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  1. I have become a believer in spikeless shoes. I have several pairs but my favorite is Ashworth. I will never go back to traditional golf shoes. Never a a problem with traction using spikeless. MUCH more comfortable and you can drive with them.
  2. For me, standing closer to the ball made it easier to swing on plane I stand where my arms just hang down naturally
  3. In addition to golf, my other big hobbie is shooting sporting clays (shooting clay discs with a shotgun) I use a belt pouch to carry my shotgun shells. I needed a warm vest for winter shooting and all men's vests reached too far down, getting in the way of my shell pouch. I needed a vest that would fit my torso but would only extend down to my belt line. Bingo, a large size women's vest. Nobody seems to notice, and if they do I don't care.
  4. [QUOTE] One great tip that I have always found helpful is to address the ball and then let your arms hang loose and if you can touch the tops of your knees your going to be in a fairly good position. [/QUOTE] This is great advice I totally agree with. Arms must hang loose. look at this video of Ernie Els. Most professionals have similar stance. [Video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufc0Ij8y2Zw[/Video] His arms are absolutely vertical. His hands are almost touching his legs. Most amateurs stand too far from the ball, arms stretching out causing tense shoulders.
  5. In my opinion, what really matters is that your DISTANCES are eveny spaced, not necessarily your lofts. I use Titleist AP1 irons and Callaway Apex irons, both sets with a 50 degree gap wedge. I usually hit these gap wedges 100 yards. My next wedge is a Cleveland 52 degree wedge for 85 yard shots. Why do I get a 15 yard difference if the loft difference is only 2 degrees? Because the shafts are different!!! Both my Titleist and Callaway irons came with a True Temper XP 95 shaft in REGULAR flex. My Cleveland wedge came with a STIFF shaft. Hope this helps
  6. I remember the sound of persimmon drivers as the most beautiful sound I have ever heard of a club hitting a ball. Metal drivers will never produce that sound. Similar to wood baseball bats vs aluminum softball bats. The sound wood makes when hitting a ball is totally different.
  7. In the last few years I have owned about 10 sets of irons, all steel shafts, some regular flex and some stiff flex. I can feel an enormous difference between the regular and the stiff flex. My swing speed is ok, so it's not a question of distance, for me it's a question of FEEL. Even though I can get good distance from both flexes, for me hitting an iron with a regular flex shaft produces a much nicer feeling. That's just me.
  8. I recenty purchased a pair of X Utility Prototype Irons by Callaway (driving irons). I believe Phil Mickelson uses them. They are supposed to be for better players with high swing speeds. Even Callaway makes it clear they are not meant for high handicappers. I am a mid handicapper with a medium swing speed and they did not work well for me. I gave them to a friend. For me it's much better to use a 7 wood. Somehow it just seems incredibly easy to hit.
  9. To get an idea of the actual flex of a shaft I take a golf club in my hands, one hand holding the shaft right next to the hosel, the other hand holding the shaft right next to the grip, thumbs underneath, and applying a certain force and observing how much the shaft bows. The difference between a regular and a stiff shaft is usually very evident, as the stiff flex bows less and presents more resistance than a regular flex. I know this is not a very scientific test but with a little practice it gives good approximate and consistent results, at least in my experience. Well, the other day I was at a local golf store and grabbed three "identical" Titleist 913 D2 drivers, 9.5 degrees and Diamana Blue 62 shaft in regular flex. I did my usual flex test and guess what, one of the three shafts was considerably stiffer than the other two. More like a "stiff" than a "regular". I repeated the test several times and there was no doubt one of the shafts was a lot stiffer even though all three were marked "regular". When I got home I checked on a couple of Ping i20 drivers I own, both "identical" 9.5 degrees and "regular" flex. Again, one of the shafts was considerably stiffer than the other. I had noticed they played differently (one launched lower) but did not pay much attention to it and thought it was due to a loft variation in the heads. I knew the actual loft of driver heads often varies by one degree or more in relation to what is stamped on the head, but now I see the shafts can also show a great variability in their flex. Anyway, just wanted to share this experience.
  10. Somebody once recommended tooth paste. Never tried it but it may work being slightly abrasive.
  11. My own experience, I have used Project X pxi and Project X 95 flighted, both in 5.5 and 5.0 flex, and they all feel too harsh for me.
  12. What is the swingweight today at 46 inches? It would be good to know before trimming the shaft. If the swingweight goes down too much you'll have to start adding lead tape to the head.
  13. I think the basic movements in other sports are fairly natural and intuitive. With some athletic ability people can reach a good level without any instruction. In contrast, golf is extremely counterintuitive. The movements that your brain and your body feel natural are usually wrong.
  14. With the driver the ball is on a tee closer to my left foot and the torso is a bit more upright. But other than that, my takeaway and downswing are fundamentally the same with driver and irons, and I hit both reasonably well.
  15. My personal opinion, With a good on-plane backswing, wrist cock occurs naturally. You only cock wrists intentionally on certain specialty shots.
  16. I've recently used the newer Project X pxi and Project X 95 flighted iron shafts, in both 5.5 and 5.0 flex. I also own several Ping, Titleist and Callaway irons, all in Regular flex. Compared to the above, my experience is that 5.5 plays stiff and 5.0 plays firm (reg +) Hope this information is of help to you.
  17. I watch the Golf Channel every day when I get home from work and at the office when I have a few minutes I watch instruction videos all the time. Golf is permanently on my mind. When people ask my wife if she would prefer me having a mistress instead of playing golf, her response is me having a mistress, "at least he wouldn't be talking about her every ten minutes" she says.
  18. Swingweight goes down about 2 to 3 points for every half inch you cut the shaft. Adding weight to the head is a hassle plus you then get into shaft flex issues. The most I would cut a club is half an inch. More than that causes too many problems.
  19. If you do not overswing, then it should not be a problem keeping your left arm straight. If your backswing stops the moment your shoulders stop turning then the left arm should be naturally straight.
  20. I cannot hit hybrids. Don't know why. Maybe I haven't practiced enough or there is something wrong with my swing. However, I can hit fairway woods rather well. Especially my 5 wood and 7 wood. So I will keep them in my bag, especially the 7 wood which is a wonderful club that always hits nicely.
  21. I practiced a lot in front of a mirror, looking myself in the eye, doing partial swings and making sure I didn't move my head. It's something that can be learned.
  22. In short irons, proper fitting of lie angle is important even if the club does not contact the ground. it's more of a geometry thing. see this video
  23. I have read numerous articles that say that driver lie angle is not important because the face is so upright (as opposed to high lofted irons where lie angle matters a lot). However, 1. Some OEMs offer drivers that have adjustable lie angles 2. When I set my Titleist 913 D2 driver to a 0.75 degree more upright lie angle I got considerably straighter and longer shots. I know other people have obtained similar improvements in this setting. So, I am confused, does driver lie angle matter or not? and why? Please help me understand.
  24. When someone says they're in between flexes, for example, between regular and stiff flex for their driver, what does that really mean? Does it mean that with either flex they will get the same ball flight? Thanks
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