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  1. Welcome to TST. SF you say, are you able to golf year round?
  2. I almost thought you were talking soccer... Michigan use to have a nasty habit of going into a prevent defense and losing games late. I believe in today's game if you give the QB enough time, they will find an open receiver or make a decent run. Did you see Tom Brady run in the game against KC? Even old guys, given enough time will make a play.
  3. I have family in Simpsonville, SC. Small world. Welcome to TST. I was there two years ago.
  4. The guy that patented the Prov1, hell ya. Did you even look at the video where he said water does get into the core? The water can make the golf ball soft and heavier.
  5. There is a thread somewhere here talking about replacing the battery in the unit. Game Golf's customer service is definitely lacking.
  6. Think OSU gets in with a loss?
  7. I don't compare the par on every hole, I didn't realize that was an option. I just check CR and slope. Is there a database that shows each course's scorecard by hole?
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