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  1. I fly radio controlled airplanes. I wanted an airplane when way up in the air it would be noticeable. Most colors at a distance appear black. One of my planes was (crash) yellow. it is distinctly different from a red or a blue in the air and much easier to see. The white balls on a partly cloudy day to me, are difficult to see at a distance. I'm eager to try the Snell balls in their yellow.
  2. All rounds played individually are practice rounds and using Thegrint, you can select that as an option. Attested means that somebody (on thegrint) can attest (confirm) your scores. My regular foursome partners don't belong so none of my scores are attested but I count them as handicap scores when we play because they are not rounds played alone.
  3. Usually the manufacturers want the golfers (men and women) to play their entire set. Lots of the golfers like different wedges or putters. Keopka could work out some kind of deal with his current popularity. I thought that Jason Dufner didn't have an club endorsement contract ...No?
  4. I've read that some of the players don't want an equipment deal. They like to be able to pick and choose which clubs work best for them. I don't think Koepka is too worried about money.
  5. Well....It didn't deteriorate but after a couple of months it wasn't as supple as it was new. Once on, it felt fine and worked well.
  6. I tell my friends sometimes...."A smart golfer would..." and then proceed to do something completely different. It depends upon the situation. If I'm trying to beat my opponent and it's a do or die, I'll gamble, otherwise, I'm usually conservative with golf and try not to use that phrase.
  7. I use the Footjoy WeatherSof. I have no problem making one last a full season, 50 rounds. As a matter of fact, I'm still using last year's glove but it is probably worth replacing.
  8. I doubt that! We've all seen and done as bad or worse. Congrats on your accomplishment
  9. I believe this is fairly common at big Div 1 colleges.
  10. If it is going to take more to repair it than what it is worth, sell the land and donate the $$ to a place that helps homeless vets.
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