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  1. I'm playing tomorrow night. I'll take pictures of the area I believe he is hitting. He's a low handicap player with a high swing speed.
  2. I saw this happen Monday night. The guy said he has split 6 of the dozen! We're playing on a simulator and I believe he is hitting wedges into the wooden supports near the screen.
  3. Grocery workers were considered essential early in the pandemic, more so that educators. I'm glad educators will be moved to the front of the line but I still believe that grocery workers are essential.
  4. I would still argue that most people that are passionate about soccer (the world's most popular sport) aren't on twitter. Have you been to a pub in a foreign country watching a soccer match? It's crazy and full of emotions.
  5. Many, many years ago, I cut my left pinkie at work. I didn't think it was anything serious, no real pain. I was headed on vacation the next day. Two week later and I still couldn't straighten the finger. The tendon had been cut. Because it happened at work it was a Workman Comp claim and I heard all kinds of crap from the boss and the medical department. The shop doctor tried to convince me that I was too old (26) to have the surgery and the finger would be fine since I wasn't in any pain. I had the surgery and they placed a pin in my finger from the middle knuckle to a lit
  6. https://michigangolfjournal.com/2021/March/
  7. I'll watch the LPGA over the other two because there is recognizable names.
  8. My wife convinced me to buy some Cutco knives. They will actually come to the house to sharpen our knives for the life of the knives. They weren't cheap but work extremely well.
  9. In TheGrint there is a place to check that selects the round as practice. You can still get "all" of your data by selection to include all of your rounds vs. handicap rounds. Trust me, I get where you are coming from but don't have an argument that will back your stance.
  10. Welcome to TST! We're glad you've decided to join. You'll find warm and welcoming people that work on facts and not run after ideas without merit. You aren't the first and won't be the last to try to self teach golf. Golf is very difficult. This is one of the best places to get help with your game. Check out the instructional videos and the member's swing thread. Again, welcome
  11. That's impressive. It doesn't surprise me about Carl's being busy. (I like Joe as an instructor). As we turn into March, there are more golfers getting ready for the season. I expect the golf courses to be busy also.
  12. I'd venture to say that the majority of golfers don't post a real handicap. It's common to see the violations you stated because many players will dictate their own variation of the rules before playing. That's not real golf but a variation that a lot of people play realizing it's not real golf. People that play in tournaments are usually very careful with the rules.
  13. I'm not real sure what the precautions are going to be around here but they were pretty laxed at the end of the season last year.
  14. I never was able to golf with my father. I had no real interest because the neighborhood kids played baseball, basketball, football and hockey. I coached my son in soccer for 15 years. He also played basketball. During that time we didn't have an interest in golf. It wasn't until I changed job locations and was asked to play with a co-worker that I took up the game. By that time, my kids had no interest in golf. I wish...
  15. Ouch.. I can see trouble here 😄. No golfer needs that much equipment!
  16. These ideas are making me eager for good weather.
  17. This was my thought. I realize there are invitationals but if Tiger asked to participate I'm sure he'd get a sponsor's exemption. The media coverage and the extra sales (w/o covid) would be a cash cow.
  18. Roku as added the USGA channel. Check it out.
  19. I have some knowledge of Sugarbush. If you have questions about it, don't hesitate to ask. I play the course many times throughout the year because their senior rate is so low. It's always in good shape but tough and long.
  20. This will be the second season in about the last 6 that we will miss gong to Garland. I really enjoy that place and you can't beat the price. The food is superb. I like all of the courses except for Reflections. When we were there last some of it was under water and they were logging some of the trees. I'm sure it's much better now. Enjoy
  21. CBS is announcing that Tiger is being transferred to another hospital. We use to call them idiot lights (no... really!)
  22. It has been a few years since I took the Aimpoint class. In one hour they taught me putts with only one break. A second class which covered multiple breaks wasn't included in the class that I took. They have since changed and now have a speed class. The best idea is to talk to the instructor and ask the question. They'll be responsive to your questions.
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