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  1. 42-42-84 today. 3 three putts and a bad triple bogey killed me today. On a positive note though, my irons were spot on and my new "power fade" driving is getting better and better!
  2. Thank you sir. Glad to know I'm not the only one to have had this issue.
  3. I play Calloway XR Pro irons and lately I've noticed the ferrules creeping up the shaft. At first it was just my 7 iron but now I've noticed it on multiple clubs. They slide firmly back down the shaft in the club head when I push them down but I'm not sure if they should be moving at all. Is this a normal issue or should I be returning this set? I love the way they feel and play so I'd hate to get rid of them. Would something as simple as epoxy or super glue be a feasible plan to keep them in place? Thanks for answers beforehand!
  4. Well since this post has resurfaced, I read it and found that I have a lot in common with the OP. My half swings are beautiful and contact is crisp with straight ball flight and decent relative distance. I think using that swing and "feel" while slowly working it into a 3/4 then full swing will benefit me.
  5. I know flipping can cause that to happen if you're over closing the club face. I have a late "flip" of my wrist causing me to turn the club head over some as well. When I do make good contact (good timing of a bad habit) I hit higher shots with less distance. I also have a tendency to hit thin a lot out of the bottom 3 grooves. Could be a combo of the 2 issues between swinging down and flipping at impact. Just my $0.02 though haha I'm no pro to get solid advice from
  6. Absolute insanity! The shot that took them into OT was crazy and that shot to win it looked very similar haha Wisconsin had a good run, but in the end, if you ain't a Gator, you're gator bait!!! Elite 8 bound!
  7. I've had the opposite experience with the location in Tampa. Great beer selection including local brewery's brews and great food. The chicken wings even stood out to me as some of the better "bar wings" I've had. The place is uber packed though and it takes a bit to get a spot.
  8. 41-43-84 at Meadowbrook in Gainesville Fl from the blues. A little better than my average round despite winds 15mph+ today. Scrambled well today after multiple tee shots were pull draws into the rough/trees. Finding my groove with my irons though which is really uplifting!
  9. Anyone else still have a their team in the Sweet 16 or already advanced to the Elite 8? I'll be rooting my Gators on tonight against Wisconsin!
  10. This is what I'm talking about for the most part. It explains why I feel more natural when I swing below the plane on the downswing and have better contact. I think it helps me keep my hands ahead of the ball as well on the strike.
  11. So I'm wondering if there is a correlation between the swing plane and your dynamic loft. Just tinkering with my swing, I've noticed the more vertical I become (which is a more "out to in" for me) I lose some distance and feel like it's harder to strike the ball consistently. The more I "flatten" my swing out, the better (more consistent) my ballstriking is with a bit more distance. So my question is, Is this due to a "natural" increase in dynamic loft, or is it just something I've created in my ever changing swing?
  12. x2 If it has no negative effect then I'd say roll with it. If it absolutely bothers you, find a drill for extension and follow through. Be wary though because when you fix things that aren't necessarily broken, you can create new problems.
  13. Are you struggling with inconsistent ball striking at all? When I flip it's usually a thin shot with an occasional fat one.
  14. Not yet but I will be trying it tomorrow. Thank you for the help!
  15. For #1 I put my head against a wall and just focused on mocking my takeaway without moving my head. I placed my Gatorade bottle on the ground as well during some swings and tried to focus on not seeing the front or back of it. On the range I just really kept the thought in my mind and it translated well to my swing. For #2 I got the office chair and focused on pushing it away with my hips. I don't have that half moon squishy ball but I used a hardened foam ball under my right foot to feel it compress during swings. I also placed a tee in front of my ball and focused on trying to push the tee a
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