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  1. Played Saturday at one of the tougher courses (for me) in my area which plays as a Par 72, 70.3/124 - 6,245 yds. Some highlights/lowlights. First hole is a 490 y Par 5 - Hit my tee shot weak right and the put a 5w out leaving me 180 to a downhill green. Hit a 5i clean and looked to be online but once it cleared the hill, I lost sight of it. As I get closer to the green, my ball is sitting not even 3' from the hole....miracle shot. For the 3rd consecutive round, I birdie the first hole. Made bogeys on 2-5. Hole 6 - 143y Par 3 - had one of my best iron shots of the day. 2 putt par. Hole 8 - Par 4 that is about 230 to the water from the tee. Always have played this with my 3w to land safely before the water hazard. It may be time to switch to 5w or 4i as my tee shot went into the water. Ended up with Double Bogey. Finished the front 9 with a 44 which is always excellent here. Back 9 started off terribly as I went +7 over three holes. This includes a triple bogey on hole 12. Tee shot left me ~ 165 to the green. Flew over it and landed in this spongey type of moss on the back tree line. Took me 3 freaking shots to get back on the green. Back 9 was not much to write home about....had back to back pars but that was it. Came in on 48 44/48 - 92.....I will say, my tee shots, irons, and putter were all working. Even with a 92, I must have easily lost 10-12 shots from just around the green. Frustrating but it tells me what to focus on. Stats 1 Birdie 3 Pars 9 Bogeys 5 Double + 4 GIR 35 Putts 1 Penalty Sunday, I played at my home course. Front 9 was nothing special as I went out with a 45 and I then proceeded to light it up on the first half of the back 9. I started out Par, Birdie, Par, Par putting me -1 after 4 holes and E after 5 holes. I then had a disappointing finish of Double, Par, Bogey, Double. Finished 45/41 - 86 for the lowest round of the year. 4 rounds in with scores of 89,87,92,86 so hopefully that is a sign of things to come. I am feeling much more comfortable on most shots from a driver to a putter. Just need to get the feel back for around the green and hopefully the scores/handicap will drop. In those 4 rounds, I have 5 birdies. In 2019, it took me 16 rounds to get 5 birdies. Stats 1 Birdie 6 Pars 7 Bogeys 4 Double + 6 GIR 32 Putts 1 Penalty
  2. Played back 9 last night at home course. Goal is always to keep any nine holes under 45 (+9) The black flies were out in full force that I thought they would carry me away....still scratching me legs this morning. 10 - Par 3. 147yd - Missed green right, behind a tree of course. Took two chips and two putts to get in hole. (Double Bogey +2) 11 - Par 5, 513y - Kinda topped a drive, which I never do but still rolled out about 80 yards..duffed 3w and then hit solid 3w up the left (further than first two shots combined). 4th shot was still about 180 out ...missed green left side and short sided myself. Chip and 2 putts. (Double Bogey +4) 12 - Par 4, 330y - Seriously pulled/hooked a 3W off the tee than found GUR. Even with free relief, had not choice but to pitch back out to 100 yd marker. Hit center green with 2 putts. (Bogey +5) 13 - Par 4, 345y - Duffed 5W off the tee that barely made it past ladies tee box. Hit a nice 7i out of crap to put me to the 100 y marker. Flew it to back of green, 2 putt (Bogey +6) 14 - Par 4, 357y - Hit a great drive finally up the left side, leaving me about 110y. Pin was back left corner, but I was aiming at middle green....missed my line and went long & left. Hit a really nice chip that put me in tap in distance. (Par +6) 15 - Par 4, 336y - Huge dog leg right, my 3w went left but still in fairway. Typically a straight shot will put you about 120 out from green, I was 160 out. Hit my 7i and hit back right of green and bounced in water. Took my drop and chipped in for a Par somehow. Don't think I have ever parred a hole after taking a penalty stroke. (Par +6) Hole 16 - Par 3, 140y - Missed long and right, an okay chip back and 2 putt. (Bogey +7) Hole 17 - Par 5, 459y - Nightmare hole....sliced tee shot OOB. Eventually made my way down to my lay up spot, just in front of 100y marker. Went long into the water. Two penalties on one hole. (Triple Bogey +10) Hole 18 - Par 4, 280y - Sliced drive but was able to punch out. As usual, approach went long. Chipping 4 from back of the green and just like on hole 15, it went in the cup. (Par +10) Finished with a 46 total, but it felt like a low 50. Got extremely lucky on the 2 holes that I chipped in. For about the last 4 holes, I did almost zero preparation as I just wanted to hit it and run from the black flies. Overall, I did hit some good shots, but not too much felt good like it did in my first two rounds of the season. Have two rounds lined up this weekend.....Saturday at an away course that is a pretty tough track for me. (70.3/124, 6,245yd) with enourmous greens....but its a fun course. Sunday's round will be at the home course.
