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  1. In my experience, the only way to properly compare "regular" vs "stiff" is if we are dealing with the exact same brand and model shaft. Comparing flexes of different brands or even different models in the same brand is no good. In the exact same brand and model shaft, a "regular" flex will give you a slightly higher ball flight than stiff. For some people this may mean more distance, for some people it may mean less distance. You just have to experiment. A regular flex will also give you slightly more dispersion than stiff flex. I normally choose a shaft based on weight, and once I have the right weight I fine tune ball trajectory with flex.
  2. In my experience, 50% of the club is the shaft. I'm 61 and I like steel shafts, but cannot handle the heavy ones, so I use True Temper XP95, a very popular shaft.
  3. Losing swingweight points is not necessarily bad. I trimmed 1.5 inches off my Titleist driver and lost 8 swingweight points but I am actually hitting the driver better than ever because it feels lighter and I'm 60 years old.
  4. This is just my own opinion and experience. I don't worry too much about lie angles. The courses I play are full of uphill lies, downhill lies, balls above my feet, balls below my feet, etc. In these situations if the lie angle is a little off it doesn't matter much.
  5. My experience, the 58 will give you slightly better distance control.
  6. For me a ten finger grip works very well for a while, but then it is very easy for the right hand to want to take control and everything falls apart.
  7. You will have more control, and if you hit the sweet spot more often you will actually gain distance. My experience.
  8. It could be your posture. You may be standing too upright
  9. Some CBs are small and thin and look almost like blades. For example, Titleist AP2. Many pro's use them, like Jordan Spieth.
  10. I read once Rory McIlroy played a round just using a hybrid and shot 85
  11. Jack Nicklaus and some instructors say to have the clubface slightly open at address. That solved my pull.
  12. For me , Z Star is equivalent to Pro V1. I play Z Star also because it comes in yellow.
  13. If you hold the middle of the grip lightly with thumb and forefinger of your left hand so the club is suspended freely in the air and take a tee with your right hand and hit repeatedly along different parts of the clubface you will find that if you hit too much towards the toe the cub will twist, if you hit too much towards the heel the club will twist, but there is a point somewhere in the middle of the face where the club will not twist and will feel more solid. I understand this is the sweet spot and in all my clubs it is not on the exact center but a bit towards the heel.
  14. For decades the drivers shafts were 43.5 " in length (think Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus). I trimmed my Titleist shaft from 45" to 43.5" and I improved significantly in hitting the sweet spot, so I didn´t lose any distance.Yes, the swingweight went down from D3 to C6 but honestly I still find it very playable so I left swingweight alone. Choking down does not work for me.
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