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  1. Devs is a sci-fi show. Pretty interesting concept. From IMDB: A computer engineer investigates the secretive development division in her company, which she believes is behind the disappearance of her boyfriend.
  2. The local courses around me don't usually have many tournaments. That being said, walking the course is prohibited at every course at any time. If you're on the course, you're playing and paying.
  3. One of the courses I play, they let the employees play on Thursdays after 10 a.m. Not a great perk!
  4. The major of our town closed all of the playground equipment because they couldn't keep people/kids from using it. The parks are open for walking but the equipment has been locked down.
  5. The Michigan Governor has threatened $1k fines and/or 90 days in jail for disobeying the social distancing edict. A guy in my Meet-up group saw several people out golfing today with the golf courses closed. UGH!
  6. @iacas thanks for indexing these at the start. Greatly appreciated.
  7. I like everything you are doing. I haven't had the time to participate. I have done some of the drills and can see some of my faults. Please continue on the current path. We are trying to empty my mother-in-law's apartment even under quarantine and it's been busy. Governor Whitmer just gave the police the authority to fine people up to $1k or 90 days in jail for violation. I'll make the effort to get my butt in gear and participate. I'm late to the game... sorry
  8. I agree that new isn't always better but you should let the numbers from a launch monitor be the telling force. When I purchased new clubs I switched from a 6h to a 6i and the numbers were very similar, nothing to really note any change. I just wanted new clubs. Better, nah but new. Most people do see improvement in distance and dispersion with new clubs. Most newer clubs are more forgiving.
  9. Have you played Metamora? It's a fantastic course. Metamora Golf and Country Club
  10. I have not played there but I have played Washakie, and Vassar. It is a drive for me in Davison.
  11. Great information. How the heck are courses in states like Michigan and Minnesota going to recover if maintenance isn't allowed? This sucks.
  12. Try Golfnow or some other online retailer...Teeoff.com
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