  3. I used to add to this topic but haven't in at least a couple of years but figure I will try and get back to it. As a refresher, I am an 18 and seem to have remained there for the past few seasons. Part of the reason is that I feel my course is rated lower than it should be (69.1/116 - 5,815 yds)...I have no idea what I think it should be but it seems that I fair better on other courses that are rated more difficult. I think going forward I will try and make a good at the blue tees which are longer and has a more appropriate rating (70.8 / 122 - 6.314 yds). Last year I played the fewest rounds since I started taking the game seriously 6-7 years ago. There were a few factors that lead to that which I won't get into but I am hoping to play more (Covid-19 aside). Played 25 rounds with a scoring avg of 91.28...Ranged anywhere from an 85-98 across 10 different courses. Both of these rounds were from last weekend but will do my best to recap. Round 1 - Country Meadows (Home Course) - Par 72 White Tees - 5,815 yds (69.1 / 116) - Course was pretty wet, non water proof shoes, tight back...should be fun round. Hole 1 - Par 4 - 325y - Doglegs around 220 yrds for an easy line at the green. Drive went right under a tree but I had a shot with about 100 yds left to green....choked down on 52* and hit a miracle shot that rolled up to the hole leaving 4'. Nice birdie to start first hole of the year (Birdie -1) Hole 2 - Par 4 - 350y - Dead straight, good size fairway with OOB on both sides. Historically, I never seem to have a good drive on this hole, but today I did. Unfortunately, ball plugged leaving me 140ish in. Left short of green, bad chip that lead to a standard two putt. (Bogey - E) Hole 3 - Par 3 - 128y - Straight forward par 3, just don't go long where there is water. Missed green on right close to pin high, chip and 2 putt. (Bogey +1) Hole 4 - Par 4 - 349y - My nemesis hole. Terrible tee shot which sliced OOB, played it okay besides that shot...(Double Bogey +3) Hole 5 - Par 5 - 451y - I go from one of my hated holes to one of my fave….nice short par 5. Hit decent drive that left about 225 to the green. Smoked a 3W like I never have before and was tracking right at the flag towards a slightly elevated green. Hit just before but bounced and rolled up about 15' from the pin. Missed the eagle putt but had a tap in bird. First time I have ever hit any par 5 in 2. (Birdie - +2) Hole 6 - Par 3 - 145y - Tricky par 3 where left is the miss since short is water, right is woods, long is parking lot. Slightly pulled my 7 but caught a nice bounce on the left and rolled on the green. Missed birdie putt, easy 3. (Par +2) Hole 7 - Par 5 - 527y - Hit a solid drive up left side fwy. Pulled my 3w terribly which left me about 160 to green with water short. Flared it right missing the green and water. Bad pitch which did not get on the green. Chip and a two putt. (Double Bogey +4) Hole 8 - Par 4 - 325y - Nice 3w and approach to 12'. Have my 4th birdie putt in the first 8 holes which is unheard of. Missed it but tapped in par. (Par +4) Hole 9 - Par 4 - 308y - Kind of funny that previous hole is probably one of the easiest on the course and I consider the 9th one of the tougher holes even though it plays shorter. Nuked 3w and landed my approach pin high on right side of the green where the flag was on the left about 30-35' away. 3 putt to end the front. (Bogey +5) 41 on the front 9 for first round of the year. Hell yeah, I will take it....let's keep it going. Hole 10 - Par 3 - 147y - landed on green short of flag