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  1. Ax throwing bar

    Here's how it's done... Tomahawk Rescue
  2. Feel Ain't Real

    Perhaps I have a different perspective on this but... When I swing I can "feel" whether I made good (or less than good) contact. I can observe whether I obtained the ball flight and direction I desired. As I set up I visualize the totality of my desired result, but I depend on my ingrained muscle memory to achieve this result - I do not concentrate on the technical aspects of the swing other than to make minor adjustments such as pertains to lie, draw, or fade. The swing itself is pretty much the same for all full shots. Thus, in my mind, "feel" is simply the confirmation of how well I actually "really" performed my intentions. Golf to me is less "left brain" than "right brain" - i.e. more art than science. I visualize the picture, observe the result. If the result falls far off from what I visualized, I don't go nuts analyzing where I can change the mechanics to match the intent - rather I relax, move on, and artfully visualize a better "feel". "Swing Your Swing" seems to me a more realistic approach than trying to imitate the mechanics of "the perfect swing" INDIVIDUALLY developed by very different players, coaches, or instructors (any of which most likely have no semblance to you or I as regards to physical ability or mental agility). Feel and Real rarely meet - but how we pursue that glorious moment is what golf is all about!
  3. Winter Depression Thread

    I remember as a young boy living on the shore of lake Erie, all the doors (including the storm door) opened to the interior... so you could shovel out!
  4. 40 Putts per Round, Average of 96 (Dave Pelz)?

    In my limited experience, 40 putts are possible, but not common. I consider myself a fair (but not great) putter. I can miss a 3 footer as often as I make a 20 footer. The missed 3 footer seems to happen most for birdie. Averages from my last 20 rounds - Putts 35.7 Putts (average) 2 Putts per GIR 2.2 0 Putts 0 1 Putts 2.9 2 Putts 12.6 3 Putts 2.5 4 Putts 0 I think this average is more likely for high handicappers like myself. I would like to get my average down closer to 32. Obviously, I need to get rid of the 3 jacks. These usually occur from my GIRs leaving way too long of a putt. Need to improve approach shots! My 1 putts are typically the result of a good wedge from 50 yards in.
  5. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    If branches do not obstruct, I prefer a 3I. Even punching I can get a low stinger with a hard cut to get back in the fairway (from the right, where my miss is typically) for about 150 yrds.
  6. How old are your irons?

    I play Wilson forged musclebacks produced in 1984, looking to move to another Wilson tour blade with better shafts and more weight in the "muscle", kinda like the FG51 or FG62.
  7. Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    Here's a tip or three... GIR - if you are having trouble reaching the green - play from the next tee up, you will be confronted with more controllable approach shots. Kill the penalties - if off the tee you can't keep the ball in the fairway, choose a club that you can hit more accurately. If it is questionable that you can clear a hazard, play safe. KEEP THE BALL IN PLAY! Short game counts even for the pros, moreso for you! Wedges - pitches, chips, bunker shots can make or break your round - PRACTICE these till you are confident in the results. Putting - try to give yourself a good opportunity of at least a 2 putt (this is where your approach shot is critical). Three or more putts on a hole simply destroy your game. Yesterday I had 8 GIRs and only converted 4 with 2 or less putts - cost me 4 strokes. Back to the putting green for me!
  8. Shawn does not teach throwing the club at the ball, rather that good contact with the ball is an incidental effect of throwing the club at the target. To those who are pursuing mechanical precision through positions Shawn is not your guy. To those who see the golf swing as a dynamic movement, more akin to an art or skill than a science, Shawn has a lot to offer. Different strokes for different folks!
  9. Must you put the ball in the hole always?

    STABLEFORD! Anything over bogey scores ZERO! Pick the ball up when you have no chance to score (1pt for bogey, 2pt for par, 3pt for bird, etc). If your best chance is a double, pick the dang ball up and move on! The idiotic concept of strict stroke play for high handicappers is on it's face detrimental for pace, let alone the discouragement piled upon players who have not yet been able to play at least "Bogey" golf. Stableford is an accepted and legal scoring method!
  10. Groove Sharpener

    I carry a wet towel and a dry towel with which I clean clubs after each shot. Several times a season, when I do a thorough club and grip cleaning, I use a loose fitting center punch type instrument to get debris out of the grooves - typically there is not much to remove. My Dad used usually a plain old wooden tee and it seemed to do nearly as well. Neither method will remove metal, but will clear the grooves of debris. Good enough for me.
  11. Help Needed… Should I Quit Golf?

    Good ball, Hardspoon! I think I tried to say as much - in my Old Fart philosophical way.
  12. Help Needed… Should I Quit Golf?

    Golf is a hard mistress. Some will have more success with her than others, no matter the effort. No one, REPEAT NO ONE, can ever master her! If you truly love her, continue to court her and be content with what she gives. If not, find a more accommodating bitch!
  13. PGA Superstore FAIL

    The deal was not 2 for 1, rather buy 2 for a discounted price ($7 less than regular price for 2). My point was that "Brick and Mortar" seem to be cutting their own throat by not providing as good of customer service as online retailers. I did, indeed, send my business to an online store for this purchase after being dissed by PGA!
  14. Searching for a new ball to try, I came across an online ad from PGA Superstore for a 2fer @ a certain $ that looked appealing. All well and good, except after driving 30 miles one way the Greenwood Villiage, CO store refused to honor said ad. Details - I arrived at the store and found plenty of the advertised item on the shelf, but with no price listed. So I waited in line with my advertised deal and noted to the cashier the ad, but also informed him that there was no price at the shelf. He scanned the items and came up with a price that denoted only a single each at standard rate, at which time he went to his computer and stated that the sale had ended. I explained that I had checked the ad earlier in the day, and that the OEM of the balls listed the same discount on their own website. Nope, PGA Superstore will not honor the OEM price - nor their own ad price! Left the disputed items with the less than helpful (much less competent) cashier and drove home. Checked the ad online as soon as I got home. It is still there, with no restriction to "Online Only" or expiration date! Wonder why golf retail "Brick and Mortar" is hurting? I don't, and will never waste another minute (let alone an ounce of fuel) on PGA Superstore!
  15. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Well, played remodeled Walnut (used to be Heritage Westmoor). Tees readjusted, our previous playable tees became longer than comfortable, Should have moved up one, but still finished in 4 hours. My sand play came up a bit better, but next time will move up a tee. All in all, a fairly good B-Day round with good company!

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