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  1. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    AND....eagle, birdie, par, bogie......
  2. The Films and Movies Thread

    I watch movies to be entertained. Somewhere in a parallel universe I'm sure a light saber is a real thing.
  3. Your Workout Today

    I'm not into working out with weights. I find it too boring. During the winter, I play racquetball twice per week and wallyball once per week. I still swing a club a few times a week at the athletic club. If we have enough snow, I enjoy xc skiing.
  4. How do you cut your toast?

    I don't normally eat toast unless I go to a restaurant. I prefer the #1 cut.
  5. Is this guy on the left really Fowler from 2007?

    Sure looks different...
  6. Ignore rust spots on iron shafts?

    Welcome @Tom-C. We're glad you've found TST. Don't be a stranger.
  7. Major Series of Putting

    I only watched about 5 minutes and lost interest. There were several players that have terrible putting technique .
  8. Major Series of Putting

    I was running thru the sports on my Roku and saw "Major Series of Putting". I didn't know it was a thing. It looks like a tour thing..??!!
  9. Last and Predictions for First

    I played November 29 at Copper Ridge and then again December 2nd. My first round this year was February 18th at Tyrone Hills in Fenton but I don't think in 2018 I'll play that early. I'm going to take a guess and say April 17th.. March 15th is very optimistic....
  10. Hello, from Augusta, Georgia

    Welcome to TST.
  11. I'm sorry. I'm sure there is some good information there but it's hard to watch and not laugh!
  12. Tips for squaring the club face

    Welcome to TST. @Club Rat has given you some great advice. Read, ask question and post often. You'll find there isn't a better place to talk golf. check out this thread TST Instructional content
  13. Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    I think today's athletes are better conditioned than in years past. The training techniques and understanding of nutrition are much better than in the past. If you take the advance in equipment out of the equation, which has advanced significantly, the sports where it's just athlete against athlete, today's athletes are much better than in years past.
  14. A Quentin Tarantino Star Trek. Hmmmm....

    Not a fan of Tarantino....

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