with a long putt....lagged it about 5' past but made the comebacker. (Par +5) Hole 11 - Par 5 - 513y - Very straightforward Par 5 with next to no trouble....OOB both sides but generous fairway. To make a long story short, I forgot how to swing any type of club on this hole. Duffed the tee shot, put my 2nd in a ditch (was playable) yadda yadda, mark me for a snowman (Triple Bogey +8) Hole 12 - Par 4 - 330y - Tee shot is opposite from the last hole where it is all about placement....really favors a fade. Hit a 3w to straight which ran to the edge of the woods. Played out sideways to the 100 marker. Hit the green with a 2 putt. (Bogey +9) Hole 13 - Par 4 - 345y - Dog leg left which the angle of this hole always throws me off. Sign on the tee box points out that it is 211 to the pond. Hit 5w on a great line (or so I thought) and flew it into the water. Never done that before. One of those feelings where I was pissed, but at the same time, impressed that I flew my 5w that distance. (Double Bogey +11) Hole 14 - Par 4 - 357y - Another one of my fave holes but not today. Sliced drive where I can usually find it but no luck (probably plugged) Back to back penalties...(Double Bogey +13) Hole 15 - Par 4 - 336y - Another right dogleg....hit 3w that went right and got really lucky with a tree kicking it back to the edge of the fwy. Still no shot at the green so had to cut the corner a bit to get back to the fwy around the 100 yd marker. Hit a great shot to the green and sank the putt. Finally. (Par +13) Hole 16 - Par 3 - 140y - Straight forward Par 3 but toughest green on course. Missed right, duffed a chip, next chip was on and 2 putt. (Double Bogey +15) Hole 17 - Par 5 - 459y - Short but tough par 5 with dog leg and a green surrounded by water (kind of an island green) - Great tee shot but got unlucky as I had tree in my line. 2nd shot hit the tree and knocked it straight down. 3rd was where I wanted it in my lay up position. On the green, 2 putt. (Bogey +16) Hole 18 - Par 4 - 280y - Probably the 2nd easiest hole on the course if you get your tee shot in play....which I did but I flew my pitch way to the back. 3 putt to finish (Bogey +17) Went 41/48 for 89. Exceeded my expectations by only being +5 after 10 holes and then went +12 on the remaining 8 holes. Chalk it up to rust, wet feet and general fatigue. But I am taking away the positives. Stats 2 birdies 4 pars 6 bogeys 6 Double + 33 putts 3 penalties Round 2 - Mountain Woods - Par 72 Blue Tees (68.5 / 117 - 6,195 yds) Won't go into detail on this one as I am not super familiar with this course and can't remember too many of the specifics. Just like round 1 - came out and birdied the first hole of the day which is one of the toughest on the course. Next hole is the shortest Par 3 on the course and proceeded to hack it up for a triple. Rest of the front was a nice mixture of pars and bogeys and again, finished strong with a 41 on the front. Back 9 was not much to write home about and ended with a 46. 41-46 - 87. Stats 1 birdie 7 pars 5 bogeys 5 double + 35 putts 3 penalties Overall, for the first two rounds of the year and scoring in the 80s, I am definitely happy with that and how I played for the most part. Take away the birdies and interestingly enough, out of 33 holes, I had 11 pars, 11 bogeys, 11 doubles or worse. Going out for 9 at the home course and have a round lined up on Saturday at another course that is one of the more difficult ones in my area....but also one I really enjoy. They have made some changes recently that I am interested to see.
