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  1. An alligator near your ball will make any hole interesting!
  2. I find a very quiet lower body helps. Similar to a fairway bunker in that the lower body is very quiet. Quite different from a typical swing.
  3. 1 pair...I thought only women had multiple pairs of shoes!
  4. IIRC coming from the inside can still cause a push slice, starts right and goes further right, if the clubface is open. I tend to come too far from the inside a lot and the miss is either a hook or a push slice.
  5. So you are saying you have the red swing path, or the blue? And you are trying to get the green? I used to have the red path, the "towels under armpits" drill helped me correct it. :) The red is a very common cause of slice. Often referred to as "coming over the top" or "outside - in". You don't want to come outside in AKA red. :) Green will give a draw, or in my case a hook...
  6. The thing that helped me with this is Jack Nicklaus's description of the back of your neck being "anchored". In other words, the back of your neck does not move during the backswing. I found this to be an easy feeling to remain aware of. Stopped my swaying.
  7. I think it depends on how you practice at the range. You're not supposed to just go beat balls and that's it. What I do it make it so that it does matter. Aim for a specific target every shot. Change targets often. Go thru your whole pre-shot routine on every stroke. Line it up, lay down some sticks to check ball position. Hit some fades, hit some draws. You can visualize the fairway being there even when it's not and you can tell if you just hit into the woods or not. I used to just beat balls, but since I changed to the above, the range practice is much more productive!
  8. Par 4 eagle from 175. Blind shot to the green, had to hook it hard around some trees. A shame because I didn't get to see it go in. Spent way too much time looking for my ball because I knew it was a great shot. Gave up looking and said "Hey what the hell, let me just check the cup..." Zing!
  9. The right thing to do is put them in your pocket. Finders keepers! Unless it's a crappy ball. They can keep that!
  10. The greens today were like the junior prom, all lip and no hole.
  11. An average golfer 3 putts, a good golfer does not.
  12. I put a long alignment mark on the ball, line that up with something, like a divot or broken tee or whatever else happens to be there and then line up using the mark on the ball.
  13. Got paired up once with these 2 other guys, they were awful! They were riding in the cart next to some trees looking for their ball...again... The guy, not watching where he was going, runs full speed into a tree dead on and the other guy, who is probably like 65 yrs old, gets thrown out of the cart and tumbles over on the ground a couple times. It was truly pathetic to watch that! Lucky for him he didn't get hurt.
  14. It's common because a lot of weekend golfers don't really care about following the rules word for word. They are playing just to have fun and if improving their lie makes it more fun, have at it! How many people out there take mulligans? Mulligans aren't exactly within the rules, ha! So what if they are cheating themselves? If cheating yourself makes the game more fun, then why not cheat yourself a little bit? It doesn't matter to anyone else anyway. The whole point is just to have some fun anyway. My dad is 65 and improves his lie all the time. Doesn't bother me because he's having more fun that way. Of course I know his score is not realistic, but that doesn't really matter either. There isn't any competition so the score being accurate really isn't all that important.
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