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  1. Like most of you, I always thought wearing gloves for golf makes no sense. A mans hands are hardened from work, so whats the point. its a waste of $5. My mom invited me to golf with her and her boss. She wanted me to go to act like her husband since she was always telling her boss how good looking her husband was and my dad is really old and dresses like a skank and NOT good looking. But he got a reel kind heart and wears it on his sleeve all the itme Mom got me a whole golf outfit to wear and a glove? I was ok with the outfit she chose out for me, but the cardboard paper tags f
  2. just oiled up the clubs to play my first nine of the year yesterday. Over the winter I wached alot of golf on golf tv and alot of it talked about getting a lower handicap. I never had a handicap my whole life. When I sauntered into the proshop to see if I had to pay to play, i thought "I am going to ask to get a handicap and how low I can get". The snake oil salesman behind the counter told me it was going to COST over $40 to get a handicap, or maybe even more AND I had to put in scores! (I thought golf was posed to be fun NOT WORK). I thought to myself "I never had one before and never h
  3. I am a dog man and I am sure everyone on here is to. I used to play alone a lot and I went to play last weekend and I saw my dog at the course and I thought, what the hell, I will let him tag along. He did good and it was fun having somebody there, nothing is worse then hitting a hole in one and not having anybody there to see it trinkle into the whole. Anybody else ever take a dog with them while they golf? Please don't reply if you don't or take another species of pet. before any body gets PC on me, NO i don't let my dog run around on the course and disrespect other players or t
  4. I think my life is changed after the new VR Golf game. Can't remember what headset it was, but it was the black one. It is so cool, if you ever have a chance to try it out, do it. makes you looks at the games in an new way, eye opener to say the least. I can tell you right now that I can't wait to try it out to see if it beats the hype. A few suggestions I would have if I ever played it would prolly be: 1. reality mold - have the option to have the vr player wear smudged glasses (fingerprints), have your cell ring and say it is from your aunt or your wife, have the sun shine rea
  5. HI cipher, thanks for the advice. I just went out and Titleist CB 7 iron and tried it but I hate it bad. The guy I bouhgt it from won't take it back. Can you mail me a check for $25, since he won;t give me a refund. Not sure how is libel here but I guess you would be? I will go out and buy the other ones later thanks in advance, i love and support people who stand behind their products
  6. I have a lot of pride but first and most I am a man,only god can change that. So sometimes you have to step up to the plate. this time I think i hit a homer. I have been struggling a little with my pre backswing, mostly set up. I saw the european kid, Bryson, who wears the sherlock homes hat. I am NOT a fan of his style or personality, but he does hit it good with that iron set he hits with. I decided to go that route, even though I am NOT a fan of his and prolly won't be anytime this year. Since my 7 iron is my favorite club I thought that would be the best one to do. It took
  7. Me and mine relocated to california recently. I had a ton of friends back home but i dont have any here. NOT because i cant get any, but i dont want to try much. I need a body to play golf with. Somebody who is willing tk take a beeting on the course but shake hands like an adult after. I live close to rancho san joachin. Pm me but if u suck real bad not intristed. Must have your own clubs
  8. I was talking to my coach and he was telling me that the only difference between me and the pros right now is that the pros know exactly how far they hit all those clubs. So we went to the driving range and he stood out there as i hit golf balls so he could measure. Teh range balls look beat up but they are pinnacle golds. I was hitting my 5 iron about 400 feet (yes feet, we ARE in America) on the range. But when I got on the course and played wiht my game balls, Dunlop ProZ ecks, I was hitting my 5 iron 376 feet on average. Has anybody else noticed that the range balls tending to go a lo
  9. You did the right thing by making him look like the terd he is. I just wish i was there to dish out sone "justice" on his smirky smile. But u never know if the other guy is touched and he might lose it if u confront him. Best to use a common vodoo doll with almost no features so it can be used on anyone u want. Not to do permanent damage but to maybe give him bubbleguts or instant boner that wont go away. I dont want to fight your fight, just be creative and think of your own illness
  10. Gilberg

    golf fight

    I mostly play with my wife now. The other day i got to play for the first time with the pro (he sucks) at Ratty Pond. What on earth is the "proper" name for dimples on the golf ball? Everytime i asked him how many dimples is best or how they make the dimples or why are there dimples - just to save money on materials? That ringer dinger whould just roll his eyes and look away like he just hated looking at me cause i dont know all the golf terms. Is their a book or person that has every golf term that u need to know to make it in the higher social circles? I really dont want to have to thr
  11. I no this is prollt a long shot, because people are from all over the state but did anyone find a green hat last columbus day? One that is like a tobaggan on top but has a bill built in. Except this on the bill goes all the way around the hat. Because i found one just like that and wanted to see if anyone else ran accross one too? The guy that was wearing it when i found it looked untrustworthy and i thought it might be "happening" elsewere
  12. I am trying to figure out at one ranking a pro golfer or any golfer that is ranked gets a hot sexy wife. Anyway, I guess what I am asking is there a list or a database of hi res photos of players wives? If so, what is the ranking cut off for the hot ones? And what rankings are used by the women to select the guy(fedex, world rankings, race from dubai)? What about the web.com guys? Has any players ever switched wives when their rankings rose or dropped (significantly)? I need the info, beacuse I am going to do the danplan, but I don't want to be the #1 guy, I just want like a (6/10)
  13. I have been getting more and more into Sasquatch hunthing/tracking. We just called together an d held a meeting for everybody in town who was interested to tell us about any times they saw a sasquatch or skunk ape. It was priddy pathetic how almost no one showed up becase they are scared of being prosicuted by the media, and the ones who did show up where quacks . I am sure everyone has already seen the story but a few years ago, maybe early 80s a 4some got attacked at Brandon's Dunes up in the Nrtheast. The foursome was found in the woods close to the garden shack and all of them ha
  14. Gilberg

    Red face

    I am not the kind of person that goes online and bashes pros. I always hate it when i read a thread about how so and so did such and such and how they suck or how ugly they or their pets are. It is just not my "thang". I think the upmost respect should be show to those who are on tv day in and day out giving their all to entertain us. I am sure I am not the only one that gets pissed with the online bashing and mean comments, specially to pro we should look up to and kiss their tootsies, because they are great athletes and most of them are great people who DESERVE respect. Just as a genera
  15. Not sure why, but I get the yips when I play with strangers or strange people. It just makes me nervous and I know it is just real silly. The other day I was playing solo and I was on the fourth tee. I was over the ball and a cart with two super hot people pulled up behind the tee and was waiting for me to hit. I just stood there over the ball and waited for them to drive by. But since they was playing, they just wanted me to hit and get the hell out of the way. I just stood there some more thinking - how the hell did I get myself in this situation and what could I do to resolve it. I j
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