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  1. First hole of the day I set my Bloody Mary down and let the big dog eat! I'd go driver to the left side and draw it in to target (lefty). Then after my shot never turns I use my wedge and get 15 ft. 3 putts later I'm scoring my 5 and saying, "glad I got my bad hole out of the way" :)
  2. Either way, that's a nice strike right there! Dead center with some spin!
  3. Yesterday I hit a tee shot super array and literally had my back foot slip about 6 inches on the down swing. It was a little wet but not that wet. I never flip my footjoys over and look at my cleats so I immediately did after the shot and sure enough, they were almost gone. Well I had some extras I bought when I got the cleats so I changed them and WOW! There's no telling how long I've been slipping on shots because I'm hitting the driver pretty well now that I have that little bit of traction! Wondering if anyone else has had that slipping action hurt their game or if its all in my head and I'm just more confident with new spikes on?
  4. A hat is a hat. I wear a shimano fishing visor most of the time. Recently I've been wearing my Detroit Tigers hat just to rep my team so I don't think brands matter. If you're knocking down shots, nobody is going to question your hat selection.
  5. Depending on how you strike the ball and if you try to control your spin determines your ball selection. Balls do spin more or go farther and all that jazz but you have to sacrifice one fire the other or find one that fits your style of play. I'm just now trying to spin the ball on all my approach and chip shots so I've switched to a proV1. In contrast, the prov1x has a little more distance to it with a little less spin. Id love to hit a ball that's as hard as a rock off the tee to get the most distance and then switch to a spinning ball from 180 in but that's not legal. So it's all IMO about how you want to play and if you have the ability to spin a ball at all. If not, stick with a cheaper ball because you won't notice a huge difference in your game just because you're playing a more expensive ball.
  6. We all have been in those shoes... It still drives me nuts when I don't play my handicap one day but like they said earlier you have to take it with a grain of salt. Personally when I hav that bad round, I try to look back afterwards and remember how it felt to hit those few perfect crisp shots that do exactly like you wanted and focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Also beer helps haha my score on the front determines my empties at the end of the round!
  7. Never mind! Played with some 845s this weekend and it may have just been a confidence boost but I'm hitting them more crisp than anything so I think I'm set for now!!!
  8. 86 today :/ 45 degrees with winds 15 to 20 so the windshield was cutting right through me... And although I'd like to blame the score on the wind, it was by far my putting. I turned 6 birdie putts to bogeys and ended the day with 2 birds but also 2 triple bogeys. On a positive note, my contact was crisp today with every iron in the bag so I brought home one positive feeling!
  9. Now tell me how to do all of this after I've drank 6 beers!!! My game is hopeless
  10. I started playing with my Ben hogan apex plus irons 5 years ago and I bought them used. Since then I've put quite a few smacks on them and I'm considering buying newer clubs. I love the feel and workability of my BH's but I want a little bit more forgiveness. I figure with all the new technology that has come out since these clubs were new, there has to be a similar new club with more forgiveness yet with a similar feel. I know nothing will ever feel as good as these sticks but I really think a tiny bit more forgiveness will help my GIR in turn lowering my score. I've read/watched reviews on clubs but I figured someone here would have some good insight. Thanks guys.
  11. Is it yahoo or ESPN
  12. I think the reason some golfers "hate" them is because they try to use them as newbs to the game or they just don't have the skill to hit them correctly so the bad connotation just kind of follows. I had the same thing with a 60 when I first started but now I love it
  13. There's no telling what the issues are but my rule of thumb is usually to start by 3/4 swings instead of full swings when I'm having a bad day of the tee. That usually restricts my wrist, arms, and body motion to an extent just to keep my ball in the fairway until I can actually break my swing down to tweak stuff. Hope it helps!
  14. Ben hogan apex plus irons, big Bertha 10.5 driver, no other woods, and an old hand me down putter with no logo. Maybe a putt putt putter lol
  15. This is all I could find about them online when I was considering them to save some money. They hit just as good but they wear at an exponential rate compared to the authentic clubs. Things such as the iron faces and grooves wear out within a year or so and the drivers are more likely to crack and dent within the first year also. That's the Internet speaking so don't take it like I've experienced them personally.