  4. A few rounds to get caught up on..... Played the only 36 hole course in our province. Started the first round at the easier Pine course (5,996 yds, 68.1/117). Have only played it once before, years ago. I started out with a double bogey but rebounded quickly and in the next 5 holes, went Par, Par, Bogey, Par, Par which left me at only +3 over after the first 6 holes. I doubled #7 and went to #8 which is a slightly uphill, straight away Par 4 measuring at 280ish yards. I hit my best drive of the day and was on the left side fringe (flag on right). My chip got away from me and ended up a tricky part of the green....3 putt Bogey - damn it. I ended up with a triple on #9 as I think I was still tilting over the previous hole which I was sure I would walk away with a par at the worst. The back 9 was a little more rough. Although I had a nice chip in for birdie on hole 13, I ended up with 3 triples on the back. 44/48 - 92 8/14 Fwys 3/18 gir 35 putts 4 penalites 1 birdie, 6 pars, 3 bogeys, 8 double+ Me and my bud went to the clubhouse for a bite before we tackled the River course....now here come the excuses. By the time we were teeing off around 3:30pm, the temp was well over 30* with the humidex. When loading up the cart again, I failed to throw in Gatorade/water in the cooler....this would come back to bite me later as the only holes located near the clubhouse are 1 & 18. #9&10 are literally the furthest 2 holes away from the clubhouse. My back was killing me and my head was pounding by the end of it. This course is a beast to me coming in at 6,452 yards (71.9/127). I don't remember a whole lot about this round as it was a week ago and I was really feeling dehydrated....and really, there isn't much worthwhile to remember. I did not play well at on this round but would love to go back and challenge myself again. 48/53 - 101 8/14 Fwys 0/18 GIR 38 putts 1 Penalty 2 pars, 9 bogeys, 7 double+ The next day, we decided to treat ourselves to one of the higher end courses in my area. This was a really nice course, links style set up. The white tees were playing around 6,173 (70.1/125). I played very solid bogey golf....nothing spectacular but I never had any blow up holes, a few doubles but no 7's or 8's on the card. The starter gave us a great tip since we haven't played there before.....you will always want to have your approach from side of the cart path for the best angle of the green. This advise was very helpful for not playing the course before. 47/46 - 93 8/14 Fwys 2/18 GIRs 36 putts 0 penalties 2 pars, 11 bogeys, 5 doubles Those 3 rounds were last Thurs/Fri and the next time I was able to get out was last night for 9 holes at my home course. This could have been a potential career 9 holes but let 2 holes get the best of me. Hole 1 - Topped my 3w off the tee, played next shot to dog leg. Approach went slightly long, got up and down for the bogey Hole 2 - Fairway, green, 2 putt par Hole 3 - Landed my tee shot on the back end of green (par 3) and ended up 3 putting my way into the hole at the front of the green for a bogey Hole 4 - Hate this hole....hit a good looking drive with a nice fade...only problem is I started the drive on the right side of the fairway. It landed safe but took a nasty kick to the right in the woods. 3 off the tee was a great shot. Hitting shot 4 as my approach....shank that one in the water. chip shot 6 up close with a tap in 7 for Triple Hole 5 - Textbook par 5. Drive, layup, approach to middle green, 2 putt par Hole 6 - par 3 where I miss the green left, chip and 1 putt par Hole 7 - Long par 5 and probably hit my best drive I ever hit on that hole. Solid contact with my 4hy that left me about 75 yards to the flag....skulled my wedge and ended up on back of green. Really tough chip on an elevated green that runs away from me (my chip landed in the rough and still rolled 20ish feet past the hole. Made my par putt that I had no business making but I will take it. Hole 8 - Easy 3w off the tee, left my wedge a little short, chip and putt for the par. Hole 9 - I haven't looked at my score but I know I am having a solid round in my head. Another hole that has my number but I can't blame that here as I had my worst swing of the day with my 3w off the tee into the woods. 3 off the tee was perfect. Hit my 4th shot approach on the green and ended up 3 putting for triple. That left me with a 44 but oh what could have been if I didn't mess up those 2 holes. I also believe 4 consecutive pars may be a record for moi. 44 5/7 fwys 4 GIR ( I only avg 4 on 18 holes so this was exciting) 17 putts 3 penalties (2 on 1 hole) 5 pars, 2 bogeys, 2 triples
