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  1. Tour Burner on ebay. Can be found for around $150 brand new(i think). If you are under this budget then I'd suggest a used Taylormade r5, which can be bought for about $60.
  2. From what I have heard, these are the best deal for the money out now. Face milling, and superior to the Karsten series, has me considering the #2 for my new putter.
  3. If those distances are accurate I don't think you are missing out on "too much".
  4. Check out the new Cleveland Classics series, great putters for the money. I'd also look into a center shafted putter, if you really can't fix your releasing problem.
  5. Trimming the tip = stiffer shaft Trimming the butt = barely any more stiffness.
  6. Not a stupid question at all, because I know for a fact that I lift my heel during the downswing and lose my spine angle. Not really sure how to fix it, but slowing down the swing and keeping my head back usually helps a little.
  7. What you have said is very interesting, because today I was at a demo day where I met a teaching pro at the country club. He spent a good 45 minutes with me analyzing my swing, and every point that you have mentioned we discussed. My right knee, my flat plane, and I adjusted my grip this morning based upon feedback on another forum. This guy hit it right on, and I know why my game has been struggling. Put into simple words, I went from my normal "2 plane" swing to a "1 plane" swing that had problems. I plan to take a few lessons with this pro, and for $37.50 an hour it's a great deal. Thanks f
  8. I have been playing golf for a little over a year now, and I shoot pretty consistently in the low 80's. I took about 6 lessons when I first started playing, and my swing was as good as I could remember. Somewhere along the line, I know that I lost a key part of my swing, and I have yet to figure it out. I used to step up to the ball and hit every one high, pure, and far, with a nice small divot. Lately I have been scoring well but my head appears to be moving quite a bit, and my right foot is coming off of the ground too early. I also noticed that my grip is too strong in my left hand, and the
  9. I would say the odds are impossible that Callaway released a driver that misspelled the main word on the shaft. Obviously a fake, but I would call Callaway and discuss the matter.
  10. Sounds like it's you, not the shaft. I know the NV is a very boardy, stiff shaft, so it's definitely not too flexible for your swing. I may be wrong, but I would work on your swing because that's probably the problem.
  11. I was wondering the same thing too. From what I hear the 907d2 was a slight improvement, but not much. This driver is one that I will consider in my purchase in a few days.
  12. Lamkin Crossline Cords. More durable than Golf Pride grips and have a great feel.
  13. To ensure that your hands are ahead of the clubface at impact.
  14. Thanks for the info King Cobra II. I have been considering this driver for a few weeks now, and I just love the way it sets up. If I figure out the best shaft for this head for me, I'll be sure to grab one on ebay if I see one. Gotta get a driver soon, tired of 3 wood off every tee!
  15. Thanks a lot. I'll be sure to get fitted for a shaft, and since my usual shop does not have many 907's(i think 1), I'll have to drive an hour to an Edwin Watt's I know fits Titleist clubs. I will also take the stiffness of the shafts into consideration.
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