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  1. Just wanted to share. I had a wedge head with a 0.370 hosel and a True Temper XP 95 R300 shaft (wedge length). I measured the tip of the 0.355 shaft and after about an inch it becomes 0.370 parallel. So I just trimmed one inch off the tip and voila I now had a 0.370 shaft. I suppose that trimming one inch off the tip basically made the shaft "stiff" instead of "regular", but that's all right because it will go into a wedge. I epoxied the shaft into the head with no problem. I'm not saying all 0.355 shafts have this geometry, but for what it's worth these TT XP 95 shafts do have a true 0.370 parallel section above the taper. I don't feel comfortable using shims. This solution worked well for me.


  2. Lie angle is totally dependent on POSTURE. If you stand very upright, you need a certain lie angle in your club, but if you have a very open stance or if you bend your knees a lot, then you need a different lie angle. I suggest you first fix your posture before you modify your clubs. My experience.

  3. In the backswing I think of my connected torso-arms going back, and in the downswing  I think of my connected torso-arms going down. My hips move too, especially in the downswing, but I don't think about them. 80% of the time when my swing is not working it is because my torso and my arms are not connected (arms move independently). The other 20% of the time I am swaying on the backswing.

  4. I'm 62 years old and I only play for fun. I do not play tournaments. I do not bet. I play with only 11 clubs because I like to keep things simple. I took out 3 Wood and 4 and 5 iron. My last two rounds  I shot 85 and 86 and I'm perfectly  happy with that. I JUST LOVE THE BEAUTY OF MY BAG WITH 11 CLUBS.


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