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  1. garush34

    Fast forward

    We can start at either the 1st, 9th, 11th, or 14th if it is busy. I'm sure there is a notice up that discourages playing from anywhere other than the first unless it is designated by a comp. But at the end of the day I'm not going to wait for a few groups to go through then go out behind them. I'd rather start at the 11th and work my way back to the clubhouse and then play holes 1-10.
  2. Thanks, Ill check out the link, think I have before but always good to refresh. Hopefully I can get out at the weekend and get to work.
  3. Thanks for the input. Unable to watch the video now, and this may be answered in the video. When you say turn sooner, do you mean turn sooner with the hips, shoulders or both? Yes the shot will have went right. That is my bad shot one that goes right of target. It used to be a lot worse but have managed to control it more over the last year or so. In regards to the grip I used to have the right thumb going down the shaft but changed it about a year ago.
  4. Been continuing work of the shorter swing this week and have found something that I think is doing the trick. Something I've never noticed before is pressure in my arms. I have always had very relaxed arms in the swing with practically no feeling in them. But this week I have tried to feel a bit more pressure/resistance in the arms. Its not a tense feeling more of an engaged feeling. This seems to be leading to where I want it to be. Tried a few swings in the front garden and they are defiantly shorter. Took a few videos to confirm my feelings but are terribly low light so wont post them.
  5. Been struggling the last few weeks to get out for a game. Course has been closed due to rain. Course must be flooded in parts. Just got new clubs and only had one 9 hole round with them. Hopefully this weekend i'll get out but not looking likely. Need to get a few games on link course start of the new year, maybe a trip to Gullane or North Berwick.
  6. General swing for me. Start of the year I was inconsistent, struggling hitting it left and right at times. Had a couple of lessons and things turned around for me. Had my best front 9 in a comp of 38, unfortunately I followed that up with a 55. But I also got to the point where I know I can play golf, so I can take the positive there. Still a lot of work to do. Currently working on shortening the back swing. Proving to be harder than I was hoping, just when I think I have it, I take a video and it is nowhere where I thought I was. But when I get there I know it will be money.
  7. Don't have video but I like Geoff Ogilvy's swing. Seen a video on instagram, Nice smooth action.
  8. It's the knees for me. Depends where I have played to how sore they are. But its only because I have bad knees. 3 dislocations over the last 10 years.
  9. Would like to get the handicap down to about 12 this year if possible. I realise that is a big step so looking to get to 15 then see how long that takes and then make a push for 12. For that I need some more consistency in the swing, I am working on shortening the swing which should provide what I need and then ill just play as much as I can to get the score down. Need to get a few game on link courses the start of the year to see where my game is at and then assess what needs worked on further before the season starts up.
  10. Thanks, I have to say I've never noticed that before. That could also be the cause of the slight shift to the right that's still there. Ill give it a try and see what happens.
  11. Have been revising some videos of my swing and some pros, and something I've noticed is the depth of my hands at the top of the swing. The picture show a blue line where I see most pros hands to be at the top. With mine being so deep, could this be something that leads to my long swing? Any thoughts?
  12. Just purchased some new irons. Got out for 9 holes on a this afternoon to try them out. Went with some Titleist Ap2's, 3-PW project X 5.5 shafts. Very different from the G15's I had before. Go distances out of them, similar to before the change. Was very cold with some frost on the ground, so would expect there to be an increase in distance. Been trying to work on staying centered more the last couple weeks along with shortening the swing. Still work to go, in for the long run over the winter.
  13. I'd go for in person instruction any day. I find its better to get a feel for the changes you are looking to implement, you can ask questions after a few shots and get instant feedback. Online is still better than nothing but you have to make sure you are picking up the correct bits to help your game. I'm going through a transition right now of using a bit more online than I used too. Mainly because of a bad experience with my current instructor and considering trying someone else but have had great results so far with my current instructor. It all boils down to how you feel really.
  14. Should be good to hear. I know most of the announcers have played some but hearing the other side of things will be a refreshing change. Hopefully I be able to hear the coverage hear in the UK.
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