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  1. I was cleaning my clubs tonight after playing a round in wet and muddy conditions. I took the driver head off the shaft and took the weights out of the head. Like an idiot, I submerged the head and up came the bubbles. Now I have a club head with water sloshing around in it and haven't had much luck getting it out. I was considering putting the head in uncooked rice as you would do with a cell phone but if anyone has any suggestions other than that, I would appreciate it.
  2. Thanks to all. I have some knowledge of golf equipment but rather than trying to find this on my own, I thought the collective brain would be better. You have all been really helpful.
  3. My swing was evaluated using the stock shaft in my driver. We aren't looking to replace the entire club, just the shaft. Those specs are based off of my launch angle, angle of attack, spin rate, swing speed, smash factor, etc. I just have to find something to put in the driver before spring season starts.
  4. I am new to the sand-trap and have had no luck in finding a similar posting. I recently started playing NCAA golf and was fitted for a new driver shaft. The specs I need are extra stiff, 70 grams or more, mid to high kickpoint, std. length. I am having trouble finding anything online and was wondering if anyone here has similar needs or a suggestion on what direction to go. Thanks!