  5. Played one of my favourite courses in my area yesterday. Petitcodiac Golf Club - 68.2/121 - 5,971 yds. The course was in outstanding shape with its rolling hills and tiny greens. It was an ideal golf day, albeit, too hot imo but next to no wind and course was empty. I won't be able to go into complete details as I did previously. I find that a little distracting to record notes on each hole. I shot a 44/45 for an 89....which ties my lowest score of the year thus far. Stats wise, I was all over the place. I only hit 3/14 fairways and 2 GIR...which were both on the front. However, all tee shots were playable so my misses weren't too bad. I did take one penalty all round on my 2nd shot on the Par 5 #10 when my 2nd shot caught the pond (literally, another foot and it would have been a nice safe shot. My chipping and putting is what saved me. I only had 30 putts (13 on back) which I believe has to be my all time low. I made a small adjustment about a month ago and it seems to be working wonders. My putting always seemed to be the worst aspect of my game so that will be nice if I can maintain what I have been doing. Score 89 (44/45) FW - 3/14 GIR - 2/18 Putts - 30 Penalties - 1 6 pars / 7 bogeys / 4 double+ My buddy is coming in from out of town so we should be playing 36 holes on Thursday and 18 on Friday at courses we haven't played before. One of the courses is very challenging and may be out of our league. They only have the one mens tee box which is measuring from 6,452 yards (71.9/127)....definitely out of our comfort zone but it just doesn't feel right playing the ladies tees at 5,400 yds (59.4/105). The other two courses we will be playing seem very standard with what we are used to. 6000 yds (68.1/117) and 6,154 yds (69.6/123) Edited to add - I touched on an adjustment I made for my putting. All I did was move my ball back to middle of my stance instead of near my front foot...and I try to not move my butt (at least that's my feeling) and it seems to be working. In my last 6 rounds, I have shaved close to 3 strokes from my putting alone...I am hoping with that improvement, the overall score will start dropping more into the 80s consistently.
  6. Played 9 at my home course last night in great weather (minus the bugs).....really wish I could have kept playing if it wasn't due for the sun setting. Hole 1: Par 4, 325 yds - This hole has a pretty good dogleg where this time of year, a good driver off the tee will run out of fairway. I teed up with 3W and it looked like a beauty draw that started too far on the left and ended up clipping the top of the tree so I easily lost a good 40-50 yards...but the ball was in fairway....didn't have best angle to green. Had about 160 left and hit a 7i well...just not on target. Ended up about 20 yards to right of green. Chipped to about 10' and 2 putt. BOGEY Hole 2: Par 4, 350 yds - Straightaway par 4 with a good sized fairway. Driving range on left side, all woods on right side. Sliced drive off into woods and hit a provision down the middle. As I was walking up, I found my original ball near the woods but in a GUR area....I'll take it. 130 out, used PW, didn't hit it all that great and stayed along the right side of the woods but the result was fine as the ball was in the rough. Pitched to 7-8' and drained the putt. PAR (lucky) Hole 3: Par 3, 128 yds - Flag was in front that I measured to 120yds. PW off tee on perfect line which came up 4' short of the hole. Nice easy birdie. BIRDIE Hole 4: Par 4, 349 yds - I have a few holes that just don't fit my eye on this course...and this hole is one of them. It is a slight dog leg right as you get closer to the hole. OOB if you go to far right and water if you go too far left. Ended up hitting weird shot with my driver (kind of topped it) but it rolled out decent and left me with 190 to the hole. I tried to make a hero shot with 4hy and pushed it right into the woods. Took a drop and next shot hit to front edge of green. Really good lag putt which left me a tap in. DOUBLE Hole 5: Par 5, 451 yds - This is really the only par 5 on the course where I have a realistic change on getting to the green in 2. Pretty decent drive with a little fade that rolled out to the right rough. (guess I won't be going for it). Decided the smart play was to lay up with a 7i...duffed that but rolled out okay. 120 to the flag on left side of a large green. Of course, I hit my PW to the right side of the green and ended up bouncing off long and to the right. Chipped to about 10' and 2 putt. BOGEY Hole 6: Par 3, 145 yds - Tricky par 3 with pond in front and OOB on right and if you are too long, you are in the parking lot. Left is definitely the safe side to miss. I duffed my 8i off the tee but luckily it held up before it reached the pond. Pitched it on with a 2 putt - BOGEY ***side note, my wife almost had her first hole in one (still looking for my first) as she was less than a foot from the hole off her tee shot. Was really cool to see.