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  1. I live in Mexico City and we have a large Korean community here. Many are expats living in Mexico for only a year or two. They play a lot of golf and most public golf courses in the area are always packed with Korean players. This has been my experience: Caddies don't like them. They are rude. I have heard this in many courses. In contrast, caddies say Japanese players are very nice and polite. Four times out of five Korean groups will NOT let me pass through, even though I'm playing alone. When I politely ask them to let me pass, they just wave their hands at me saying no. They take a lot of time to play. They bet a lot and they will pay the bets at every hole!!! When I have been paired up with a Korean group, most times they will not have a conversation with me. I took the time and effort to learn to say "thank you" in Korean (it sounds something like kamsa amnida), I know I pronounce it well, but when I say it to korean players they don't say anything back, like you are welcome. Only once did a korean player say kamsa amnida to me, but this was a gentleman who had been living here twenty years and obviously had good manners. I have a mexican friend who works for LG in Mexico. About a year ago I asked her how to say "please" and "thank you" in Korean, and she said I don't know, they never say please or thank you. True story. I don't think they are bad people. I feel sorry for them, it seems that's just their culture.
  2. If possible, I always use the Gap wedge that comes with the set, because for me, Gap wedge shots are always full swings, and I rather have a consistent feeling throughout the set. If the set does not come with a Gap wedge, I use a 50 degree Vokey or Cleveland wedge.
  3. I like it when Holly Sonders play a few holes with a pro. You get to hear how a pro thinks about a shot and what factors he/she takes into consideration.
  4. I only carry a Ping driver and a Ping 4 wood, rest is irons cause I can hit them ok. I love the 4 wood and think it's the best decision I made. I can hit it long and straight when a driver means too much risk.
  5. I think this is an excellent video series. It should help you. I once took a lesson from a guy who had been national amateur champion, and he taught me the exact same thing as the video.
  6. Remember lie angle depends a lot on your posture. I used to need 1.5 degrees up, but my posture has recently changed, I bend my knees a little more than before (better control), and now I can play clubs with standard lie angles. If your posture changes as you improve your golf swing, you may need to change the lie angles on your clubs.
  7. Based on my own experience, If you have some athletic ability and are commited to learning the game and improve your scores, go straight to game improvement irons, such as Ping G25.
  8. Bent or not bent, your arms should never be disconnected from your torso. They should always be more or less in front of your chest. Your swing should end when your back stops turning. If you do this, you'll get more distance, not less. Raising and bending your arms at the top destroys a good swing.
  9. For me, spikeless golf shoes provide the same traction and are more comfortable than traditional golf shoes. The good ones are waterproof. And I can wear them while driving to the course.
  10. I recently switched from Ping G25 to Ping i20 and did not see much difference. Perhaps a slightly lower ball flight and that's it. (Some people have reported a greater difference in moving from G25 to i20). This is very subjective, but I'd say as soon as you can hit four decent balls out of five (say, with a mid iron), you're ready for better clubs.
  11. I'm just a mid handicapper, but last week I managed to hit nine drives in a row, long and straight down the middle of the fairway. Never before in my life. I think I have finally learned to hit the damned thing. For me it's a very happy moment.
  12. For me, 1/4" off the ground and then the exact same swing I would use from the fairway.
  13. This is what Mizuno says on forged vs cast. Interesting read: http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/forging/forgingahead.php
  14. The steel used in forged clubs is softer than the steel used in cast clubs. I cannot prove it but I am sure this contributes to some degree to the "buttery" feel of forged clubs.
  15. Aim for the middle of the fairway Aim for the middle of the green
  16. The short answer is add 10% distance for every 5,000 ft altitude in relation to distance at sea level.. However, I once read a very comprehensive article on altitude and it said the distance increment is a function of how high the ball flight is. For an average golfer at 5,000 ft it would be like this driver, add 20 yards long irons add 10 yards mid irons add 15 yards short irons add 20 yards
  17. Not all shades of yellow in golf balls are the same. The shade of yellow in Titleist NXT Tour S is amazing. It's a light shade that seems to glow when you see your ball lying on the fairway. However, I play Srixon Q Star in white because the yellow option is a darker yellow with a touch of green that for me makes it harder to see. If they made the Q Star in a lighter shade of yellow I would use it.
  18. I'm very happy with Srixon Q Star. Never use any other ball.
  19. A great very forgiving driver is Ping G20. I should have said it before.
  20. My personal recommendation based on my own experience, Start by mastering your irons!!! Use a 5 iron off the tee. When you get good at it, then a 4 iron. And when you get good at it, start using fairway woods. And then the driver. In that order. Learn to fly a small plane before you try to fly a 747!
  21. I recently became obsessed with spikeless shoes. I have Adicross I, Adicross II, Ashworth, and Foot Joy Contour Casual. For me, the Adicross II are the least comfortable. The Foot Joy Contour Casual the most comfortable. Absolutely no issues with traction. Except perhaps in VERY wet conditions. I don't think I'll ever go back to traditional shoes.
  22. My own personal story. I am 56. Started golf at age 52, but in a very casual way (played a round every two or three months max). Then one day in 2011, at age 54, I made the committment to become a better player. It was a very important promise I made to myself. By the way, my athletic ability is médium at best. In two years I have been able to reduce my scores from 120 to mid 80's. I took one lesson in 2011 and one lesson in 2012. that's it. I play once a week. However, I watch instruction videos every day when I have a few minutes (it's amazing the number of good videos you can find on internet). I read all the magazines I can get my hands on and watch the golf channel almost every day after dinner. Very importantly, I pay close attention to everything I read or see and try to learn something from it. I take many notes. I film myself about once a month. When I practice at the range I have a specific goal in mind for that day. Besides work and family, golf has become a high priority in my life. And, at my age, an enormous source of joy and satisfaction. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but she understands how much it means to me. So to answer the question, can you improve on your own, I'd say yes, if you are very disciplined and very committed to learn.
  23. 2 3/4" is more than enough. Many instructors have said it: a ball teed high promotes distance, a ball teed low promotes control. I prefer control.
  24. My local Ping distributor said end of year or early 2014.
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