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  2. I echo this. sometimes I play with a couple that is 74 years old. The lady hits a good drive 125. We can play 18 in about 4 hours because she was taught to play ready golf.
  3. Pros get a golf pension?
  4. I have one and carry it with me. I find that it helps with tempo, weight transfer and swing plane. I'm sure there are other options but for me, it is useful.
  5. A lot of the courses the pros play are over 7000 yards. I'd be surprised if every step was 3' so I'd guestimate that they would get their 10k in each day they play 18. I don't believe all of them do cardio and/or strength training. Some eat healthy but just like the general populous, there is a variety of lifestyles. A lot of people joke that John Daly's exercise is lifting a pint....
  6. If you have a handicap formula, I'd love it. Thanks.
  7. I tried this on the range today from a fluffy lie and can hit it high enough but it's still about 20 yards out. I don't have but a 56º sand wedge. What club is being used? Is it probable with a 56º wedge?
  8. I started fresh this year and have 5 rounds at Copper Ridge. I've played 9 times already but I don't log them into this spreadsheet. I'm a bogie golfer. My best this year is 84 and my worst a couple days ago in 40 mph winds was 94. My targets are bogie or better for score, 7 of 14 fairways, 2 or less putts, and 33 or less total putts. Screen shot.
  9. yes...nothing special but I have a worksheet for overall stats and a worksheet for individual holes. I've created averages per hole, putts per hole, GIR per hole and FIR per hole plus the usual other stats. I've color coded good vs. not so good and hope to see more green than red. It is specific for my home course. It is nice to see that I've hit the fairway on the #7 100% but holes 3 and 4 only 20% of the time. Hole #3 is my nemesis. I score worse vs par on that hole than any other. I putt worse on #7 than any other hole. On #12 I'm 100% GIR but I have two holes this year that an 0% GIR. Data like this excites me.
  10. Slightly off topic but still a tracking spreadsheet.... Since I've joined a course I've decided to track my game per hole. I already track the usual, birdie, par, bogie, doubles...score on par 3, 4, 5...Fairways hit, left, right....GIR. What is enlightening is to see the breakdown per hole. I believe it will help me learn the course better and avoid costly mistakes.
  11. Welcome from Michigan.
  12. charged with mischief!
  13. It's called retirement. I'm enjoying mine. Then again, I'm not a professional golfer or athlete but there comes a time when you say, "it's time".
  14. Golf is one of the few activities or sports that you will be able to continue when you get older. You are getting some great advice from from "been there done that" people. You'll figure it out and when you do, let us know.. Good luck