** Hole 7: Par 5, 527 yds - This hole even plays longer than the yardage as wind is always in your face...not much wind last night so that was good. Hit decent drive with a little fade in fairway. A little over 300 out, topped my 3w and rolled out 100 yards. I am 200 out, but there is a wide ditch w/water surrounding the green so I didn't want to risk it. Hit a great lay up about 50 yards short of hole. Messed up my approach as it went in the ditch, but thankfully, not in the water, so I was able to play it. Tough chip but hacked it out and 2 putt. DOUBLE Hole 8: Par 4, 325 yds - One of my favorite holes on the course, if I don't leave with a par on this hole, I am usually disappointed. Hit a nice 3w off tee. 136 left to flag but I hit my 9i fat so ended up short. Chipped it to 5' and made the putt. PAR Hole 9: Par 4, 308 yds - The 9th hole is the opposite of 8....another one that gets in my head. Although it is shorter, there is water before the green and I rank this green as one of the two toughest on the course. Used 3w off the tee and ended in right side of fairway leaving me 120 out. Caught PW fat but ended up short of water. About 60 yards to go and my next shot only went about 30 yards, just barely clearing the pond. Really nice chip to 3' and tapped it in. BOGEY. Overall, this felt like a great 9 holes although I duffed a few and got lucky on #2....I felt I had some decent shots and more importantly for me, I only had 14 putts which has to be a record. No 3 putts and no penalties are the key....which is why I would have loved to play the back 9 to see what the overall would have been. I adjusted the ball a bit in my putting stance. I am playing it more in the center rather than closer to my front foot....It is still early since I made the adjustment but my putting has been better than ever.
  7. Randall, I have had limited instruction years back (group thing) and took away a few pieces but it was very general. I also have never engaged the My Swing forum for advice either...something I would like to do in the future. So I did play last Thursday...fought darkness but got all 18 in and it was definitely a round to forget. I don't know if it was the extreme wind going on that evening or rushing to try and get all 18 holes in but, overall, it was my worst round of the year. It was an even 100 (51/49) but I never even had 1 par that hasn't happened in a couple of years. This was at my home course as well....but the wind really was something that evening where it didn't make it very enjoyable watching a smashed drive barely make it 150 yards when the ball starts coming backwards. Played a 4 man scramble tourney on Saturday (drunk fest) but played better the more beers that were consumed. Played Monday with the wife on a tricky, but short course (6,120 yds, 67.2/124) that I play about once a year. Played very consistent and finished 44/46 for a 90...double bogey on the par 5 18 didn't help my cause to break 90 but overall, I was very happy with my play. Hit 9/14 fairways but I may have only used my driver 5-6 times. There are a few doglegs so I used anywhere from a 7i to 3hy. The few times I did use driver, I blasted a few good ones which really helps my confidence stepping on the tee box. I still have a tendency for a bad pull hook which did show up on 18. Only hit 3 greens all day so my iron play could have been better but my chipping was on fire. Almost holed one where it hit the pin and stayed out but chipping close really helped shave a few strokes as those holes were a 1 putt tap in. Everything is really starting to get dry up here due to lack of rain. I did hit some nice approach shots to the green, but just didn't stick on. Putting was tough. Finished with 34 putts (3 3putts) but I must have easily lipped 5 putts...and then I had another putt for a solid par and the ball stopped and hung over the hole. I waited and waited but it didn't move so that was a tough bogey. Overall, I had 4 pars, 10 bogeys, 4 doubles (3 of those were from the 3 putts). Oddly enough, I also had 3 penalties but managed bogey on two of them which is great for me. One of the penalties came on the 10th hole. On the front 9, I was penalty free and played the same ball. Had a nice drive on 10 and had little under 100 yards to green with a very large pond in front and woods behind green. I always have trouble with 100 yard shots as I cant get my SW to go that far and my GW flys about 110/115. I ended up trying to muscle the SW and came up short. My 4th shot from the drop zone went in tight so easy bogey save. Going to get out for 9 at my home course tonight....the goal will be to keep it under 45.
