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  1. These are just basically the Diablo forged irons. I have confirmed that eith callaway for twice the price and without the red and black badge on the back!
  2. I use the Bionic stable grip which is not usga conforming unless you have medical exemptions which I do for arthritis and another medical problems in the hand. They have a relax grip and a new Performance grip whis is usga conforming, but it does not really matter unless your playing tournament play and they go by usga rules! I do not live in a hot n humid area but my hands can get like im in a swimming pool and these gloves have last me the longest! I would like to get the black version because my sweat makes the glove look dirty in white but that wouldnt be an issue with most people that don't sweat like that! The Hizrl glove has 2 different options with a black palm made of Kangaroo leather but does not have padding and is a more traditional golf glove not for arthritis but has great absorbing properties. Both these gloves are more costly but to me pay off in the long run. Also I agree completely with WUTiger with swapping out gloves during play or atleast taking the 1 off as frequently as possible after every shot! I use the Hizrl Trust Control when using their product. Both these glove companies clearly state washing them will increase their longevity and even make them softer by doing so! Both companies offer some different choices and the new Bionic performance that conforms I am about to try next!
  3. Hizrl or the Bionic glove hands down! I have hyperhydrosis which is excessive sweating in the palms and can easily rip any of the main stream gloves people use in a round! Not with Hizrl or a Bionic!
  4. One person may hit the 913 longer then the new razr extreme and vice versa, I have the 913 and Razr fit and Tour authentic and I myself am excited to try Nike's new driver and the new extreme to see what the results show!
  5. A soft midsize grip does not mean your going to get relief in the hands for arthritis. I have arthritis in the hands and use New Decade midsize grips which are in between soft and firm and they are perfect. To soft of a grip may mean you have to squeeze a tag to hard on your grip to feel like your grip is proper when swinging!
  6. These irons do not look well to the eye at all in my opinion and I have never been a fan of any taylor made product other then their new ghost tour da-12 putter!
  7. I play a 4 wood 17 degree Titleist 910f but I can adjust it to a 3 wood degree or a 5 wood degree which is great. I think sometimes a strong 3 wood could just take the driver out of play completely as some people do not strike drivers as good as the woods or hybrids and I have played many round with no driver or 3 wood and only a 5 wood in the bag an shot very low scores. Distance is not always everything!
  8. I think Tiger is a good man and has the best of intentions and got caught up in a whirl wind of media that no other golfer before has gone through causing him to make poor choices. From the heart though I feel he is a sincere man and could be a great leader!
  9. Jim has a very unique swing and I have even tried a swing like that for the heck of it before and it actually yeilded good results. I did not stick with it but just fooled around at my old country club! If a swing works then so be it! I am from York, Pa the county over from Jim Furyk coming out of Lancaster, Pa and I think his swing is very unique and he is a great guy!
  10. C'mon and let's get real! Tiger is no wash up by any standards and has gone through a lot in the past years and is now rallying back to the top! Another major.....o yea.....I think the man will exceed more then just 1 and take the record!
  11. I am an inspiring tour golfer getting ready for an intense golf school in hilton head, SC and I can say I use to be a scratch golfer at 15 yrs of age and at 26 now I am suffering from unknown medical problems that are pain and anxiety related as well as high blood pressure. I am on valium, percocet and inderal for my health, otherwise I am losing weight and in pain or get the shakes and have high stress and blood pressure and could even have seizure like symptoms! I have all my medical records and sure hope if I reach my goal some day this does not ruin my dream!
  12. I am an inspiring golf tour pro going to school this fall in hilton head, SC!!!
  13. I obviously am a major jordan fan and shoe collector of his,but I am not bias towards this situation either because of that. He should have been informed his clothing was not appropriate to play in on that course at that club before ever going off the first tee, also I do not think being a celeb has any trump factor on others to do things others cannot but it happens all the time. The situation is what it is and I do not think MJ is hurt by this and the course only made themselves look bad and lost a good amatuer golfer to play at their course!
  14. I would beg to differ that this is done because pro golfers do it! I know regular people just going about their business in a day who do that, people at the beach, hunters, fishers, It may be a style thing for some but just a natural motion and act for others!
  15. To answer your question there are all different kinds of club fitters, meaning that there are ones that really take their time and use high end equipment like a trackman monitor for your numbers when hitting a golf ball with irons and woods...etc.. Then you have top notch golf fitters that are more knowledged then others, letting them know your preferences in feel and stuff of that manner is good to help gear them towards certain shafts or clubs you may be interested in and as far as flexes that will be left up to the numbers on a monitor if your getting a full out fitting. For example I am 6'3 170lbs and play +1/2 inch over standard length shafts in all my clubs except for drivers and woods, and I have my irons at 2 degrees upright from standard. That does not mean everyone my size needs them specs because wrist to floor length and other stuff comes into play but general rule of thumb is a guy my size plays specs around there! If at any time you feel like your hitting a club you dont like they directed you towards or trying a shaft that doesnt feel good , then just let them know! It's in their duties to properly match what you need for Length and lie and flex and shaft ideas for you but it all comes down to what clubs you want to go ahead and purchase based on feel after they fit you for your specs! Where your going are pretty solid people, I do not live in the area nor have been to their store but have done business with them before and they are extremely nice, also it wont cost you over 500 dollars to get fit like it would going for a set of clubs at a titleist fitting center! Good Luck!
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