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  1. Allenby always has been and always will be a sore looser and a sook, every summer here in Aus he comes home and finds something to complain about, lets just say for an Aussie he doesnt have many fans down here... Oh and for what its worth i play better hungover too!! Go AK

  2. Does anyone have any good drills or exercises to help improve upperbody flexibility, i do a lot of lower body work for football but have never taken the time out to work on flexibility for golf (stupid i know). If i spend a bit of time on it it is bound to help, my upperbody just feels so stiff and tight during the swing prob from too much gymwork for football, then again Tiger and Camillo etc are all pretty big but are still flexible.

    Ill ask the gym instructor for some tips but if anyone here can help it would be much appreciated.

  3. Just hit the i15 irons at a demo day and have to say they are some of the sweetest irons i have hit. They look much better in person than they do in the pics. I loved the fact that that its a transition set its exactly what i have been looking for the long irons actually looked similar to the G15 in the bag (there were about 20 - 30 irons in the demo bag) but the short irons were nice and compact. Didnt notice any distance gain over my CG golds but they did feel very solid but most importantly gave good feedback on mishits. Anyone in the 10 - 20 cap range (possibly as low as 5) looking for new irons should give them a try.
    Now all i have to do is justify replacing my 2 year old irons with brand new ones, excuses anyone?

  4. Just curious does anyone know why Geoff Ogilvy hasnt been playing many tornuments this year, i havent seen him on the entry list for a while, in the last 2 months only the two majors. I love watching him play his swing is so smooth and effortless.

  5. as the title suggests i am hitting all clubs in my bag well except the driver. 3wood and Hybrid off the tee are great and all irons off the deck are good too (good solid contact) So my question is why cant i hit the driver well too, its all over the place some left some right some high some low. I have been taking the 3w and 2H off the tee recently but its starting to hurt me on the longer courses and also i want to get on top of it i cant let it beat me !!

  6. I recently went away on a golfing w-end i wasnt hitting the driver too well so i left it at home so i wouldnt even be tempted to use it. 2 rounds of stableford over the w-end 39 and 37 points... won the w-end, since then the driver has only come out on very open and long holes!!
    I only see a 20 m difference between the driver and 3 wood anyway and it is much easier to hit the green 20 m back but on the fairway...

  7. Well im sold on "tour tempo" today was my first round after only 2 range sessions with the tt tracks and i hit the ball much better than usuall, i had solid contact all day i would have shot a fantastic score if it wasnt for 6 three putts (yes thats right 6 its not a typo!)
    I listened to the tracks on the way to the course and kept them going through my head all round, did a few L drills while waiting for the green to clear... my swing just felt so smooth but also powerfull all day

    Im going to stick to it all summer and see how it goes, ill report in later...

    Now to learn how to putt!!!

  8. I went to Golf Galaxy actually, and those were my swing stats with the driver I plan on purchasing. Still think the Pro-V1 is a good ball to stick with? I've just been hearing good things about the Bridgestones and no one seems to mention them on here.

    The Bridgestone B330s is a fantastic ball, has all the qualities of the Pro V1; good distance , great spin more a hop and stop rather than suck back 6f, the only thing the V1 is better on is the putter but thats personal preferance.

    Is there any truth to the rumour that Nike balls are actually made by Bridgestone??

  9. I just had my first range session with the tones after reading the book and have to say i am impressed so far, they take a little getting used to but if you follow the training sequence , Y and L drills etc then you pick it up pretty quickly. I found when i really concentrated on the tones my swing felt incredibly smooth and i gained a good 5 or so meeters. One thing it does do well which i needed is clear your head of swing thoughts, i was getting to the stage where i had way to much going on in my head (twist this, keep that straight, dont move that etc) it was driving me nuts but the tour tempo system sorts that out all you think is smooth flowing swing. I know everyones game is different but tour tempo is def for me...
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