  8. Although there are 141 pages on this topic, it seems to be dying slowly unfortunately. I am going to attempt to start participating on here as I seem to have hit a wall with regards to my scoring. I know there will be a breakthrough coming at some point, but it just seems if it's not one thing, it's another. 2016 Background Had my best year in the few years I have been playing, ie rounds played, scoring, etc. I had 39 rounds logged. Only 6 of those were triple digits with the highest being 103. Had 9 rounds in the 80s with my lowest being 84. This leaves the remainder of my rounds in the 90s (24 of them). This all resulted in a total scoring average of 93.74 spread out amongst a variety of courses. Fast forward to 2017. I have 13 rounds logged in thus far, with 11 in the 90s in addition to an 89 and a 100. That score of 100 was my first round in triple digits in about 25 rounds carrying over from last year. Right now my scoring average is 93.53 which is not much of an improvement. However, I feel like I am playing better, but the results just are not showing. My last 2 rounds were feast or famine with a 94 and 92 respectively....but each of those rounds had 7 penalties. Seems like I would Par, Double, Par, Double and so on. One of my bigger struggles is putting/short game. Nothing worse than being just off the green on a par 5 in two shots....but it takes another 4 shots from there to get it in the hole. I averaged 36 putts on the dot last year so I set an optimistic goal of 33 putts this year. If I can eliminate the 3-4 three putts I have, that would really help with this goal. My last 4 rounds, my putting has felt much better as I have been working on it. (33,34,36,33). Of course when the putter is going well, something else falls apart, in this case it is getting the ball in play off the tee. Last year, I could step up to the tee box with driver in hand brimming with confidence....that carried over to this season but has started tailing off. My irons/wedges are hit and miss with my most common miss is pulling it a few yards left....usually hole high so no problem with the proper club selection there. I still suffer from the odd shank, top, duff way too often. All in all....on an average round where I shoot 93, I can typically pick out close to 10 really dumb mistakes that happen that shouldn't have. I am going try to squeeze in 18 tonight hopefully as long as the course isn't too busy as me and my 2 playing partners will only have about 3 hours to get it in before dark. I will try and keep a slightly more detailed hole by hole recap. I think this will help as time goes on being able to review. I have some detailed stats going all the way back to 2012....just for posterity, here are my scoring averages each year....won't bore you with the rest of the stats. I am definitely trending the right direction...and although my scoring average hasn't been dropping as much as I like, there is less dispersion in my scoring. 11 of 13 rounds are 95 or lower. 2012 - 105.4 (10 rounds) 2013 - 101.94 (18 rounds) 2014 - 99.0 (17 rounds) 2015 - 97.1 (31 rounds) 2016 - 93.74 (39 rounds) 2017 - 93.53 (13 rounds and counting)
  9. Serious question....how does this app differ from the many others out there? I currently use golfshot that I purchased for $30 back in 2012 and I have had zero issues with the stat tracking, gps, and the wide variety of courses that the app offers. What is the value for a price tag of $199 usd?
