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  1. What is the weather in Spain? Do they have tempered weather year round?
  2. Michigan

    I haven't personally but there is a link here somewhere about the course. Reversible Golf Course
  3. hello everyone all the way from the UK

    Welcome from Michigan, USA.
  4. 4K 32" monitors rule!

    I bought a 40" 4K Samsung last year on Black Friday. I paid around $450. It's the best TV in the house. Black Friday and Superbowl weekend are some of the best times to buy TVs.
  5. What are you doing for the total solar eclipse?

    I was playing 18 and joined a twosome on #16. One guy brought his mig welding helmet and it was pretty cool to see part of the eclipse. Around here, it got dark like it was going to rain for a few minutes. Then as usual, in Michigan, the perpetual clouds rolled in and stayed.
  6. Is your Summer slipping away?

    Boo....hissssssss.... School has started today for the kids... Summer is almost over!!
  7. Stretches to improve flexibility

    I have an inversion table. It helps.
  8. Breath with Movement

    I thought this may be another ploy for the 2017 Newport Cup challenge. Your thoughts are enlightening.
  9. 8/21: Played 18 today during the start of the eclipse. I'd like to say the eclipse affected my last three holes but no....I can't say the sun got in my eyes. One guy that I joined on #16 brought his mig welding helmet and it was cool to see the sun thru that.
  10. Hello from Portugal!

    Welcome from Michigan, USA. We're glad you've decided to join and participate. Read, ask questions and enjoy the forum.
  11. How many wedges

    I have 3 wedges
  12. 8/20: 5 minutes wall drill with about 15 minutes stretching.
  13. NFL 2017-2018

    Preseason is just that. Remember the Detroit Lions winning all of their preseason games and going 0-16? Don't read too much into preseason, the teams are trying new things, new players in different situations and usually new personnel.
  14. I'm far from an expert...heck I'm a Michigan fan.....I could see a player shooting par occasionally but not become a scratch golfer within a year