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  1. Do you think your better ball flight with the I20 has something to do with the fact that they have less offset than the G25?
  2. Totally agree with the above. Put in different words, what I read sometime ago is that scratch players obtain similar scores in easy courses and in hard courses, because they can drive the ball straight, avoid hazards, etc. This is the "Rating" part of the formula, and what I have seen it is usually between 70 and 72. Doesn't vary much regardless of the difficulty of the course.. However, bogey golfers do much worse in hard courses than in easy courses, hence the "slope" part of the formula. Here the differences are much greater between easy and hard courses. If you didn't have the "slope" part and tried to calculate handicaps simply by substracting the "rating" from your score, the difficulty of the course would not be properly taken into account.
  3. Four sets of clubs: Callaway Razr X Callaway X Forged (2013). Just got them today. Dying to take them out. Ping G25 Ping I20 I have promised myself no more in at least three years. My wife is so uninterested in my golf hobby she thinks I only have two sets (I keep them in separate rooms away from view)
  4. Swingweight can be different from one brand to another. I personally prefer my three wedges (50, 54 and 58) to be of same brand. In one set all Vokeys, in another set all Clevelands. Looks nicer too.
  5. Quick update, I have played two rounds with my new I20 irons. Compared to my G25 irons these are my observations: In general, there is not a huge difference. They are very similar. I20 have an actual D0 swingweight (as specified). G25 have an actual D1 swingweight (D0 is specified) so G25 feel a tad heavier (I am able to notice it). I20 slightly lower ball flight but same distance as G25 I20 slightly less forgiving than G25. Flush shots feel great but mishits not so great. I20 are aesthetically different to G25, but both look good to me. G25 longer irons slightly easier to hit than I20. Only noteworthy difference is that with G25 my shots usually went slightly left of target and with I20 my shots go slightly right of target. Could this be because I20 have less offset? I'm not sorry I bought the I20. I was very curious about them. However, I would not recommend the move to someone who already has the G25. I will continue using my G25 until my ball striking improves a little more and then move to I20.. I will keep the G25 though. They are great irons.
  6. I have a set of G25 irons I purchased a few months ago and they are the best irons I've ever had. Easy to hit, accurate, and good looking (at least to me). I also owned a set of Mizuno JPX 825 but never liked them. Too heavy and too hard off the face. I sold them. However, my ball striking has improved, and I could not resist the temptation of buying a set of I20 irons. I just picked them up. I will take them out next sunday. I have no idea which I'll prefer, the G25 or the I20. One will be my main set and the other my back up set. Even if I end up prefering the I20, I will keep the G25.
  7. In my bag I only have two woods: the driver and a 4 wood. All the rest are irons and wedges (and putter). The 4 wood (Ping G20) is great, easy to hit off the tee and from the deck. I love it. I also have the Ping 3 wood but it usually stays at home.
  8. I play once a week. I go to the range one hour every other week. I do practice swings with a weighted club every night while watching TV
  9. I recently purchased a set of G25 and I really like them. The long irons are very easy to hit. If you play your G15 really well, then keep them. Spend the extra money on lessons.
  10. About 1/3 of the ball above top of clubface. Never more than that.
  11. I've tried NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, e5, e6, B330-RX, Hex Chrome, and the ball I like best for my game is Q Star.
  12. e5 is a great ball, but it is made to launch high. Too high for me. I have settled on Q Star.
  13. Callaway sells individual irons on their web page and on Amazon. I recently purchased a 7 iron just to have always in my car in case of a sudden urge to go to the practice range.
  14. My situation is very similar to BrianJ. My handicap is 15. I hit my shots straight and far and make many pars. I have some knowledge on how to work the ball, but the truth is I seldom try to do it and I'm not so good at it. So, a question for all of you: In your experience, how good can an average guy get to be by just hitting straight shots? Low 80's? High 70's?
  15. For me, based on what I have read in many articles, and based on my own experience, it is vital to have a firm grip on the last three fingers of the left hand
  16. +1 on getting a 4 wood. You won't be sorry. I use a Ping G20. Very forgiving and very long.
  17. I read somewhere from a top instructor that a pause at the top interferes with your tempo and a smooth swing.
  18. I only carry two woods in my bag: a driver and a 4 wood. When my driving is bad, I use the 4 wood off the tee. Sometimes I even leave the driver at home and just take the 4 wood to the course to force myself to master it. I can hit it almost as far as the driver.
  19. For a long time I used light putters and did not putt very well. I decided to try an Odyssey Dart belly putter, but did not like it either. So I cut down the belly putter to 34" length. I was concerned about the swingweight, as the head weighs 400 grams (most putters heads for standard length are around 350 grams). Well, it's the best putter I've ever had, not only in terms of direction, but most importantly, in terms of distance control. I'm putting better than ever.
  20. Everyday at home while watching TV I'll swing a weighted club for a while, and then I'll putt for a while (I put a bottle of Bourbon on the carpet and try to hit the bottle as I putt from several feet away). I may also do some swings in front of a big glass window that serves as a mirror. I do this practically every day.
  21. Different balls can have very different flight characteristics, so Yes, use same ball, even if it's a cheap ball. That way you'll know if you are hitting better or worse shots, longer or shorter, with slice or without slice, and you'll know it's your swing that is changing, and not the result of a different ball.
  22. There are many factors involved, but my advice would be, make sure you do not sway laterally during your swing, and make sure you do not take your eyes off the ball until after impact.
  23. I have a pair of Callaway golf shoes that are so comfortable I took off the cleats and use them as casual shoes on weekends (they are all black, so people don't know they are golf shoes).
  24. I used to hold the club rather lightly in both hands as many instructors say. My ball striking was ok but not great. Then, I decided to apply a conscious firm grip on the last three fingers of my left hand. My control improved. I played like that a few months. Recently I have been applying a firm grip on my right hand as well (so it is firm grip in both hands). My ball striking has gone to another level!!! Driver and irons. More control, more distance and straighter shots. I just can't believe it. I should have done this a long time ago. By "firm" I mean about a 6 out of 10. I am able to do it without causing tension in my forearms or stiff wrists.
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