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  1. Nice that he was able to get the first dose of the vaccine. My MIL is in Lapeer and they haven't started yet. 😏
  2. Has anybody here done any research to determine where RL is manufactured or distributed? Companies are all about the $$. Some companies may have a social conscience but the bottom line, they are in business to make money. Could you protest RL and not buy his products? Sure, but unless there were thousands, it wouldn't make any difference. There have been companies that have changed their policies because of public outcry but few. I believe they looked at their business summary and made the correct call. It sucks for JT but there are consequences for one's actions.
  3. Welcome to TST. That's a lofty goal. I hope you succeed. Do you have a written list of courses in each state that you plan to play?
  4. I bought my wife a home appliance for Christmas .... only once! As it turns out, it became my responsibility. She taught me about Christmas presents.
  5. My MIL is in a nursing home and they haven't received their first dose. They don't have any idea when the vaccine will be available.
  6. Give yourself about 4" or so to start. As you progress, you can move it closer.
  7. That's too bad. I also liked the show. His interviews were very good.
  8. Nice. I agree with Erik, the bigger ones would give me some concern.
  9. Touche'. I should have been specific. We have a mix of green grass and enough snow to hide some.
  10. @Vinsk gave you some sound advice. The membership here is non-judgmental and very helpful. As to why your shots are pulling left check out this thread. Ball Flight Laws
  11. Good advice. Lay a towel a couple of inches behind the ball when you practice. It will be an eye opener.
  12. @iacas, are you trying to make us a better person? I don't know him, only what I see on TV or read in the media. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong. An action from a person I don't know does sway my opinion but not enough to harbor ill will.
  13. I've seen those, usually accompanying a complete cart cover.
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