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  1. When I'm practicing, I'll leave a few. I always want to end with success so if I am happy with the 3rd from the last ball, I'll leave two.
  2. I guess I have never given it a thought. I try to swing the same whether I'm practicing or playing.
  3. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    You don't have to join a club to get an official handicap. Check out Thegrint
  4. I voted "2". I try to focus on a smooth take away and rotating my hips.
  5. Rules official resigns over ...rules issue.

    Wow...I can't believe they came to that decision.
  6. Greetings from So Cal

    Welcome to TST!
  7. Hello from Central Arkansas!

    Welcome from Michigan.
  8. It's always been second nature to wear a seat belt.
  9. The Loop

    That's a great price.
  10. Public Transit Thread

    What's public transit? It's such a forgotten thing in the area where I live nobody gives it a second thought.
  11. They are only available for Costco membership.
  12. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    There is one of our foursome that is older and hits the ball shorter. He is always requesting that we play from the senior tees and sometimes we do accommodate him, the problem is, there aren't enough senior tees and he won't play from the red tees.
  13. Next year we are planning a trip to Boyne to golf. Boyne Golf resorts
  14. Read this Welcome to TST. From that link: We weren’t impressed. I went with a pro who’s quite a bit more consistent than I am, and yet he was flying nearly similarly struck 7-irons anywhere from 165 to 195. The system seemed to reward great contact with too much added distance and to take off way too much distance for an ever-so-slightly missed shot. I have no doubt that it derived spin, launch angle, and ball speed correctly. The system hides a “level of confidence” rating that I implored the host to display, because it’s an entirely different situation if the 195-yard shots showed a 70% level of confidence rather than, say, 96%. You could easily discard one and look at the others. I hit a pair of 8-irons in the simulator later, which of course also uses 3Trak, and both carried barely 100 yards despite being struck fairly well (~155 yards). We were later told the “wind” setting was enabled, but I don’t remember seeing any wind and the ball flight didn’t appear to be similar to one hit by a wind of any kind, let alone a four-club wind…