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  1. Spieth’s 2015 season has become the most lucrative season in PGA Tour history.
  2. Spieth: $12.0M in official earnings this season, breaking Vijay Singh's old record (2004) by more than $1M.......doesn't include the $10 mil bonus.
  3. Tampa Bay vs Houston to start (I'm a TB Bucs season ticket holder, btw, the irony). Here come the awkward interviews and sideline reports.....
  4. That didn't last long.....now brings her nasally voice to NFL Sundays......good luck with that. Holly Sonders, the Fox Sports golf personality who was demoted (or “reassigned”) after an embarrassing turn interviewing players after their U.S. Open rounds , will make her NFL debut Sunday , when she’ll serve as the sideline reporter for the Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston team. That team’s usual sideline reporter, Laura Omkin, is off this week. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/09/holly-sonders-fox-nfl-sunday-demoted-golf
  5. Followed him during Arnie's practice round and not a soul was around that day - fans were following McIlroy instead. Couldn't believe it. Guess Day will get the packed galleries now - everyone loves a winner.
  6. Wouldn't be surprised if he did that when he fell. I understand he hit is rubs, possible fracture? Don't know. This I know, the guy has a lot of high risk factors for dying early - being obese/poor diet, smoking, drinking. I had a guy in my foursome about Daly's age die of a heart attack. He was smoking on every hole, and the humidity was pretty tough. We were walking and he needed to stop on about the 10th hole to sit in the shade and all of a sudden went in the full blown heart attack losing consciousness and dying right there despite CPR and a late arriving ambulance crew.
  7. bored stiff, left at the turn - headed for the car. ......after playing golf for 30 yrs, I've become completely bored with the game - returned to tennis.
  8. Thanks......I've been attending The Players, Valspar, and Arnies' tourney for the last six years and now can pencil in my schedule -might go to Doral for the first time.
  9. probaby pissed off a moke in Hawaii....right now I'm not too sympathetic for his experience.
  10. Read today that Allenby made a crack about caddy's weight....
  11. Tampa's event has gone through a multitude of sponsors and is now on a relatively unknown paint company.....third sponsor in five years, with one year not having a sponsor whatsoever. Too many tournaments dilutes the pool, makes each individual tournament less meaningful, and makes the the typical fan indifferent to many of the tournaments unless it's a major. I won't give the next few tournaments a minute of viewership and I think I'm pretty much more avid than the typical fan.
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