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  1. What do you do when your game totally deserts you? I was playing good consistent golf for a while, got the cap down to 13 and now my game has just gone, and i mean gone bid time. Slicing drives, big slices too, slicing long irons, lost about 10% distance, inside 100 yards cant hit a green (that used to be my strong point) only thing that saved me from a very embarrasing score yesterday was the putter... If i go to the range i shank about half the bucket (big shanks too) which makes it even worse as golf is a lot about the mental side of things... any suggestions on some practice drills to get my swing back? i have zero confidence standing over the ball at the moment.

  2. Is this a good low launching shaft? Any other suggestions that are affordable? Would it make a big difference (right now i play a UST Widebody shaft, relatively high lauch)? And if i paired it with my Dymo, would the ball spin rate decrease or stay the same?

    Maybe give the Grafalloy Blue a go (not the prolaunch Blue) its pretty cheap as its a few years old but its still a great shaft.

  3. I have been doing a bit more research into this and have found out my 3 wood is 44" thats just crazy!! im going to choke down on both driver and 3 wood for the next 5 or so rounds on courses i know and if there is more accuracy and similar distance then im biting the bullet and taking and inch or 2 off both...

  4. Has anyone shortened their driver shaft? I have been trying out choking down on my driver at the range recently with some very good results. Have been using the impact tape and 90% have been right out of the middle, its hard to tell how much distance im loosing but if its only 10m or so im not worried. I checked out the specs for my shaft and its 46" thats way to long i think, what sort of shaft lengths do people on here have, and how much distance loss have you noticed?
    Any negatives to reducing shaft length?

  5. awesome shaft.

    Your right it is an awesome shaft, just had my first hit of it at the range, gets good elevation and distance off the range mats as well as off a low tee, feels perfect for my swing, not super stiff but also not all over the place. Cant wait to try it on the course, might have to get one in the 3w too !!!

  6. Im looking to reshaft my hybrid, but i have no idea of the length or tip, its a HALO 2i i was going to get a new one but i just love this club so am getting a new shaft with higher launch. Where can i find info on specs for this club , its not on the cleveland website. Also does anyone know where i can find a cheap Prolaunch blue HY online?

  7. I'm looking for some good drills to use for working on your irons. Drills that emphasize accuracy and distance would be great. I feel that I need drills to work on my iron game so I'm looking to you guys for iron game suggestions.

    It depends on what you are trying to work on , i used to have a bad over the top problem which was giving me a bad slice so to stop myself from coming over the top i put my driver headcover (not on the club of course) next to and slightly back from the ball that way if i come over the top i will hit it. Start off with 1/2 then 3/4 swings concentrating on the wrist turn untill you get used to it then move on to full swings. It has worked wonders for my irons... now all i need to do is sort the driver out. Hope it helps.

    You can also use a part filled plastic water bottle in place of the driver cover if your worried about damaging it , but when you hit it it makes a big noise...
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