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  1. I hate to say it but this isnt an april fools joke.. i've just read a review in the todays golfer magazine in the UK. according to them they liked the graphics on the crown.It supposedly helps with alignment..... of course it would Adjustability is apparently "Easier then ever" despite appearances.. They also noted that it was incredibly light and generating distance was "Effortless" I imagine that TG has perhaps had a rather large donation...
  2. Well the pic is terrible quality but it was the best i could manage.. I promise you the it is an orange RIP Phenom. R flex 55g I'll stop posting now haha.
  3. For me it would be!! You havent seen me play haha. On a serious note though does anyone know what shafts are going into this monstrosity? I've seen pictures of orange Phenoms floating around.
  4. I just want a driver with built in speakers that makes a different sound depending on how you hit the ball. If you top the ball it should let out a "Poofta!" in an Aussie accent. A good one should let out a loud BOOOOOOOM Jack Hamm style.. Maybe with an airliner affect in the background.
  5. I dont know about the driver but with Cobra's latest AMP irons you can change the colour of the cavity.Im wondering if in the next few years when drivers are all different colours if Taylormade will go back to the old "glare inducing" black. Probably call it classic technology.. "Guaranteed to give you 15 extra yards" (If you swing it a bit quicker...)
  6. Naah dont switch yet! It looks like Taylormade have built a pentagram in the sole of the club. If you leave now you'll miss out on their voodoo technology.