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  1. Tour Burner on ebay. Can be found for around $150 brand new(i think). If you are under this budget then I'd suggest a used Taylormade r5, which can be bought for about $60.
  2. From what I have heard, these are the best deal for the money out now. Face milling, and superior to the Karsten series, has me considering the #2 for my new putter.
  3. If those distances are accurate I don't think you are missing out on "too much".
  4. Check out the new Cleveland Classics series, great putters for the money. I'd also look into a center shafted putter, if you really can't fix your releasing problem.
  5. Trimming the tip = stiffer shaft Trimming the butt = barely any more stiffness.
  6. Not a stupid question at all, because I know for a fact that I lift my heel during the downswing and lose my spine angle. Not really sure how to fix it, but slowing down the swing and keeping my head back usually helps a little.
  7. What you have said is very interesting, because today I was at a demo day where I met a teaching pro at the country club. He spent a good 45 minutes with me analyzing my swing, and every point that you have mentioned we discussed. My right knee, my flat plane, and I adjusted my grip this morning based upon feedback on another forum. This guy hit it right on, and I know why my game has been struggling. Put into simple words, I went from my normal "2 plane" swing to a "1 plane" swing that had problems. I plan to take a few lessons with this pro, and for $37.50 an hour it's a great deal. Thanks f
  8. I have been playing golf for a little over a year now, and I shoot pretty consistently in the low 80's. I took about 6 lessons when I first started playing, and my swing was as good as I could remember. Somewhere along the line, I know that I lost a key part of my swing, and I have yet to figure it out. I used to step up to the ball and hit every one high, pure, and far, with a nice small divot. Lately I have been scoring well but my head appears to be moving quite a bit, and my right foot is coming off of the ground too early. I also noticed that my grip is too strong in my left hand, and the
  9. I would say the odds are impossible that Callaway released a driver that misspelled the main word on the shaft. Obviously a fake, but I would call Callaway and discuss the matter.
  10. Sounds like it's you, not the shaft. I know the NV is a very boardy, stiff shaft, so it's definitely not too flexible for your swing. I may be wrong, but I would work on your swing because that's probably the problem.
  11. I was wondering the same thing too. From what I hear the 907d2 was a slight improvement, but not much. This driver is one that I will consider in my purchase in a few days.
  12. Lamkin Crossline Cords. More durable than Golf Pride grips and have a great feel.
  13. To ensure that your hands are ahead of the clubface at impact.
  14. Thanks for the info King Cobra II. I have been considering this driver for a few weeks now, and I just love the way it sets up. If I figure out the best shaft for this head for me, I'll be sure to grab one on ebay if I see one. Gotta get a driver soon, tired of 3 wood off every tee!
  15. Thanks a lot. I'll be sure to get fitted for a shaft, and since my usual shop does not have many 907's(i think 1), I'll have to drive an hour to an Edwin Watt's I know fits Titleist clubs. I will also take the stiffness of the shafts into consideration.
  16. After looking for a few weeks for the perfectly priced driver, I think I have made up my mind. I plan on purchasing a new 907d2 on ebay for about $180, and am just stumped on which shaft to get. My swing speed is mid-high 90's, and I am only 15 and getting much stronger. Average drives go about 255. This head seems appealing, and I just need help choosing a shaft. No local stores have the 907d2 heads with all shafts, so hopefully you guys can help me out. My trajectory is about mid, and I have the following shafts to choose from: Diamana Blueboard Aldila VS Proto UST Proforce V2 Any help
  17. I will strongly suggest the Winn Excel Midsize Putter Grip. I put that grip on my white hot #9 about 2 months ago, and my putting strokes have gotten more consistent. Not to mention that my putts per round have gone down about 5 strokes per 18. I strongly recommend this grip, and doubt you will be disappointed.
  18. Wow man congratulations!!! That sounds like an amazing deal!
  19. I really don't know if the f2 or f4 would suit me better. I tend to have a mid- ranged ball flight and some higher launch couldn't hurt. I just find these woods very appealing and if I could pick them up for under $250 for both I think it would be a great deal. I need to find a 905 somewhere and try it out with different shafts and see if it's the club for me. I hit the 15.5* f4 and it seemed very hot off the face. I'll be sure to keep my eyes out for all of these.
  20. Considering I broke my driver a few weeks ago, I am in desperate need of one. I need a driver and I also plan to purchase a 3 wood, since I really need stiff woods with a swing speed in the high 90's. I find the 905r driver and 906f woods very appealing, especially at such a low price. I hit the 906 3 wood and it seemed very traditional and felt great at impact. What's everyones views on the 909r driver? Is this equipment considered too "out-dated"? Very often when I am playing against a scratch golfer I see them carrying these clubs, so would a mid-low 80's player that is constantly improving
  21. I also would love to hit the 905r, considering I just broke my driver and have been playing with my 3 wood off the tee. Love the standard look of it, and the $400 pricetag is edging me away from even trying the 909 series.
  22. All I can say is LOOSE GRIP. And by loose I mean fall out of your hands loose. I remember this season the first time I tried a super loose grip I 1 putted the first 5 holes. And no you are not the worst putter ever, since I had a round in which I shot 90 with nine 3 putts. Hit every green on the front nine and still shot 42.
  23. The burner is a great club, I just am not sure I am a huge fan of the 50g shaft. Maybe just not used to it.
  24. I'll be sure to contact their customer service tomorrow during office hours. Thank you.
  25. I was taking a lesson and all of a sudden I saw a large spark and a weird noise. Checked out my driver and there was a good 2 inch crack in it. Anyone have any recommendations for a new driver in the sub 200 range? I like the traditional look of the R5, and not anything such as the hibore which looks terrible. I'm disappointed that my driver broke, but it is time for me to go to stiff shafts anyways. Thanks.
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