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  1. I played today. When I awoke it was 37°. It warmed up to 48. We had sunshine (unusual in Michigan) and no wind. It was a great day to be on the golf course.
  2. This is already in the works with autonomous vehicles.
  3. This. I voted no. I don't want additional tech in my car to raise the price, I don't want to worry if it fails and I can't drive. If people were more worried about the issue the penalty for drunk driving would be more severe. I read in the local paper where a guy was finally put away after 7 drunk driving convictions.
  4. Me too. It won't load the maps. They had this same issue about 3 weeks ago
  5. I heard an Ann Arbor administrator say the other day that they didn't bring in Jim Harbaugh to win championships but to raise money. That they have done. Their fund raising has surpassed everyone but that doesn't make the fan base happy. They will be lucky to go 7-7. 7-8 with a Motor City Bowl loss to Slippery Rock.
  6. You're just nit pickin' now. Come to Michigan where we speak real English! 😉
  7. Good thing he didn't make it to the end zone. He would have never lived that one down.
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