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  1. A few months ago an errant caddie walked into the fairway out of the trees and my drive hit him right in the head. He was knocked unconscious for a couple of minutes. I thought he was dead. A couple of caddies drove him quickly to a nearby hospital. Doctor said he would be ok, except for some bad headaches for a few days. Within a week he was back working like nothing had happened. To be safe I hired a lawyer to be prepared in case the caddie sued me. Fortunately nothing happened and we get along just fine. He knows it was his fault. However, now I NEVER hit a ball unless I'm absolutely certain there's nobody even remotely close to where my ball could land. I don't ever want to have that experience again.
  2. I play the same course every sunday. Usually shoot high 80's. But when I go to new courses I usually shoot high 90's!!! I simply don't feel as comfortable as in my home course. The advantage I see in playing the same course is that I can easily assess any changes I do to my swing and determine if they were for the good or for the bad..
  3. Kylie Minogue is beautiful and has a perfect body, but she's only 5 feet tall!!!
  4. I only carry a pitching wedge (46 degrees) a gap wedge (50 degrees) and a sand wedge (56 degrees) I stopped carrying a lob wedge (58 degrees). I can pretty much do anything around the green with the 56 and it KEEPS MY LIFE SIMPLER.
  5. If it were a numbers game wouldn´t the US dominate? Much greater population in the US and far more golf courses than in Korea (18,000 golf courses in US and only 400 golf courses in South Korea). Perhaps american girls are more into other sports?
  6. I've been using the same glove for the last two years!!! It's really beat up but it has no holes and I feel I can grip the club just fine. Maybe it's time to get a new one!!!
  7. I have troubles with the 3 wood all the time. A 4 wood with 16.5 degrees of loft seems to be the answer. Same length shaft but 1.5 degrees more loft makes it a bit more forgiving.
  8. Some of the above posts seem to see golf as a binary thing: it's either competitive golf or social golf. Black or white. I think there are some shades of gray in there. I see myself as 50/50: I want to enjoy the company of other people but I also want to play "decent" golf. By decent golf I mean keep it in the fairway and make a bit of an effort to play well. A bit of an effort from other people is all I ask. It bothers me when I see zero effort to play well. I know it's wrong but that's the way I am.
  9. Try a half swing where your left arm only gets to 9 o'clock position (horizontal). It helps a lot in identifying what you are doing wrong. It really helps. Once you can hit correctly with a half swing go try a full swing.
  10. I've tried cutting down the shaft of my drivers and fairway woods many times. This is supposed to improve control but it also affects swingweight and lie angles. Everybody says it works but for me it hasn't. I've stopped doing it.
  11. For me, many of my problems were solved when I learned to maintain the "triangle" both during backswing and during downswing. On the backswing, my torso and arms move together keeping the triangle. When the shoulders stop turning the arms stop too. On the downswing, the torso and the arms move together again maintaining the triangle until impact. If you do this the lag happens by itself. I strongly recommend trying the above with a half swing where the left arm only reaches 9 o'clock position. This makes it easier to understand, feel and learn the movement. There are many videos that talk about the "triangle" this is what worked for me.
  12. Repeat offenders are given away for adoption. Usually a friend or a caddy.
  13. 7wood is a wonderful club. For some people (especially sweepers) woods are easier to hit than hybrids. I use a G30 7 wood.
  14. An instructor once told me that you need to have a golf club in your hands every day even if it's only five minutes doing practice swings.
  15. After I learned to properly grip the club and I developed a good technique in my swing my calluses have practically disappeared and I can use the same glove for a year without any holes. It did take me six years to reach this stage though!!!