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  1. I carry a wet towel and a dry towel with which I clean clubs after each shot. Several times a season, when I do a thorough club and grip cleaning, I use a loose fitting center punch type instrument to get debris out of the grooves - typically there is not much to remove. My Dad used usually a plain old wooden tee and it seemed to do nearly as well. Neither method will remove metal, but will clear the grooves of debris. Good enough for me.
  2. Good ball, Hardspoon! I think I tried to say as much - in my Old Fart philosophical way.
  3. Golf is a hard mistress. Some will have more success with her than others, no matter the effort. No one, REPEAT NO ONE, can ever master her! If you truly love her, continue to court her and be content with what she gives. If not, find a more accommodating bitch!
  4. The deal was not 2 for 1, rather buy 2 for a discounted price ($7 less than regular price for 2). My point was that "Brick and Mortar" seem to be cutting their own throat by not providing as good of customer service as online retailers. I did, indeed, send my business to an online store for this purchase after being dissed by PGA!
  5. Searching for a new ball to try, I came across an online ad from PGA Superstore for a 2fer @ a certain $ that looked appealing. All well and good, except after driving 30 miles one way the Greenwood Villiage, CO store refused to honor said ad. Details - I arrived at the store and found plenty of the advertised item on the shelf, but with no price listed. So I waited in line with my advertised deal and noted to the cashier the ad, but also informed him that there was no price at the shelf. He scanned the items and came up with a price that denoted only a single each at standard rate, at which time he went to his computer and stated that the sale had ended. I explained that I had checked the ad earlier in the day, and that the OEM of the balls listed the same discount on their own website. Nope, PGA Superstore will not honor the OEM price - nor their own ad price! Left the disputed items with the less than helpful (much less competent) cashier and drove home. Checked the ad online as soon as I got home. It is still there, with no restriction to "Online Only" or expiration date! Wonder why golf retail "Brick and Mortar" is hurting? I don't, and will never waste another minute (let alone an ounce of fuel) on PGA Superstore!
  6. Well, played remodeled Walnut (used to be Heritage Westmoor). Tees readjusted, our previous playable tees became longer than comfortable, Should have moved up one, but still finished in 4 hours. My sand play came up a bit better, but next time will move up a tee. All in all, a fairly good B-Day round with good company!
  7. Thanks! Finally get my discount "Senior" fishing license. Off for 18 @ Walnut Creek tomorrow with a couple of "Old Guy Buddies" - USGA rated Pace of Play 4:30. We usually come in between 3:45 and 4:00.
  8. Play it as it lies, mark behind the ball on the line of put, replace ball in same (or as close to same as is possible) location. No give and take beyond REASONABLE error (likely less than 1/4 inch). Otherwise, you are cheating to achieve an imperceptible advantage... hardly worthwhile, yet still a violation of the spirit, and most likely, rules of the game
  9. This looks like an older recreational (beginner to bogey) rated set. Should work for your purposes, but a more modern set in the same class would be Wilson Profile XLS Package Set Keep in mind that you will likely outgrow either set in your first full year or so. Also note that NO club GI or SGI will stop your slice, or even reduce it to a controlled fade. Only improving your swing can cure that!
  10. Played this week with a fellow who consistently drove a good 30-40 yards further than I. He was long and mostly accurate. His approaches were not as good, but not that bad. Probably hit 60% GIR, and the misses were close, but his chipping and putting hurt. From a greenside chip to holeout typically 3 strokes. He, of course, scored better than I - but could have cut another 6-8 strokes with better approaches and short game. BTW- I did manage to get an attaboy for a punchout with a fair cut from 200 from under and around trees (yeah, the drive sucked). Greenie and saved par!
  11. Quite a few private, residential community, equity courses in the front range are failing (though the true high end membership courses are OK). Several have been rescued by going muni (cities taking over management) and that has been so far a good thing for both the neighborhoods and golfers. I suspect though, that the golf course in every open space or neighborhood that ran rampant during the last 2 decades is over. Many of the courses built into housing developments are too costly to maintain, and frankly, have quirky layouts that are not really appealing to traditional golfers. Those which offer the best course conditions, amenities, and rates to the pool of dedicated golfers will prosper - the rest will become dog walks.
  12. "People of color" have not been oppressed, rather given special rights since at least the War of Northern Aggression.
  13. Yep, $50 is about all this system is worth. Accuracy limitations (inherent to current GPS, not the fault of Game Golf). Software inadequacies entirely the fault of Game Golf due to both the lack of Game Golf failure to recognize the limitations of GPS and the desires of golfers for truly accurate data, hardware failure due to Game Golf not recognizing the stresses involved in mounting sensors on the butt of the grip. Amounts to a reasonably usable gimmick device, useful if one accepts the limitations, but nowhere near a device that is fully developed delivering accurate, easy to use, and dependable data. Much like the majority of golf aids!
  14. DNC, via taxpayers. The Elite have to compensate their vassals to a certain extent lest they rebel!
  15. I still bag a 3I, though it is of limited usefulness. D, 3W (15*), 19.5H, 24H, 5I (30*), 6-9 (same old lofts) 50, 55, 60 wedges. The 20* 3I is only used for punching out from under trees that all too often jump between the ball and green.