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  1. Some Pro’s use a specialty wedge (46 degrees) instead of their set pitching wedge because the specialty wedge gives them more spin and allows them to make a greater variety of shots. I think for amateurs the set pitching wedge is fine. I do prefer a specialty wedge as a gap wedge, not the set gap wedge, because I like more weight in my short wedges.
  2. there is no setting that will give you a square face when you sole the club on the ground. At A1 the face is 0.5 degrees open.
  3. As I have said in many other posts, as a senior my own experience has been that it is much more important to switch to lighter shafts than to switch to senior flex.
  4. I once read an article by Titleist that said that air temperature had the greatest effect on ball flight. It also said that air humidity had very little effect and the difference between playing in very dry air and very humid air (everything else being the same) is just a few yards.
  5. Only reason I will buy AVX is that it comes in yellow. Otherwise I would continue using Pro V1.
  6. The Arian race as well as the swastika have an origin in India. The swastika, drawn pointing counterclockwise (as in the putter) can be found in many temples in India. It is a "prosperity" symbol. The Nazi used the symbol but drawn pointing clockwise.
  7. There is a recent video by Rick Shiels. You can see it on You Tube. He compares all three balls on the course. Conclusions: short game all three balls are identical. Long game, AVX is slightly lower spin and slightly lower flight.
  8. Even in a water hazard you can go back and hit again from the last position with one shot penalty.
  9. To me there is a big conceptual difference. If the ball starts RIGHT of target and then RETURNS to target it's a draw. If the fall starts at target and curves to the left of target it's a hook even if it was only a few yards. Same concept for a fade and slice.
  10. I really like the 14 way dividers so each club is always in the same place. Not all brands have the same quality of manufacture. Titleist bags are very well made.
  11. Fifty percent of the club is the shaft.. Make sure you get a shaft that fits your swing. In my experience, shaft weight is a lot more important than shaft flex.
  12. "Just like my guitars and tools, golf clubs are tools and should be used. I have thousands invested in tools, thousands in clubs and tens of thousands in instruments and while I don't abuse them, they're not queens." My exact same feeling. Very well said.
  13. I normally use interlocking, but I have experimented with reverse overlap and it works quite well too!!!
  14. You already know this, but lie angle is very dependent on posture. For years I thought I needed 2 degrees upright until I took a lesson that showed me I had poor posture. Once I fixed my posture I could use neutral lie angles with no problem.
  15. Yes, 4 wood may be a better choice. 16.5 degrees. Even some Pro's carry 4 woods instead of 3 woods. More forgiving and almost same distance.
  16. In my view, The real objective is not to take a divot. The real objective is to compress the ball. For me, as long as I hit the ball with the shaft leaning forward I am compressing the ball, producing a nice feel off the face, nice flight and nice sound. Like when you are raking leaves , as long as the shaft is leaning forward, the movement is good.
  17. Let me say something I've said many times before. In my experience, I have observed many times that a "regular" flex in a heavy shaft can be much stiffer than a "stiff" flex in a light shaft. I've seen this in both graphite and steel shafts. For example, Dynamic Gold R300 is much stiffer than XP95 S300. When people tell me regular works better for them than stiff (or viceversa), I always ask "in what weight shaft???" Hope this helps
  18. I have owned numerous hybrids and they all hooked!!! Until I found the 818 and now I can hit the ball straight. Love them.
  19. I'd say brushing the grass in front of the ball is enough to get a good strike. A divot is not needed. My experience.
  20. A shaft that is too heavy for your swing (woods or irons) in my view can definitely ruin your tempo. In my experience, a shaft that is too heavy for your swing is much worse than a shaft that is too stiff.
  21. I am 60, average build and strength. I use light shafts that are regular flex (my experience is that a regular flex in a heavy shaft is stiffer that a regular flex in a light shaft). I have tried senior flex in light shafts and they balloon too much and disperse too much for me.
  22. I use a closed stance with my feet and hips because my bones are not 100% right and if I stand with a neutral stance my shoulders are open and I pull the shot. I have found that for me it is more important to have square shoulders than square hips.
  23. Sure you can do it. This is what you would call "soft stepped twice". If your shafts are Regular Flex they will play almost one flex softer, closer to a Senior flex. Your swingweight will be higher though, and the clubs will feel a bit heavier.
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