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  1. I prefer 9 holes walking than 18 holes in a cart. For me, walking is 50% the joy of golf. That's just me.
  2. Great video. But I noticed a machete in the background. Wonder what a club builder does with a machete.
  3. I'm 62 years old and I only play for fun. I do not play tournaments. I do not bet. I play with only 11 clubs because I like to keep things simple. I took out 3 Wood and 4 and 5 iron. My last two rounds I shot 85 and 86 and I'm perfectly happy with that. I JUST LOVE THE BEAUTY OF MY BAG WITH 11 CLUBS.
  4. I play Titleist 718 AP2 with XP 95 R300 shafts. I love these shafts and I could probably play several different heads just as well as long as they are similar in design. For example, with my XP 95 shafts I could probably play just as well Mizuno JPX 919 Forged, Ping i210, Callaway Apex, and such. But I could NOT play blades or musclebacks even fitted with XP 95s.
  5. In the last couple of weeks my biggest improvement in years came after learning to swing down "on plane". My back swing was "on plane" but then my downswing was terrible. Now I'm hitting the ball better than ever (distance and consistency).
  6. I'm a mid handicapper. I love the feel of Pro V1, but when the ball lands on the green I typically get 6 feet of back roll. I don't like it. I now use Tour Soft balls and when they land on the green they usually stay no more than 3 feet from the ball mark, either a little in front or a little behind. I prefer this. Cheaper balls like Titleist Velocity hit the green and continue rolling forever.
  7. When you learn to feel the weight of the clubhead as you swing, your body naturally will not stand up. Your shots will be a lot more consistent. But this is a skill that requires a lot of practice. I'm still learning. As I swing, my ONLY thought is to concentrate on feeling where the clubhead is.
  8. Just drill a hole as close as possible to the inside diameter for air to escape
  9. Understanding the concept of swinging "on plane" .
  10. A softer shaft will give you a higher ball flight and more backspin
  11. At impact the club face was pointing left. Perhaps your grip was too strong.
  12. I have owned many Titleist drivers and fairway woods. When I adjust them for more or less loft they just never feel right. I stopped doing it.
  13. I'm not an expert but my understanding is that jiu jitsu is the nastiest martial art. The moves are such that you can break the other guy's bones and ligaments.
  14. Use the longest possible shaft that you can hit consistently in the center of the clubface
  15. Shaft weight and shaft flex are two very different things. For me, shaft weight affects your tempo and you have to find the weight that best fits your swing. Shaft flex is a less important factor and gives you a slightly lower or slightly higher ball flight. My experience. In my experience, a "regular" flex in a heavy shaft is usually stiffer than a "regular" flex in a light shaft.
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