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  1. Shawn Humphries is very good. I really like him. He posts a new tip every wednesday morning. His explanations are very clear. www.shawnhumphries.com
  2. Quote BTW. Even with exactly the same stance two people of the same height might need different length putters because our legs are different lengths and our arms are different lengths. My son is about the same height as I am and his arms hang down almost 3 inches lower than mine when we are standing erect. Totally agree with this. Same thing happensa with my son. We are same height bit his arms are longer than mine. I'm 5'9" and use 34 inch putter
  3. and the new Rapture 3 wood to replace the driver
  4. Played the other day with an 85 year old gentleman. He couldn't hit far off the tee but hit it straight. However, under 100 yards he was lethal! His approach shots always landed maximum 10 feet from the hole. His putting was excellent too. He made several pars and even a birdie! His score was low 90's. I always had the idea I would be able to play good golf until maybe 70 or 75 years old. But this gentleman proved me wrong. I'm gad I had the privilege to watch him play.
  5. Only if I have an imperfect lie (eg ball above my feet). On good lies never.
  6. Most of the power comes from the torso, not from the arms!
  7. I'm no expert. My understanding is that a 60 degree lob wedge is difficult not because you can't hit a lob with it, but because it's hard to control the distance. Some instructors recommend a 58 degree wedge instead because it's easier to control the distance of the shot. That's what I have and I am quite happy with it.
  8. I have three sets. It's fun to rotate through them.
  9. All my bags are 14 slot bags. I really like to keep my clubs organized. I know exactly where each club is. That's just me.
  10. His video on club face control changed my life. Nobody ever told me the clubface stays square to the body throughout the whole swing. My swing and ball striking improved dramatically after I watched this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42m-mF59PVM
  11. I love my Ping i20. I would also add Callaway X Forged 2013 model. They are forged cavity backs with forgiveness.
  12. Yes, tour regular is a great shaft. It's still a "regular" but does not balloon your shots as the non-tour. I have used both.
  13. I read somewhere that the steel/forging process of the JPX 825 Pro is not the same quality as the steel/forging process of the MP line, thus the 825 do not necessarily feel as soft upon impact.
  14. I have owned both i20 and G20 drivers and I would not recommend the i20. Small sweet spot and not very forgiving. On the contrary, G20 is a great driver. Get the G20 with the "tour" regular shaft and you will not regret it.
  15. Today I went to my home course alone as I usually do on sundays. I was paired up with a nice lady in her mid thirty's. Her husband decided not to play today so she went by herself. Four great things happened: 1. Played the round in the company of a nice lady 2. She was a 14 handicap, same as me, so it was a pleasure to play with her 3. She had her own golf cart (nice new one), so I didn't have to pay a penny 4. Best of all, she drove the cart the whole round (I offered to drive but she said she was fine) I shot 87 and she shot 90 something (she said she was not playing well because she had been partying the night before). She almost beat me!. But it would have been worth it. Really enjoyed golfing today!
  16. Forged cavity back, like Callaway X Forged 2013 model
  17. I have very short pinky fingers and overlap becomes very uncomfortable for me. So I have used interlock all the time and now holding a club is second nature to me with interlock.
  18. My own experience is that some instructors are really good and others are really bad (a very subjective opinion, I know) Sometimes I think golf instructors have a conflict of interest: if they teach you too much too soon they are out of a job, so they teach you a little bit at a time to keep you as a student as long as possible. This is what I see at the range all the time. Maybe I'm being unfair, but this is my perception.
  19. My solo rounds are my best practice rounds. I can focus on what I am doing and on my next shot. I can work on specific goals and monitor my progress from hole to hole.
  20. I had an i20 driver. I also have two G20 drivers. I could hit the ball much better with the G20. I sold the i20. The i20 seemed to have a tiny sweet spot. On the few times I could hit the ball in the sweet spot I got great distance, but otherwise it would just be an average shot. Several reviews I have read on the i20 driver don't seem to think it's a good driver. I would not recommend it, but that's just me. I also think the G20 woods are much better than the i20 woods.
  21. Ping calls its gap wedge a "U" wedge!!! I always hit my gap wedges with a full swing so I prefer the gap wedge that comes with the set, as opposed to a 50 degree Vokey or Cleveland wedge.
  22. Early this year I bought a Ping G20 driver. On the very first round (17th hole) the shaft broke at the hosel. It was replaced free of charge by Ping. I have many other Ping drivers and fairway woods and never had a problem.
  23. Shooting sporting clays (clay discs with a shotgun). I used to be pretty good, but golf is my new love. Many things about my shooting helped my golf (awareness of what the body is doing, discipline and focus when practicing, visioning before a shot, serenity, etc.)
  24. Question: are you supposed to tighten your abdominal muscles throughout the golf swing? (from start of backswing to after impact) I did a search but did not find clear answers. Thanks
  25. Toothpaste is a mild abrasive. Coin collectors use it to clean coins safely. I've used it to polish my watch. I guess I'll try it on my white shoes.
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