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  1. Im looking at buying some new irons, i play off 18 at the moment but only usually get out once a month or so due to playing football taking up all my time, but my footballing career is almost over so now i want to focus on golf, i want to get my handycap down to single figures... which irons would you suggest, i currently have a set of 12yo top flite tour irons i hit them pretty well but its time to upgrade... so far i have tried Ping G10's callaway x20 (not a big fan of those) and nike sumo...

  2. Has anyone hit the new HX Hot Bite? Golf.com's rating shows that the cover is much softer than the HX Hot. Does it still have the great distance of the old HX Hot though?

    I used to use the HX Hot or Nike Juice but switched to the HotBite for my last 2 rounds, it still has the same distance but much better feel, give it a try for yourself its a great ball and worth the few extra $$

  3. I need a recommendation too. I've been using the Bridgestone e5+ and I love the way it feels and spins around the greens, but I have trouble with it ballooning on full shots with my driver and irons. Bridgestone advertises it as a high trajectory ball and I naturally launch the ball pretty high, so it's not a great match. My driver swing speed is around 108 and 5 iron ss is 88 or so.

    I have played the HX HotBite in in my last 2 rounds and it is a fantastic ball very very long and just seems to hold in the air forever, it does start to scuff up after 9 or so holes but with a soft feeling ball that cant be helped, I Highly recomend them, if your looking for something slightly cheaper then the Nike Juice is a good ball too.

  4. I have dropped 5 strokes in the past 3 months and really want to keep the momentum going but i have run into a problem with my hybrids about 50% of the time they are nasty hooks the rest go dead straight, all other clubs in my bag i am hitting better than ever anyone got any suggestions on how to fix it? i used to hit them really well but am slowly loosing confidence in them. I have only recently started using a Driver (used to be 3 wood all the time off the tee) had to adjust my swing off the tee, could that have anything to do with it?

  5. I recently (2 months ago) bought a Cleveland HiBore for only $140 sure the XL and the XLS are out but give the original a try and you wont be dissapointed. I tried just about everytinkg there is Nike TM callaway etc, all good clubs, but for the price the HiBore cant be beat... have already won 1 long drive comp at a work golf day with it too

  6. No the Ping stockers are junk. The only good stock shaft is the REAX made for TaylorMade. You should get an Aldila ONE shaft off of Ebay for 8 dollars. The aldila one stands up to the best of today;s shafts.

    What about the Fujikara shafts in the Cleveland drivers? i have the hibore with regular flex and its the best club/shaft combo i have ever used, im hitting them over 300m not to bad for a "stock" shaft.. PS sorry about the meters but im an Aussie its all we use!!

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