in a round at most (many times I lose none). When it's a course I've not played maybe I will carry a dozen balls.
  12. I love Titleist drivers. They are very neutral and also they are 45" shaft length which gives you a bit more control because most other brands are usually 45.75" or 46" in length.
  13. For years I played Titleist NXT Tour S, because it was soft feeling and had some spin. This year as my ball striking improved and now I hardly ever lose balls, I switched to Pro V1 (not Pro V1x) and I couldn't be happier. I get an even softer feel off the face and the backspin I get on greens is fantastic. I wish I had switched sooner.
  14. I wish I had known that the golf swing comes more from the torso than from the arms.
  15. I´m a better golfer after every round!!! After a round, as I'm driving home, I always ask myself "what did I learn today?" It can be something about my driving, my irons, putting, approach shots, strategy, grip, backswing, etc. etc. For me, there is always something I learned.