  10. I am in the same boat Jamo...however...a couple of weeks ago I was playing with my wife and 2 buddies at a local muni. #12 is a short~280 yd Par 4 with a pond 190 from the tee and about 220 to carry. Depending how the day is going, I either try to rip a driver over the pond or just lay up and have a nice easy 2nd shot to the green. That day (and this season), I have been hitting the driver longer (sometimes straighter) than I ever have. I tee one up and unfortunately, caught some of the ground before the ball. The ball flew straight but failed to clear the pond by no more than a few feet. In this particular group, we declared that we would get 1 mulligan for the round (yea, I know) and I was purposely saving it for this hole. I declare mulligan, re-tee, nail the driver dead straight....land about 20-25 yards before the green. Ball has a nice hop and rolls within about 2.5 feet to the hole. Easy tap in for an Eagle. I was pretty excited about it obviously as my playing partners congratulated me. However, a part of me understood the reality of it only being a par. So currently, my first eagle has an * by it which I still deem unofficial by my own standards.
  11. Welcome...what do you recommend for a decent beginners course in the Bangor area?
  12. Welcome the best golf forum on the web Gatsby. I am a fellow NBer and you are right, this winter has been very depressing. Here is hoping we start to see some green pop up soon.
  13. Well done, nice to see a group from my neck of the woods contribute positively (and unselfishly) to the golfing community.
  14. The last two years have kind of been a write off for me since I was travelling so often for work. Now that I have stability at home, I took the plunge and got a membership at my favorite course around these parts so I hope to be playing (and practicing) much more. Although I didn't play often, I tracked most of my stats to serve as a benchmark for this season. Play 20-30+ rounds - I should specify that these will be legit rounds for my stats/handicap. There are a couple of executive courses nearby that I will be playing, but those will be more for practice than anything. I have never played more than 12 rounds a season so this is pretty exciting for me. Our season usually starts around late April to early October. Average score of 95 or less - Last season I logged 10 rounds and my average score came out as 105.4. My highest round was the first of the year at 117 and my lowest score was 92 (on a much easier course) and that was the only time I broke 100. Came close many times though. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to shave at least 10 strokes off my game. Fairways hit of 50% - This number may seem a little lofty for such a high handicapper like myself but last year I averaged a little over 42% fairways hit. I am not a very long hitter and ended up using 3W most of the time off the tee. I have a new driver this year and I am looking forward to taking it out (ranges aren't open yet). Ultimate goal here is to hit it longer and stay in the short grass. Greens in Regulation of 25% - This is area where I think my game hurts the most. I am looking at a large jump going from less than 8% GIR up to 25%. However, this is a must if I want to score well. There have been many times where I will hit a nice drive and either duff or shank my approach shots. One of the areas I need to work on is aligning myself to the target. I would have been pin high so many times but end up 20 yards to the left or the right of the green even though my shot goes farily straight...just wasn't aiming properly at the flag. Putts per round at 36 or less - This seems to be a nice round number to try and obtain too. Least year I average 38.9 putts per round, however, the first 5 rounds I averaged 42 and my last 5 rounds I averaged 35 so I was defintely improving as I found a putting stroke that I was comfortable with. Also picked up an Oddysey putter that I have been practicing with in the basement. Three Putts at 3.5 or less - Last season I averaged about 5.4 three putts per round. Way to many...even 3.5 is too many but I need to have a realistic and achievable goal to hit. And again, with all goals, if I exceed my expectations, all the better. First 5 rounds I was around 7.5 three putts and my last 5 rounds, I was down to 3.4. Two penalties or less - Last season I was almost accruing 4 penalties a round...not 4 penalty strokes either. Score really adds up when your ball ends up unplayable. Establish Handicap - Have never done this. Track my club distances - I use Golfshot which has this feature, be nice to have an idea on how far I can hit with each club.
  15. Always enjoy these threads that come out of the wood work.
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