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  1. One thing to consider is SWINGWEIGHT. I used the gap wedge that came with my Titleist AP2, but I didn't feel comfortable with it, until I realized it was a swingweight problem. The AP2 gap wedge is D2 but my Cleveland 50 degree wedge is D4 and it just feels much better for me. For me, short wedges need to feel heavy for a good tempo.
  2. A word of caution based on my experience. I'm 60 years old, average build, average strength. My swing is not perfect but it's ok. Talking about irons, as my swing improved, being able to feel the weight of the clubhead became more important. I have tried graphite shafts but they are too light for me. They just ruined my tempo and my swing. I need steel shafts in my irons, however because of my age they need to be light steel shafts. What I'm trying to say is that graphite shafts are not necessarily a magical solution for senior people. A light steel shaft may produce better tempo for them.
  3. For years I worried about a flat left wrist and it was useless. I fixed my slice when I learned to properly release my arms/club on the downswing. For me, a good arms release is what squares the clubface on impact. Crucial to have arms/elbows close together during the entire swing. If you don't, the release is not so good.
  4. Very important that you do the early wrist set in such a way that you stay on plane. Otherwise it could be detrimental.
  5. I've done it a few times buying used clubs on ebay. There are always many offers for single clubs.
  6. Exact same feeling
  7. I'm 60. I've owned numerous golf club sets over the last few years and I am convinced 50% of the club is the SHAFT. Spend as much time choosing the right shaft as you do choosing the right head. For me, it became obvious I needed a LIGHTER shaft for my Titleist 716 AP2 irons. I have gone with XP 95 R300 and could not be happier. It is a light but very stable shaft that many people like. I also want to try the KBS Tour 90 shaft soon.
  8. Y try to think my next shot will be/should be the best shot of the day. Same for every shot.
  9. My personal experience. Yes you will get more distance from AP1 but you will also get more dispersion from AP1. The AP2are a little shorter but more consistent (I own both sets) I recommend AP2 but make sure you choose the right shaft. I'm 60 years old and use XP 95 Regular with my AP2. Works for me.
  10. Your Ping gap wedge ("U") will probably have a softer shaft than the Vokey and may be more friendly on full swings
  11. I really recommend you try a 12 degree driver head. For us older guys they help A LOT.
  12. Off topic, there is something called a "condor" which is a hole in one on a par 5. Apparently there are two condors verified and recorded in golf history.
  13. No. Changing lie angle does not open or close the clubface on Titleist drivers