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  1. New for 2019. Lesson on Golf Some of the golf isn't much of a deal but there are some that are worthwhile
  2. Tell us how you really feel...This is your Tin Cup?
  3. Thanks. I misunderstood. I've never had an issue because I don't use my phone during a round.
  4. Low Power Mode? Your phone? Does the Live version have a low Power Mode I'm missing?
  5. Welcome to TST. I don't have a Taylormade driver but maybe soon somebody will respond.
  6. Welcome to TST. @boogielicious beat me by a few seconds. Take the time to read how to get the correct angles when filming your swing.
  7. You sound like my MIL. No white before Memorial Day.... (who made that rule? women?) I don't own a white belt and never will but don't hold a grudge against anyone that does. I prefer to dress the part for a round of golf especially when playing with new people or a new course. Jeans...great for almost anything but any athletic activity which includes golf.
  8. Impressive. Should not just be for juniors, everyone can benefit from this. Thanks for sharing.
  9. @onthehunt526, you've revived an older thread that you stated and it got me thinking.....You need to upgrade your avatar! That pic of you and your daughter is from 2014! . I just was fitted for new clubs. My pitching wedge is 43.5°, gap wedge is 49°, sand wedge is 54.5° and my lob wedge is 58.5°. Even with the strong loft, as was previously stated back in 2014 by @David in FL, I don't care what the numbers on the clubs represent as long as my distance gap works for me.
  10. Welcome to TST. We're glad you've decided to join. We were all beginners initially, nobody became Tiger Woods over night. My suggestion? Find a good teacher and take some lessons. The basics are very critical to your overall game. We have several members from the sunshine state. Again, welcome
  11. Whewww.... Where to start? First and foremost, welcome to TST. You've definitely found the right place. Where are you located? You'll get the most benefit and advise from some very knowledgeable people if you start a member's swing thread. Read the How to get good video of your swing and how to upload it to Youtube and present it on your personal swing thread. You'll find a wealth of great information here: Instructional content You can find information about different clubs, grips etc. here: Clubs-Grips-Shafts-fitting Enjoy the forum!
  12. My brother in Breck said they got 6' last week prior to the last snow storm.
  13. I saw that Hulu was carrying this. I'm eager to watch
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