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  1. dennyjones

    Evaluating your game on the course

    I realize you mentioned your full swing. I see you've purchased "Lowest Score Wins". If you go online to Accessing Your Separation Value @iacas has a pdf to help find your problem areas. Print out the sheet and take it with you next time you golf. If you fill out the sheet honestly as you play it will help you highlight where you need work. If it's all with the driver, head to a good teaching pro. There is nothing more frustrating than playing a round and feel you have to cringe every time you pull out your driver. Good luck.
  2. dennyjones

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    In Michigan, teachers have the first dibs on coaching a sport over other more qualified coaches that are not teachers. It doesn't surprise me that many coaches don't know the sport. Hopefully they'd take the time to learn all of the rules and the game to help the players.
  3. dennyjones

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to TST.
  4. What are you willing to spend? $15/dz, $20/dz, $25/dz. There are many very good balls that would fit your criteria. Check Calloway, Bridgestone, Pinnacle, Srixon, Taylor Made, Wilson...
  5. dennyjones

    Glad to be aboard.

    Welcome to TST.
  6. dennyjones

    My bag, need some thoughts

    Welcome to TST. It looks like you have options and you may find different courses would allow you to swap out clubs based upon the course design. The 3W may come in handy for a real tight fairway tee shot. Don't be a stranger. We're glad you've decided to participate in the forum.
  7. dennyjones

    Levelhead Ball Marker

    Check out Aimpoint. You'll learn to read the greens using your feet. I'm a believer as are many on the forum.
  8. dennyjones

    New guy here

    Welcome to TST
  9. dennyjones

    Tesla Autopilot and Driver Awareness

    We saw that in the paper here in the States.
  10. dennyjones

    LPGA in Ann Arbor 2018

    Is anybody planning on attending the tournament? I'll probably hit one day, undecided which day though.
  11. dennyjones

    Tesla Autopilot and Driver Awareness

    I can't speak for Tesla but I use to work at the GM Proving Grounds. The adaptive breaking which I'm sure is on Tesla would have stopped the car regardless if it was in auto pilot or not. I've driven cars that will slow down automatically when they get too close to another object. My opinion, and only my opinion, both Tesla and the woman are at fault. The car should have stopped without her interaction and she shouldn't have been so stupid to assume that it would.
  12. dennyjones

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    I wouldn't call them favorite courses but there are two in the Grand Blanc area that have been closed for a few years. One really was a goat track and the other was a private course near Warwick.
  13. dennyjones

    Just some guy

    Welcome to TST. We're glad you've decided to join and join the Michigan Club. Look around, join in the conversation and enjoy.
  14. My daughter has severe asthma and bad allergies. Her asthma is under control but she occasionally uses her breathing machine. I said that to say her new doctor recommended she use Xyzal allergy medicine which is OTC. She swears by it and has tried most other allergy medicines.

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