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  1. Playing so many different courses makes this difficult to pinpoint. A score in the low to mid 80s on my "home" course that I've played 5 times is a good score for me. I've played other courses where I've shot 80 and it was a good round. Conversely, I've played courses and shot high 80s and felt I played as well as the day I've shot 80 at an easier course. I usually judge a good round by how well I feel I've stuck the ball. Score although "the" indicator sometimes isn't the best way to determine if I've played well.
  2. I don't drink. I do bring an Arnold Palmer with me to the course with some almonds for a mid-round snack because many of the courses I play don't have a beverage cart. We always stop afterwards for a beverage. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the norm except at private/semi-private courses.
  3. I added Washtenaw Golf Club today! I like it! I've played 33 different courses so far this year.
  4. +1 Our group has went to Garland and Treetop the last three years. Even before the pandemic, I wasn't looking forward to the same courses, the same rooms, the same restaurants. I like variety.
  5. I live near an elementary school which has 3 soccer fields. I practice there but never on the soccer fields (I helped develop them).
  6. This is something we all can agree. Cancer sucks. Here's hoping he's able to fight it successfully.
  7. Welcome to TST. We're glad you've found us. You're going to be the one to ultimately decide how the fitting goes. Usually fittings are broken down into different club categories: drivers, woods/hybrids, irons, wedges, putters. Is the gift card just a fitting or the fitting and purchase? From your description of your bag it sounds like you could either use a fairway wood or a hybrid to fill in some gaps. What you may find, some places will offer free fittings with the purchase of the clubs. Check around.
  8. I've never holed a bunker shot. I have a few eagles
  9. No answers to your question but Godspeed and good luck with your surgery.
  10. A little off topic: I see a pattern here..no? (jk) The videos that are posted here on the forum are excellent for weight shift. it is very important that the practice starts slow and specific. It's torture to practice slow but to get the feel...
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