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  1. I'll take the first option all day long. I've done both but leave with a good feeling after hitting the ball solidly even though I didn't score well.
  2. I'm like you. I just want something comfortable and waterproof. If I can get that with a pair of Footjoys or any other brand, I'm good. I don't have brand loyalty.
  3. that needs to be timed to the old Bee Gee's Stayin' Alive!
  4. There were/are experiencing temps in the 30s . The water parks were closed. I too noticed the high spin rate, but it sounded like the wind was blowing pretty good.
  5. Welcome to TST! Welcome back to golf. You've found the best place on the web to talk golf.
  6. Club Champion probably won't have older clubs for your to hit. They will be considerably more expensive than most other places. Is there a Golftec / Golf Galaxy near you? They use to carry used clubs and you could hit them to compare numbers from their launch monitor.
  7. Did you watch the KC vs. Titans game? They held the league leader to 69 rushing yards. I believe both teams (KC and SF) deserve to be in the Superbowl. What surprised me was the running ability of Mostert of SF. He had 220 yards against the Packers. I don't think the Packers were good enough to really win their conference. Obviously they played well when they needed to but they never led vs the Lions until the winning field goal in each game. Detroit actually controlled each of their games. That in itself is telling. KC has so many very good offensive weapons. I think they will win.
  8. That is something we'd all do to protect your child. Scary...
  9. When I do a Google search for Mevo + a camera comes up! Makes me wonder who has the rights to use "Mevo". I guess it doesn't matter to me but seems odd. The ability to play courses may make this worthwhile.
  10. I once was a curmudgeon. I'm now a reformed curmudgeon. Retirement makes a world of difference. Do I still get upset with idiots on the golf course, ya, but I'm a little more tolerant because ... I don't know why...I just am.
  11. that sucks! just a quick google search, not too many options. Good luck!
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