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  1. If your a high capper then the XLS will be the most forgiving, they are dam long too, my 3w isnt far behind my driver.
  2. Nah Nitrogen is an inert gas, no chance of explosion. Fill it with Hydrogen now that could be fun!
  3. Add the CG gold to that list, very forgiving with a tradational look. Should be pretty cheap too now that the CG7 have been released.
  4. HiBore XLS with Graffaloy Blue for $180AU Bargain.
  5. I use the Aero Spark tees, they are great, I have been using the same one for 6+ months and i play weekly, http://www.golfzone.com.au/golf/aero-spark-tee.html
  6. I have an old Cleveland HALO 2i i only use it on tight par 4's or if i have a good lie on a par 5. Great club off the tee, just swing it like an iron and it goes a similar distance to a 3 wood but a lot easier to hit.
  7. I have been playing the Bridgestone B330-s for the last year and absolutely love it, for "my game" there is no better ball. I got a box of TP Red last week cause they were on special (a free sleeve with every dozen ) i have only played one round with them so far but they seem just as good as the B330-s maybe just feel a little firmer, good durability too played the full 18 with it and barely a mark on it.
  8. Wach out for Adam Scott when he gets back to full fitness!!
  9. What’s wrong with having all one brand? That’s a big generalisation that you have made there I have all the one brand and have no trouble breaking 100 and my mate has all Callaway gear and regularly breaks 80.. So to answer the question about all Taylormade equipment , if you like that brand then go for it.
  10. Vokeys are the most played wedges for a reason, go with the vokeys nothing else comes close, maybe the CG line, i have them at the moment but im going for the vokeys next time.
  11. Pros: cheap, very very long, fairly durable Cons: no spin, no bite, feel bad off the putter I won a long drive comp at a work golf day with one of these then swapped back to my trusty B330s on the next hole, thats how long they are..
  12. Anyone had a chance to hit these yet? New equipment always takes ages to be released down here in Australia. They must be pretty good if Vijay has swapped from the mighty Pro V1.
  13. The distance is similar to the regular HX Hot (which is long) if yout looking for a replacment for the HX tour then try the B330s (the older models are going super cheap now) they are long and give great performance around the greens.
  14. Terrible balls, the covers cut up way too easily one decent wedge shot and the ball is unplayable. I hit full gap wedge with a brand new ball and the cover was flaking off. They do bite the greens well though ill give them that much.
  15. DRIVER i chose a high loft 11.5 and a low launch shaft (grafalloy blue) and this combination works great for me i get a great ball flight not too high not to low and plenty of distance. HYBRID I took the 3 wood out of the bag as the 2i HALO is so easy to hit off the tee , also it is much more versatile of the deck than a 3 wood, i loose a little distance but ill take accuracy over distance anyday IRONS CG Gold 3-p I chose some more forgiving irons as i dont get the time to practice enough to be able to hit "players" clubs i chose the golds as they still have a tradational look (not a GI shovel) but are very forgiving WEDGES CG 14 52 & 56 It was between these and Vokeys seeing as though the rest of my bag is Cleveland i went with the CG's. Am thinking of getting a 60 but not sure how much i would use it PUTTER Putters are all about feel and personal choice, i tried a lot and the oddysey just felt the best. BALL All of the top quality tour balls are good ive tried them all but i just like the bridgestone the best plus i can get them online brand new for less than half the price of a prov1 or tour i
  16. I use the B330-s after a long search trying lots of balls including pro v1 i setteled with these, great feel off the putter check up nicely on chips and are plenty long enough, add to that great durability and im not going to change soon. I did try a callawy tour ix last time i was out with a mate (swapped a b330-s with him) and was very inpressed but for now ill stick with bridgestone.
  17. My advice would be to not buy irons online, drivers & putters fine but not irons, properly fitted irons make a HUGE difference, even if you are standard height you can still need longer/shorter upright/flat. i have dropped 5 strokes since i have started using fitted irons.
  18. Big John struggled in the opening round of the Australian Masters today, but the conditions were windy and its a very tough course , a few birdies an eagle and a few bogies +3 and 7 off the pace.
  19. I had a 37 on the front nine (3 over) and backed it up with a 44 on the back so frustrating...
  20. yeh i agree with that i have a 52 and 56 CG14 and am going to get a 46 to replace my PW, i have so much more confidence with them and they stop where they land.
  21. Whats the difference between range balls and say a regular cheap ball, what distance differences are there? Im just curious as there are 2 ranges near my work that i use one i can hit the bac fence at the 250m mark where as the other i come up well short, also at one range i get a nice medium ball flight with the driver where as the other its way to low. Do different balls really make that much of a difference?
  22. I recently regripped my driver & hybrid with the Lamkin Dual density torsion control, they are fantastic very tacky and soft and hold up well in wet or humid conditions, i liked them so much im changing all my irons over.
  23. Im working on anything from 100m and in, lots of wedges at the range trying to get a feel for distance, 100 odd balls a day with my PW 52 anhd 56 should do the trick and if it doesnt then my cap was never supposed to be any lower!
  24. Ive got a HALO 2i (19°) and its my fav club in the bag, a bit of distance loss from my old 3 wood but much more accurate, they go for about $50 - 60 give one a try.
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