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  1. I'm just a mid handicapper, but for me MOI fitting is way much better than swingweight ftting of clubs. For me produces much more consistent swings.
  2. Same thing has happened to me several times. Even if you know exactly where the ball landed, it's so soggy and muddy you still can't find the ball.
  3. I have owned practically all Ping models of irons, from G Max to i Blade. For me, having the right shaft makes more difference than having the right head. Get fitted first.
  4. Cutting down the shaft by 1.5" affects swingweight a lot. A club that feels too light may mess up your swing.
  5. A draw bias can come not only from offset but also from the position of the center of gravity of the club. I too have the perception that most hybrids are draw biased to some degree, but it's based just on anecdotal evidence.
  6. Some weeks ago I went to a tournament and was lucky to be standing right next to Lee Westwood when he hit a shot from the trees. I looked into his bag and what did I see? Ping clubs of course, but not the new iBlades. He had i200's!!!!
  7. I'm a 60 year old mid handicapper. I use Titleist clubs. For my irons, I use lightweight shafts such as XP 95. For my woods, I use stock Diamana Red lightweight shafts. HOWEVER, for my driver, the Diamana Red was too light!!! It messed up my tempo. Diamana Blue, slightly heavier, works better for me. For me it's very simple, I will try different weight shafts with my eyes closed and just try to FEEL which one is more natural for my swing and tempo. Hope this helps.
  8. My view. I'm 60. As you get older having good technique becomes more important. Use lighter and more flexible shafts, AND take lessons.
  9. I feel the same way. I'm still very strong, but if I play two days in a row I'm very sore and my knees and lower back hurt.
  10. I'm a mid handicapper. I have played Ping i20, i25, iE1, iBlade, G, and all the others. I much prefer my 716 AP2 with a light XP 95 shaft. It just looks and feels better.
  11. I'm 60 years old 12 degree driver light steel iron shafts in regular flex (I like XP 95 R300). I don't like graphite, too light for my tempo.
  12. You are probably right.
  13. Apparently polarized lenses make it harder to read greens because some reflections off the grass actually help assess the breaks and the polarized lenses eliminate these reflections. Makes a lot of sense to me.
  14. I recently gained about 20 yards with the driver by learning to properly release my arms in the downswing. VERY important to keep the arms close together, otherwise the release is not so good. This allows me to maximize the "whip" effect of the club. This concept works for ALL clubs.
  15. Instead of a reduced distance ball why not on certain venues prohibit the use of drivers. Only woods with lofts of 15 degrees or higher.