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  1. What’s the best forgiving irons

    Ping has several very forgiving models
  2. New Golf Grips

    Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
  3. Callaway Rogue Pro v Titleist 718 AP3

    The shafts in the irons you tested have a lot to do with the numbers you produced. Was it the same shaft on both models?
  4. Grips

    100 grit sand paper can restore an old grip in no time and give the grip a second life. Just fold the sand paper in three to give it some rigidity.
  5. Regular or stiff shafts?

    Using the right shaft weight is a lot more important than using the right shaft flex. My experience.
  6. Driver Shaft Length Creep

    Choking down does not work for me, it may be a mental thing. I have tried various driver lengths between 43" and 46" and the best for me was 43.5". I believe this is what Tiger used for most of his golden years. Swingweight went down from D3 to about C6 after I trimmed the shaft. But guess what, it works fine for me. I'm 60 and not as strong as I used to be. C6 is still very playable.
  7. Iron Set Recommendations

    716 AP2 are wonderful clubs. However the stock shafts were too heavy for me so I changed them to XP95. You can’t go wrong with AP2
  8. My experience is that "stiff" in a light shaft is softer than "stiff" in a heavy shaft. Maybe your friend's shaft was really light. Or the cub head was very heavy.
  9. 3 Wood Usage

    My understanding is that a 3 wood requires not only good technique but also sufficient club head speed. I’m 60. I don’t have enough speed so I prefer a 4 or 5 wood.
  10. Titliest AP3 irons

    AP3s are very beautiful clubs. But my AP2s are still my favorites. The forged feel on a well struck ball is fantastic. I'm just a mid handicapper. Granted I get a few more good shots with AP3s but overall I prefer AP2s with a light shaft XP95.
  11. Titliest AP3 irons

    I see AP3s more like slightly more forgiving AP2s . They are just slightly larger than AP2s. For me about 5 yards longer. I think someone who needs a lot of forgiveness should go to AP1s. I have owned all three sets.
  12. My experience: shaft flex makes a difference but shaft weight makes an even greater difference. First find the right shaft weight for you, then worry about flex.
  13. Irons for new senior

    I'm 60, average build, but I cannot use graphite shafts. They are just too light for me. Yo need to feel the clubhead to have good tempo. So I use steel shafts but the lightest I could find which are XP 95 in regular flex. This is what worked for me.
  14. changing golf balls

    I'm just a mid handicapper, but after trying many balls over the years I like Pro V1 more than others. It's not just spin around the greens, there's something about the feeling off the face and about the flight of the ball that I like more. Recently I've been playing Z Star (I like yellow balls) and it feels just as good as Pro V1 and it's cheaper. I like Z Star more than Q Star Tour.
  15. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    For me 58 works better than 60

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