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  1. Hi everyone, i'm wanting some new irons and i'm sorta stuck between the AP2's and the ZB irons by Titleist. I was hoping you guys could give me some feedback based on your experiences with these clubs. Thanks in advance
  2. I've been working on getting my weight into my front leg on my downswing with my irons, while focusing on rotating around that leg, not sliding forward. My driver is completely opposite. I'm working on rotating around my front leg, but keeping weight on my back leg until impact to get a little higher, straighter trajectory.
  3. A good, repeatable routine helps me stay focused on the shot im about to hit. not the one i just hit, or the next one i'll hit, but the one im about to take. My routine is: Step behind the ball and make a smooth practice swing, ppick out a small, precise target far away, then a small target just a few feet in front of my ball to align my clubface with. Then as i set up to the ball, i think about swinging as if i'm just hitting balls into the ocean. i ry not to think about where the target is, because i know i'm already aligned with it
  4. Im working on: - a consistent putting stroke. - wedge play from inside 130 yards - strength and flexibility - a swing that I can rely on in high-pressure situations
  5. You may want to try the Adams Fairway/ Hybrid Wood. I have the Insight XTD A3 model, and it's exlposive. I only hit it about 25 yards less than my driver on average. And since it's a "fairway/hybrid" it is very easy to control. You may want to check out the A3OS version if your a semi-beginner. Hope this helps.
  6. having 8 dozen premium balls isn't a problem is it? haha
  7. I just finished reading "The Golfer's Mind/ Play to Play Great". The book is awesome! I read it last Thursday night, and Friday I shot a 75 (+3), which ties my lowest round ever. Sunday I shot 79 (+7) on a day which I had NO mojo. My putter was ice cold, but I still hit 11/18 greens on a course with very small greens. So today I read some of Rotella's stuff on putting. I went out after school and shot a 37 (+1). But the back nine was closed so I couldn't finish my round. Rotella is amazing. His visualization process in the pre-shot routine is my new bestfriend. I have loads of confidence in my ability to repeat my swing under pressure.
  8. I'm a huge fan of srixon balls, and i have tested the X and the regular. The regular is better for me. I have an average swing speed of about 110, but I have a swing speed measurer, and when I want to crank it I can get it around 120. But the regular Z Star is still better for me, as I have found it to go farther than the X. Hope this helps. PS, both are great balls. better than the pro V's in my opinion
  9. I think you could POSSIBLY find your way onto a small pro circuit in several years if you practice for at least 2-3 hours every day. And referring to a point someone else brought up, the courses the pro's play are HARD. Im a mid-single digit handicapper, and last year I played a junior tournament at TPC Wakefield PLantation in Raleigh, NC the week after the Nationwide Tour played there. I played pretty good but shot 88. Crazy tough. The course was 6,970 yards from where we played it, which is over 600 yards longer than my home course from the back tee's. But the length wasn't the problem, it's the green complexes. I had like 40 putts that day. The break and speed of those greens are so great that you can't even practice putts that difficult on your home course greens. But with hard, productive practice every day, you may be able to do it. And don't feel dumb for trying, because I'm wanting to do the exact same thing with my life
  10. - Break 70 - Get Handicap to Scratch - Win 5 tournaments (high school or my junior tour) - Qualify for High School State Championship - Earn Conference player of the year - Run a mile in /emoticons/tongue.png" title="Tongue"/> - This summer, Monday-Friday I want to be able to follow this: 7:00- stretch and warmup until 7:30 7:30- workout until 8:30 8:30- eat breakfast until 9:15 9:30- hit 100 balls until 10:15 10:15- practice short-game until 11:30 11:30- eat lunch until 12:30 12:30- Play nine holes until 1:45 1:45- Hit 100 more balls until 2:30 2:30- Chill until 3 or 3:30 3:30- Practice short game some more until 4:30 4:30- Play nine more holes until 4:45 5:00- Work on problems from previous nine holes until 6:00 6:00- whatever....
  11. The White Hot XG #7 is awesome. I have never bought one (i've only bought two putters in my life) but every time visit a golf shop I pick it up and stoke a few with it because it feels so good. Definitley check this putter out before you buy a different one.
  12. I'm planning on getting a pair of sunglasses (preferably oakley's) sometime around the end of the week when I get paid. I was just wondering what lens work best for golf. Thanks for your input
  13. Anyone seen this putter? it looks awesome to me. just wondering what you guys thought of the unusual look here's the link: http://www.•••••••••.com/2009-odyssey-putters-photos/
  14. Usually a thin adidas or nike polo shirt if it's warm, and if it's cold I just wear some underarmour under the thin shirt. I don't like wearing pullovers or sweaters but when it get below 50* out here I usually have to were some sort of thicker clothing. But this week it's been REALLY cold for typical NC weather, so I wear a pair of thin pants under a pair of larger sweatpants, and multiple layers of underarmour under a fleece pullover... gotta do what ya' gotta do
  15. Watch the video on the top of the page at this link: http://www.golfzn.org/tips.htm I found it earlier this week and it's helped me from around 105-115 when I am in-between PW and 52*. Hope it helps
  16. yea I T-12th yesterday and I hope I improved a little today. Boo's four-jack on the 18th hurt.
  17. Yea I taught my self how to play when I was in 7th grade(3 years ago). It's fun, but since I didn't get regular lessons from a pro, I can't say it's the better route to go
  18. I like anywhere from nine to ten if i'm playing in a tournament or something. But i've played on 10.5 and it was still fun, just makes it tough not to be tentative on a downhill three-footer.
  19. I play the 3,4,5 hybrid irons of the A3, not the A3OS. However, I love the clubs and the are great for shots over 170. SOOO forgiving it's crazy. Like yesterday I was 175 out and hit the 5 hybrid(25*) and hit it WAY off the toe. Never saw the ball until it gently fell onto the green just 15 feet from the hole. Amazing club(s)
  20. I bench a few days a week, and work out on "Perfect Pushups". I started doing some core training too. I would suggest focusing on core muscles and legs. (for stamina) Running wouldn't hurt
  21. 80... Heartbreaking 43 to follow up my lovely 37 on the front nine Back nine I lost my rhythm and hit some terrible shots. Especially little chip shots...
  22. Made a 15 footer with about an inch of right-to-left break for a birdie on a 144 yd. par 3
  23. I got a lot of adidas and nike golf clothes, and some belts to match. Got some more under armor so I can stay warm. And three dozen golf balls that'll be gone by my birthday.(March 20) lol
  24. You might be staying behind the ball more than usual. If you have a video camera, try recording your swing from the face-on angle, and see if your shaft tends to sort of lean back behind the club-head. Other than that, idk what you're doing "wrong" unless your just not compressing the ball with the irons. That's all I know to tell ya' man
  25. well i'm only 15... but i have had fewer than 15 putts on a nine. that counts right?
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