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  1. I'm just an ordinary mid handicapper. I own a set of Ping G25 and Ping i20. My ball striking is ok but not great. Out of a whim I recently bought a set of X Forged (5.5 shaft) and immediately fell in love with them. I hit them better tan the Pings (I was surprised by that) and the feeling off the face is just amazing. I'm very happy I bought them. And they look beautiful too. As a side note, talking about swingweights, my G25 measure D1, my i20 measure D0, and the X Forged measure D3. I suspect maybe I hit the X Forged better because the higher swingweight suits me.
  2. Phil Mickelson is right handed. Golf is the only thing he does left handed.
  3. I keep it on all the time. Maybe I should take it off for putting. I just don't feel it affects me. My putting is not great but it's not bad either.
  4. I'm sorry I cannot help you on Adicross II wide fit. Check Foot Joy Contour Casual or Ashworth, I believe they do come in wide and are more comfortable and waterproof than Adicross II (I own a pair of all three). Ashworth is somehow affiliated to Adidas and their soles are the same as Adicross I, which I like better.
  5. The proper length of club doesn't just depend on your wrist to floor measurement. It depends on other factors like how erect your body is at setup how far down the grip you normally hold the club how much you bend your knees at address
  6. Pitching wedge most of the time. Sometimes 9 iron, 8 iron or 7 iron.
  7. Interlocking on irons and driver Reverse overlap on putter ten fingers on chip shots around the Green
  8. I own a set of Ping G20 irons, 3 to gap wedge (they call it U). However, my 54 and 58 are Ping Tour Gorge wedges. I have no factual basis to say this, but my perception is that dedicated wedges perform better than the sand and lob wedges that come with the iron set.
  9. Use whatever works for you. It all depends on your swing. As my swing got better my grip evolved from strong to neutral.
  10. I normally shoot mid 80s. I have broken 80 three times this year, one 78 and two 79s. In all three cases it was my putting that worked better than usual.
  11. Some articles say a 58 gives you more control compared to a 60. I use 54 and 58 and am very happy.
  12. I answered yes because I have a 58. I really like it for bunkers and lob shots. Some instructors say a 58 offers more control than a 60. I agree.
  13. I have four. All different Taylor Made models. All mallet, face balanced. I think they're great putters and I don't plan on buying any more. If my putting is bad, it's my fault, not the equipment's fault.
  14. I film myself at home every couple of months. I don't have any special software in my computer. My most common swing faults: swaying, standing up, or not doing a proper one piece takeaway to stay on plane are very obvious. Even when filming with an ordinary camera, once you download to the computer, you can use the "k" key to stop the video, while holding down the "k" key use the "l" key to advance in slow motion frame by frame, or the "j" key to go back frame by frame. This is all I need. I think filming one's swing is one of the most valuable tools to improve.
  15. Keep in mind the X Hot irons are a 1/4" longer and have 2 degrees stronger lofts than the G25.
  16. Same for me! Playing with other people can be more fun, but the quality of my game is not the same. I also shoot sporting clays and my scores are best when I don't talk to anyone during the whole tournament. I just concentrate on what I'm doing.
  17. Totally agree with the part about warming up to get the swing tuned back in. Another thing, for me in warm up, no more than 25 balls. Hit a few balls with the wedge, a few with short irons, a few with long irons, and a few with the driver. Hit every practice ball conscientously as if you were already on the fairway.
  18. Footjoy Contour Casual. Very comfortable and waterproof. Today I played early in the morning with a lot of dew on the ground and traction was just fine even on steep slopes.
  19. I moved this year to steel shafts with much better results in accuracy and consistency.
  20. I got my Ping i20 a couple of weeks ago. Please note they have a swingweight of D0. This is a bit light. I verified this with a scale I own. Most other clubs I own (Mizuno, Callaway) have a swingweight of D2 or D3. It is possible you need to get used to this light swingweight if your previous clubs were heavier. Some people don't like clubs that are too light. In my case, I'm still not sure if I like the i20 over the G25 I also have. Jury still out. By the way. the G25 are also specified as D0 but in my scale measured D1.
  21. I cannot hit hybrids well and I don't have time to practice more. So my set includes a 3i and 4i. I can hit the 4i quite well. No problem there. And once in a while I hit great shots with the 3i. I'm sure with time I'll learn to hit it better. If I could hit both irons and hybrids well I would still prefer the irons. Why? I love the sound irons make on a well hit ball. Hybrids produce a metallic sound I don't like.
  22. Callaway sells individual irons on their web site. Amazon also sells individual Callaway irons (X Hot and X Forged).
  23. I'm no expert, but I would go first for 6 to Pitching Wedge. These are the clubs I use most often
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