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  1. Actually the Halo worked much better for me. I had that at one time as well. I don't know maybe some people love the XLS but everyone who tried mine out had the same reaction I did "why is this thing $150?"

    Id agree with that , i have had a HALO 2i for about 2 years now, have tried plenty of other hybrids and nothing comes close (well for my swing anyway) they go for around $50 - 60 now too... bargain! do yourself a favour and try one.

  2. Thanks for that , looks like the TP's have some impressive numbers i may have to try a sleve almost 10 meters longer than a V1 means one less club on approach! , although they would have to be pretty special for me to change from my beloved B330s, its strange but i feel more confident hitting them than any other ball.

    Driver distance / spin rate / Shore D cover hardness

  3. I have tried lots of Hybrids but have gome to the conclusion that the longer irons just suit me better, i am far from a good golfer (15 at the moment) but i just find that i hit the irons better especially off the deck, anyone else find this? I did however keep the HALO 2i that i got super cheap from the bargain bin but i only use it off the tee.

  4. I found the book very helpfull, i just changed the 3x4 to a 3x3 PW 52° & 56° and I have dropped 5 strokes so far and its all due to my shortgame. I used to be a power hitter on all shots , had no idea of feel or distance now when im within 100m I am confident I will hit the green, now with more practice im hoping to be able to put it in the "golden 8"
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