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  1. They have announced that there will be no cheering!
  2. basketball is harder than ski jumping? somebody was high when they compiled the list.
  3. Welcome to TST! We're glad you've joined.
  4. I'll put it on my calendar. Earlier, like 9 am is better for me but I'm flexible.
  5. I believe his accident would be almost as big of a topic as the tournament itself.
  6. I know and read the definition of "holed". " a ball is not technically holed until it is both at rest within the circumference of the hole and the entire ball is below the level of the lip" But.. So what I'm hearing: since the ball wasn't holed, no rounds during covid-19 that didn't have a hole but an inverted cup were legit? There is a course near me that put up inverted cups around the flagstick to prevent people from getting the ball in the hole. Are we to assume nobody followed the rules of golf at this course during the Covid variances in rules? Were these round to be con
  7. Don't want to be cynical but I've never bought shoes that didn't feel comfortable from the get-go. If they aren't comfortable when I leave the store, I leave them in the store.
  8. I'm available but Father's day usually is very very busy and slow. I can't speak for Atlas Valley. I've only played once on Father's Day at a different course and vowed to not play because the pace was over 5 hours. If that's the only day people can play, I'll play though.
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