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  1. Anybody use a Chipper?

    My cleveland chipping wedge has 43 degrees loft, a little less than my pitching wedge at 45 degrees loft
  2. Anybody use a Chipper?

    I love my Cleveland chipper. It has a shorter shaft and a heavy head and that gives me a lot of control versus chipping with a pitching wedge or other clubs. I just mimic a putting stroke. It's a magical club because it's so easy to hit well. It also works great for getting out from under tree branches.
  3. Just wanted to share. I've been playing for about six years. I'm a bogey golfer. All this time I've been using an interlock grip. (The overlap grip is very uncomfortable for me). Last night I was reading several articles about the ten finger grip and why it is not as terrible as many people think. Today I decided to try it and went to play nine holes. I went straight to the tee, no practice balls. My first drive was a great drive, then my iron shots were better than ever. To make a long story short, I shot a 38, my best score ever for nine holes (five pars, three bogeys and a birdie). The ten finger grip (not to be confused with the baseball grip) gave me more control and power. The fact that I hit balls so well without practicing first tells me that is the grip that is natural for me. Why didn't I try it before??? Question, why is the ten finger grip demonized so much? Just to clarify, when I say ten finger grip I mean the grip with my left hand is exactly as before, a traditional left hand golf grip. The difference is in the right hand, all five fingers on the club and my left thumb under my right palm crease.
  4. I don't hit the 5 iron very well. Much less the 4 iron. So from the fairway the highest I'll go is 6 iron. I have a good short game so I don't mind landing a few yards outside the green. I can usually do a good up and down. 5 iron only from the tee.
  5. Ditching 3w for 5w

    Yes. 3 wood is not an easy club to hit. 5 wood is great club. When you totally master the 5 wood then maybe go back to 3 wood.
  6. For me, the only time the shaft flex shows a noticeable difference is when we are talking about the same brand and model. For example, Dynamic Gold AMT R300 vs S300, yes I will feel a difference. I'm now using XP95, and I can also feel the difference between R300 and S300. Now, AMT R300 is stiffer than XP95 R300. Here the comparison does not work because it's different model shafts.
  7. Leave the Driver in the Bag?

    It took me five years to learn to hit the driver. I had to make many swing improvements in the process, like learning to stay on plane (which also helped my irons). I then cut the shaft to 44 inches. The driver is now probably the most forgiving club in the bag.
  8. "Be aware that, for example, a Cobra R-flex fairway wood shaft that's marked as a certain flex and weight may not match up perfectly to the "same" shaft from another batch." Yes, totally true. When I buy my Titleist drivers or woods I will go to the store and grab three "identical" clubs (same head and same shaft), then I will hold the ends of the shaft and try to flex it. Always one feels softer and one feels stiffer and one in between, even though all three are marked the same. Manufacturing tolerances are greater than people think.
  9. I have owned several sets of Titleist AP2 irons with different shafts. My own experience: A regular shaft will produce a slightly higher ball flight AND a softer feel when striking the ball AND a bit more dispersion. A stiffer shaft will produce a slightly lower ball flight and a harsher feel (especially on mis hits) and a bit less dispersion. Distance wise there may not be that much difference!!!! I prefer regular shafts mainly because I like a softer feel when hitting the ball. This is based on my own experience. Other people may have different results.
  10. How long should the second cut be?

    It is key to easily find your ball. At my home course on many holes you must hit over a hill, which means you cannot see where the ball lands.
  11. For me, his videos take too much time.
  12. Senior survey on driver loft

    I use regular shaft. 60 years old, 5'9", average build.
  13. Leave the Driver in the Bag?

    Try a shorter driver
  14. TTXP90 Stiff vs Regular

    My experience, The XP90 in stiff will feel like a regular in Dynamic Gold AMT and other heavy steel shafts. In other words, it's still somewhat soft.