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  1. When Did You Sell Out?

    I use a push cart (for about the past couple years) and I don't think that would be considered selling out. Maybe switching my three and four irons to hybrids? Actually I would have to say I no longer play in any sort of bad weather. I used to go out on windy, cold days but don't anymore. I live in Florida....it will be nice tomorrow.
  2. What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    I'm actually going to try to just enjoy playing more and not worry so much about how I am scoring. I recently joined a country club and have met a few guys who actually just go out and play for the sake of getting out and having some fun. The ironic thing is that all of us usually are right around par (some lower and some higher). We put a little $ down for some incentive but not really all that much. I'm trying to not get so mad if I make a bad swing and change my attitude on the course. Frankly I don't have a plan. I'm just going to try to enjoy the round. We'll see how it goes. I would also like to putt a little more consistently. I am going to work on smoothing out my stroke and getting (and keeping) some kind of routine.
  3. I wear a glove when I play (not putting or chipping). The thing that bothers me is that I tried one of those Bionic gloves about a year ago and not If I don't use a Bionic glove, it feels strange to me. I think they brainwashed me into the feel of those gloves so now when I use something else, it just isn't the same.
  4. Not trying to plug Snell golf balls but three piece ball is fantastic and I actually like the Get Sum ball also. At $21.00 a dozen (better deal if you buy 6 dozen), I'm not sure there is a better ball out there for all skill levels. I actually have started using the Get Sum ball more. Not as much spin at the three piece, but still enough spin. I guess I just did "plug" Snell. Sorry.
  5. Just wondering what everyone thinks of elevated greens? My club has elevated greens and I guess over the years I have gotten used to them. Recently I played with a buddy of mine at his club (Sarasota area) and I noticed how much more I liked playing non-elevated greens. Up North (at least where I played) most courses did not have many elevated greens and it seems like it gave me more options around the greens, At my particular club, you can miss some greens and have very little chance of getting it up and down or even keeping it on the green.
  6. Myrtle Beach?

    Thanks for the tip. We are looking into a trip to Reynolds Plantation. We'll sit by the lake instead of the Ocean.
  7. What ball, and why

    I recently tried the Snell Ball (three piece). I am now a believer. Much less $ than ProV's but I think the ProV spins a little better around the green. Once I got used to that....
  8. Workout BEFORE or AFTER golf?

    I have found that going for a run on the days I play golf helps me (about 20-25 minutes). If I lift weights on days that I play, it tends to make me lose my tempo.
  9. Chris Speilman sues Ohio State & IMG

    Don't forget Alabama fans. I think they are the funniest.
  10. Tough hole vs Gimmick

    I guess I didn't explain it they way I meant it...I would call a par 5 "gimmicky" if it requires me to hit a club off the tee other than driver, then require me to hit a lay up shot (with a short iron) in order to hit another short iron into the green. There are a few golf courses (in the Tampa area) where this is the case. It's essentially three par threes turned into a par 5. It always looks like the course designer ran out of room for a good hole.
  11. Myrtle Beach?

    Courses were in good shape. Easy to three putt. Greens were slick. Greens are also pretty big. Not too tight. Heathland and Mooreland (I thought) played a little longer than the yardages.
  12. Bucki1968

  13. Myrtle Beach?

    Courses were packed. We played the Heathland and the Mooreland. Maybe because of holiday?
  14. I usually don't go for Winn grips (used them about 5 years ago) because it seems like they wear out quickly. I'm thinking of re gripping clubs with the Dri-Tac (Like the way they feel). Do these hold up any better than the previous models?
  15. Tough hole vs Gimmick

    I guess (in my opinion) that any par 5 that you don't really have a chance to get to in two strokes in kind of gimmicky. It is probably because I just hate those kind of holes. There is local course that I go play occasionally that actually has a couple of those kinds of holes. One of them requires that you hit a driver to get around one dogleg but if you hit it slightly too far...you have to hit a short iron over some trees to a fairway that you can't see. It just looks like they ran out of room for the hole. That's funny. We had a hole like that at the golf course that I used to work at. I would hit the ball all over the place until I got to that hole and I would inevitably hit my greatest drive of the day right into that tree. One Sunday I showed up for work in the morning and the superintendent came into the shop and said the tree was dead. It literally died overnight. I think that hole (#17) cost many of the gamblers some serious money. Someone finally took care of it. As much as it bothered my, I hated to see that tree go.

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