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  1. Reading the Google reviews, they weren't too positive.
  2. Your golf work ethic is impressive. It shows in your swing.
  3. Agreed! We are starting to watch the last few James Bond movies in prep for the new one that comes out in November (I know...). We've watched Casino Royale which is my favorite Dan Craig Bond movie (tap in birdie), Quantum of Solace (6' birdie putt) and Skyfall (par).
  4. dennyjones


    Is this a challenge tag?
  5. Welcome / Welcome back. There is a wealth of great information here to help you achieve your goals.
  6. After the other posting is when I received a call from them. Thanks.
  7. Well, a major turn of events. Monday I got a call from Patrick in Chicago. Because of the lack of support from the guy in Detroit they offered to give me new club heads for my trouble. I accepted their offer. The club heads were delivered to Detroit and Andrew (new guy) called Thursday and offered to expedite the replacements. I dropped them off Thursday and picked them up today (Friday). I wasn't expecting anything more than the return of my 8 iron and really didn't deserve anything more but I'm thankful for the extra step they took to ensure my satisfaction. I'm looking forward to trying them out this weekend. I normally don't play the weekends but for new irons, I'll make an exception.
  8. There is a teen near our area after contracting Coronavirus has now been diagnosed with another complication, Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome. Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children causes swelling and pain in various organs and muscles. Many who get it had been infected by or were previously exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19.
  9. Elbow bumps at the start with strangers today, fist bumps at the end. It's almost always fist bumps regardless of the golf company.
  10. A repeat of #4. Eight holes to go. Several repeats but playing different courses creates unique challenges.
  11. I have the Game Golf tags on each club. I don't use my phone at all. I touch the club to the Game Golf device on my belt and it notes my location. I don't use the app for distance, I have a range finder. Once I get home, I hook the device to my PC and it uploads the round where I can make adjustments to the round, like first putt distance or delete a double tagged shot.
  12. I checked a local course today, Golfnow was more expensive than using the course's website. I've used both sites but usually avoid them if I can find a better deal.
  13. Welcome to TST! We're glad you're here
  14. I didn't play today but was at the driving range for about 45 minutes. It was very hot standing in the direct sunshine. My car temperature stated 96º. It would not have been to hot to ride in a cart out of the direct sunshine. I would not have attempted walking and playing.
  15. The nice thing about Game Golf is the ability to adjust the round on your computer after you finish. Some times I tag the shot a couple times because I wasn't sure if I did it the first time. Easy to correct on your computer.
  16. Heather Highlands near Holly has a green that is completely unfair. Number 6 is sloped down hill back to front. The pin placement is usually in the center of a very large green (33 yard circle). The slope is steep enough if you are a few feet short of the pin, you have about a 16 yard putt because it will roll all of the way back to the lower fringe. If you are above the hole, it's almost assured to be at least a 3 putt. I vote with my wallet. I won't play there anymore.
  17. I'm learning something new all of the time here. I don't know if you meant to say the temperature gets over 100º or the humidity gets over 100%. I had to ask Google if such a thing was possible (over 100% humidity) and yes it is possible to have more than 100% humidity!
  18. My clubs are about 1 1/2 years old. I used a white silicone to help secure the tags to my Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips. This week I had to screw two back down and will re-secure them again with silicone this week.
  19. Welcome back. Exciting for you to have clubs and a lesson scheduled...Congrats!
  20. That's one I never considered and had to verify. Thanks for the education.
  21. Wednesday I talked to Patrick in Chicago. He put me on hold for about 20 minutes to discuss the situation and said they would have a person build me a new club and have to me very quickly. He stated that the reason Ryan (head guy) didn't return my call because he thought that somebody in Detroit would follow up. Thursday I received a tracking number from Patrick. Today I received my old 8 iron back. It was repaired, not new but I guess that doesn't bother me too much. They did not return my Game Golf tag. I can tell it was the same grip because the silicone was still on the top of the grip. You can make up your own mind about going to Club Champion but for me, their customer service was more than toxic.
  22. Michigan Golf Journal July 2020 Golf news, travel, and golf information for Michigan golfers
  23. All handicaps take the best 8 of your last 20 rounds, TheGrint included. Look at the differentials, you'll probably see that the new one replaced a lower score of the 8. That's why your handicap moved from 16.5 to 16.8.
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