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  1. Id agree with that , i have had a HALO 2i for about 2 years now, have tried plenty of other hybrids and nothing comes close (well for my swing anyway) they go for around $50 - 60 now too... bargain! do yourself a favour and try one.
  2. Im not sure what your looking to spend but these are only $229 on rockbottom , i have heard good reviews on all Adams golf irons. http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/adams-...set-steel.html got to be a better option than clones.
  3. Thanks for that , looks like the TP's have some impressive numbers i may have to try a sleve almost 10 meters longer than a V1 means one less club on approach! , although they would have to be pretty special for me to change from my beloved B330s, its strange but i feel more confident hitting them than any other ball.
  4. I though tit was Bridgestone who had the lawsuit against them? or is that something completly different?
  5. Its the old story of you get what you pay for, clones are made from cheap materials and simply dont peform as well as brand name clubs, id suggest a good second hand set over clones.
  6. How do the top of the range tour balls compare, say prov1, v1x vs callaway i & ix the B330 & B330s , taylormayes etc. I have tried a few premium balls and i still cant find one i like better than the B330s, i would be interested to how they all compare.
  7. If i could earn millions of dollars a year playing golf and surfing i woundn't care if i won a major or not!! man what a life.
  8. I have tried lots of Hybrids but have gome to the conclusion that the longer irons just suit me better, i am far from a good golfer (15 at the moment) but i just find that i hit the irons better especially off the deck, anyone else find this? I did however keep the HALO 2i that i got super cheap from the bargain bin but i only use it off the tee.
  9. I found the book very helpfull, i just changed the 3x4 to a 3x3 PW 52° & 56° and I have dropped 5 strokes so far and its all due to my shortgame. I used to be a power hitter on all shots , had no idea of feel or distance now when im within 100m I am confident I will hit the green, now with more practice im hoping to be able to put it in the "golden 8"
  10. I just got the Lamkin Dual density torsion control on all my clubs from driver to wedges and they are fantastic, nice and soft and tacky
  11. A 6 putt gee and i thought i was the worlds worst putter, how the hell do you 6 putt?
  12. Just the one a 19° i pretty much only use it off the tee on short or tight par 4's dont use it off the deck much as i hit my long irons just fine... if only i could putt id be off single figures :(
  13. I finally had my swing speed measured and it is right on 100 mph, does that mean the regular flex in my HiBore driver is not right for me? would i notice any difference in changing to a stiff flex? i hit the club solid at the moment but am lacking control.
  14. If the ball stops within 1 - 3 feet then why would you want to change it? thats perfect. backspin is unpredictable id rather a stop dead wedge shot than backspin.
  15. i found the Callaway HX Hot to be similar to the Juice, the juice is just a bit longer in think (well for my swing anyway)
  16. I have been using one of these for the last 3 or so months, very strong and impossible to loose as the tee never leaves the ground, not sure about the extra distance claims it too hard to tell, also the extra long ones are the perfect height for my driver :)
  17. Hibore XL currently $119 at rockbottom golf, thats just insane! im going to upgrade from my original Hibore
  18. Ill second that the e5+ & 6+ are the best "non premium" balls out there by far.
  19. I have heard rumours of a new B330 ball as well, supposedly a tour calibre ball but suited to slower swing speeds for those of us who cant swing fast enough to compress the prov1's B330 platinums etc... anyone got any info on these? I heard B330RX or something like that.
  20. If you have gone to the trouble of getting your irons custom fit then why not the wedges? common sense would say that you need the same length / lie angle on all your irons and at the end of the day your wedges are still irons. I had my new wedges set up the same as my irons + 3/4 inch and 2° up and it has made a huge difference.
  21. it all depends on conditions , anywhere from a knock down PW to a 52° gap wedge to a full 56° sand wedge.
  22. Thanks for that, hopefully it is my swing and not the offset, im going to get some lessons come summer that should tell me what im doing wrong
  23. If offset is supposed to help with slices then can too much offset cause a hook? i have been pulling the ball a lot with my new irons and am wondering if it has something to do with too much offset, if so whats the cure? without having to buy new irons!!
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