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  1. For years I have played Titleist 718 AP2 irons, initially with XP 95 R300 shafts, and now with Project X LZ 5.0 shafts which I like better. I recently purchased a set of second hand Mizuno JPX 919 Forged irons. I installed LZ 5.0 shafts on them too, But when I went to the course to play a round all my shots were going left, one after the other. I had no idea why. Later doing some research, I discovered that FOR SOME PEOPLE offset can cause shots to go left. I checked the specs and indeed the 919s have much more offset than the AP2s. Could this be the reason of my shots going left? What o
  2. I'm 63. I was using a 12 degree driver with a senior flex shaft. The ball ballooned to much and I had too much dispersion. I have changed the shaft to a slightly heavier shaft in stiff flex and gotten much better results.
  3. I just saw an instructional video that showed a guy hitting 10 shots with a lighter shaft and displaying more clubhead speed (naturally) but LESS ball speed. Why? Because he was not hitting the center of the clubface consistently. Clubhead speed is of no use if it does not translate into ball speed. My personal view.
  4. In my experience the major effect of shaft weight is in your consistency hitting the center of the clubface In my opinion this should be your first priority. If you consistently hit the center of the clubface you'll get all the distance you need. Some people do better with heavier shafts some people do better with lighter shafts.
  5. My own experience, a stiffer shaft will give you better dispersion. Period.
  6. This is just my opinion based on what has worked for me. I am 63 years old mid handicapper but I'm hitting my driver better than ever because I made a serious effort to improve my technique. With a good technique you'll get a lot more distance than with any equipment change you could come up with.
  7. If I don't keep my elbows together in the backswing I will go off plane
  8. To wear a white belt you must follow the "36" rule: if your waist is larger than 36 or if your age is greater than 36 do not wear a white belt. I read this someplace.
  9. Start with short back swings, your left arm just parallel to the ground. Then work your way up from there as you feel more confident.
  10. Gorilla Epoxy. It's not golf epoxy but a lot of people use it, including myself, with no problems
  11. The best thing I've ever done is learn to regrip my own clubs. Totally agree with Iacas.
  12. For me, I started getting more lag when I focused on doing the downswing with my torso and not with my arms. My arms are simply connected to my torso.
  13. Turn your hips until you raise your left heel, as Nicklaus, Palmer and Watson did. Works for me.
  14. Posture has a lot to do with lie angle. Narrower stance vs more open stance. Knees more flexed or less flexed. Torso more upright or less upright. For a long time I thought I needed more upright clubs until an instructor fixed my posture and now I can play with standard lie angles.
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