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  1. If the old ones are comfortable, keep them. For me it's the most important factor.
  2. I also have a 95 mph swing. I've tried many balls and prefer the Srixon Q Star. If you want a better ball the Bridgestone B330-RX is very nice too, but a little more expensive.
  3. I have the JPX 825 with stock shaft Dynalite Gold XP Regular, and they have a D4 swingweight. I wish they were more like D2.
  4. I have recently improved my bump and run shots and I will never go back to flop shots unless it's really necessary. Much more accuracy for me.
  5. I had the same concern and did some research some time ago. Most experts agree your left knee should be slightly flexed at impact. It has definitely worked for me. However, somo pro's, with a lot of practice, straighten their left knee at impact to get a bit more power.
  6. Different balls have different shades of yellow. I like those balls with light shades of yellow, like the NXT Tour S. Very easy to see. It almost seems to glow. On the other hand, my favorite ball is the Srixon Q Star, but its shade of yellow is darker and with a hint of green. I don't like it and I don't find it easier to see on the fairway. So I rather use the Q Star in white.
  7. My favorite ball is Srixon Q Star. Second place Bridgestone B330-RX.
  8. I have not played the G20 but I have a set of G25 (steel regular) and I love them. My Callaway Razr X are a close second place. Up to last year I played various Callaway super game improvement irons with graphite shafts (e.g., Diablo Edge). Late last year I switched to game improvement irons with steel shafts in regular flex and I like them a lot more. To be honest I don't think I lost any distance and I definitely gained more accuracy and feel with the steel shafts.
  9. I hit my driver ok, but just as a matter of discipline in mastering ALL my clubs, sometimes I leave the driver at home and use a 3 wood instead. I hit my 3 wood only 15 yards shorter than the driver, but much straighter.
  10. Shortening the shaft an inch or more causes a major reduction in swingweight. This is not trivial. Make sure you get professional help to put swingweight back where it was or where you get the best numbers. I shortened the shaft of my Ping G20 driver from 45.75 to 45 and the swingweight went from D3 to C8, which is too low for many people. I was not aware that this would happen (now I am). I had to put lead tape on the head myself because I don't have a good club fitter near home.
  11. I love my G25 irons. Best irons I've ever had. Great feeling off the face and very forgiving. Nice looks too.
  12. I am 55 years old and took up golf three years ago. I have reduced my scores from around 120 to mid/low 80's in one year of playing one round every week (feb 2012 to feb 2013). I have not taken lessons and I do not go to the practice range because the ranges are all too far from my home. How did I do it? First, I have studied a lot about the golf swing: I watch golf instruction videos on internet a few minutes every day (yes, every day), I buy all the magazines, and I watch the golf channel almost every day. So by now I understand a lot about what I should do and should not do and why (very important to understand why). Second, I film myself at home about once a month. This allows me to detect basic errors like swaying sideways, or not being on plane on the back swing (making swings in front of a mirror also helps a lot). You don't need any special software to do this, basic errors are very obvious. Third, a lot of discipline. Every time I play a round I make mental notes on what I did wrong and then go think what I should do to correct it. In few words, dedication and discipline. I also shoot sporting clays (clay discs with a shotgun). I've been doing it for years. It's similar to golf in that you need a lot of technique on how to hold the gun and how to move. I go to a lot of local tournaments. I believe it was sporting clays that taught me dedication and discipline, and then I just applied them to golf. Lastly, I should say that many times, when I'm really trying to improve a certain aspect of my game, I prefer to play the round by myself because I can concentrate on what I'm doing. When I play with friends the socialization makes it harder to concentrate and learn. I don't know if I'll ever be able to score in the 70's. I'm not getting any younger and I don't have time to play or practice more. Shooting low 80's is more than I ever imagined and I'm quite happy with that.
  13. Just got a set of G25 irons (4 to U) with regular steel shafts and I love them. Have only played one round, but I immediately fell in love with them. Great feeling, great sound and great distance when you hit them flush. Even my mishits were not too bad.
  14. I hit my Mizuno MP 59 pretty well, and I am not a great ball hitter. Therefore I think they are forgiving enough for a mid handicap player. I'm going to pass them on to my son because the Dynamic Gold S300 shaft is a bit too heavy and stiff for my game. I'm 55 and prefer regular flex shafts. I must say the MP 59 are the most beautiful clubs I've seen in my life. The JPX 825 are also very beautiful, but they feel too hard off the face for my taste. They are very accurate though. I hit my best shots and my best score ever (78) with them a couple of weeks ago.
  15. I own Mizuno JPX 825 and MP-59. Have not tried the Bladez but hear about them a lot. My humble advice is that if you are serious about improving your game, go with the Mizuno. I think they will serve you well as you lower your handicap. The Mizuno MP H4 have less offset than the Bladez.
  16. I know the offset in game improvement irons is supposed to help square the face at impact (basically an antislice feature) and also helps get the ball launch higher. But, as my game improves, will I need to switch to irons with less offset? How would I know when the time has come to switch to irons with less offset? I'm currently using Callaway Razr X irons. I was thinking of getting Ping G 25 but they also have a lot of offset. Thanks in advance for your help
  17. This ball has been designed to launch high. Hope that fits your game.
  18. I started learning golf with Big Bertha super game improvement irons, and then went to Diablo Edge super game improvement irons. I have now moved to Razr X game improvement irons. To be honest, I think the Razr X are more forgiving than the other two. I should have bought them from the start. My advice is to just go straight to game improvement irons. forget SGI.
  19. I agree, that's why I have come to prefer Ping or Mizuno for their simple and elegant lines.
  20. In my opinion, You must always practice with the exact same equipment you will use in competition, whether it is tennis, bowling, golf, etc.
  21. Same thing happens when you grip down on a club. If you normally grip down one inch it's like having a club two degrees flatter.
  22. Cadet, because I have wide hands but short fingers.
  23. I know there are MANY brands, models and options available in terms of shafts for a G20 driver. In my case, I have a PING distributor near my home so it was easy for me to just take the driver and ask them to change the shaft to a Tour Regular, which a PING rep had recommended.
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