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  1. PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    Live or Live under Par either is perhaps the absolute worst possible PGA slogan I've ever heard! The presentation is even worse! Fire the PR firm and question the sanity and judgement of the PGA team that approved this idiocy! "These Guys are Good!" said it well, and was effective in conveying that fact! (Sorry for all the exclamation points.)
  2. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks! God willing, I"ll now have more time on the course to improve my inadequate 15 handicap. Maybe the new driver will help my long game... assuming I learn to hit her!
  3. "Putting is a huge part of the game."

    My doubles are nearly all 3 jacks. 75% of my first putts are for par. I am GIR approx 25% so bogey at best with a chip and 2 putts on these - one chip and one putt = par. My GIRs typically leave a 15 footer or more. I practice the longer putts to improve my lag putting so as to avoid the 3 putt!
  4. "Putting is a huge part of the game."

    23% GIR is not "most" - more like less than 1/4... but yes I do practice >20 footers. Concentrate mostly on under 10 footers. I am a high handicapper because my approaches are typically near misses with mid to long irons (blame it on my age and only playing 20 or so rounds a year). Scenario #1 with 36 puts and 25% GIR = +12 Make those missed GIRs one chip and one putt = even! Scenario #2 all GIR and 36 putts = even. Cut half the two putts to one = -9. Silly scenarios!
  5. "Putting is a huge part of the game."

    As you can see I am coming from the perspective of a high handicap. Sure, hitting more GIR would help, and I am gradually improving in this area. However, bringing my putts per round to under 36 (more 1 putts than 3 jacks) has realistically had more effect on my scores than the long game. FIR average has been steady at better than 75%, GIR sadly only 23%. If my putting is off - I'm screwed!
  6. "Putting is a huge part of the game."

    OK, we are all entitled to our own perceptions. How many 1 or less putts did our favorite Irishman have? How many from less than 50% make range? The Ror's was hot! I was happy to see it. Average putting has the potential to account for 36 strokes - Great putting could cut that in half!
  7. "Putting is a huge part of the game."

    I agree that ball striking is huge, but in Rory's case I believe his ball striking was merely competitive with the field. His putting won it!
  8. "Putting is a huge part of the game."

    So Rory's hot putter had nothing to do with his last win?
  9. Ax throwing bar

    Here's how it's done... Tomahawk Rescue
  10. Feel Ain't Real

    Perhaps I have a different perspective on this but... When I swing I can "feel" whether I made good (or less than good) contact. I can observe whether I obtained the ball flight and direction I desired. As I set up I visualize the totality of my desired result, but I depend on my ingrained muscle memory to achieve this result - I do not concentrate on the technical aspects of the swing other than to make minor adjustments such as pertains to lie, draw, or fade. The swing itself is pretty much the same for all full shots. Thus, in my mind, "feel" is simply the confirmation of how well I actually "really" performed my intentions. Golf to me is less "left brain" than "right brain" - i.e. more art than science. I visualize the picture, observe the result. If the result falls far off from what I visualized, I don't go nuts analyzing where I can change the mechanics to match the intent - rather I relax, move on, and artfully visualize a better "feel". "Swing Your Swing" seems to me a more realistic approach than trying to imitate the mechanics of "the perfect swing" INDIVIDUALLY developed by very different players, coaches, or instructors (any of which most likely have no semblance to you or I as regards to physical ability or mental agility). Feel and Real rarely meet - but how we pursue that glorious moment is what golf is all about!
  11. Winter Depression Thread

    I remember as a young boy living on the shore of lake Erie, all the doors (including the storm door) opened to the interior... so you could shovel out!
  12. 40 Putts per Round, Average of 96 (Dave Pelz)?

    In my limited experience, 40 putts are possible, but not common. I consider myself a fair (but not great) putter. I can miss a 3 footer as often as I make a 20 footer. The missed 3 footer seems to happen most for birdie. Averages from my last 20 rounds - Putts 35.7 Putts (average) 2 Putts per GIR 2.2 0 Putts 0 1 Putts 2.9 2 Putts 12.6 3 Putts 2.5 4 Putts 0 I think this average is more likely for high handicappers like myself. I would like to get my average down closer to 32. Obviously, I need to get rid of the 3 jacks. These usually occur from my GIRs leaving way too long of a putt. Need to improve approach shots! My 1 putts are typically the result of a good wedge from 50 yards in.
  13. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    If branches do not obstruct, I prefer a 3I. Even punching I can get a low stinger with a hard cut to get back in the fairway (from the right, where my miss is typically) for about 150 yrds.

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