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  1. Im considering dropping the driver and replacing it with a 11.5 TEE XCG6 , Cally 3Deep or RBZ 13 degree.  I currently have the 17 degree RBZ and it is only 10-15 meters behind my driver but way more accurate.  Recently ive been leaving the driver in the bag, even on par 5's and have been shooting the best scores of my life (even broken 80 a few times!!)

    Only problem is which one do I get, I love the look of the TEE but think I would have more confidence in the RBZ , then there is the 3 Deep which has a slightly deeper face... hmm decisions decisions...

  2. I have played the TP5 for 2 rounds now, love everything about it other than the durability, less driver side spin than the original penta, slightly less wedge spin , feels softer, but one full wedge and its done!  Yesterday , first hole, brand new ball, one drive one SW and the ball was shredded... not happy.  Im going to give the new B330s a go i used to like the old ones.

  3. Had an 83 with an 8 on the 7th it was my first full 18 with my new i20's i cant believe the forgivness on these things its amazing.  Shots off the toe still go straight with minimal distance loss.  Golf is so much more fun playing from the fairway !!

  4. I know that im supposed to get the hips and weight forward in the downswing but at the moment im just getting stuck, as in my hips just wont move , maybe im thinking about it too much and im tensing up i dont know but its very frustrating. I was hitting the ball fantastic last summer with my weight finishing on my front foot and well balanced etc and now at the start of this golf season its just all gone.

    Does anyone have any good drills to ged the hips moving forward?

    Im going to try this bottle on the back foot drill over the next week http://www.andrewricegolf.com/tag/foot-work-in-golf/ has anyone tried it? thoughts?

  5. This is a very interesting video i found when i was doing some research for new clubs

    So it looks like the big oversized GI clubs with hot faces may hit the ball further (higher ball speed) but they are not very consistent distance wise... and if you want to knock it close to the pin thats pretty important. I actually lost a little distance changing to the MP 57 but the distance control far outweighs that...

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