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  1. One of the few shows I watched on the GC. It seemed like it was a getting a little tired the past season or so but (as has been mentioned above) didn't really care for the non-golfer shows as much. Probably only so many interviews to go around? On a related note (or maybe a new topic), I've tried twice to watch "Golf Today". Wow. Awful.
  2. I'm sure it isn't across the country. Just telling you how it is here (in this particular environment). You are absolutely right that it is not helping us move forward. I'm only speaking about what I hear/see daily. It's different in this environment. As a matter of fact, you can drive south of the school where I teach (about 5 miles) and get a completely different environment.
  3. I spend my whole day telling kids to stop cursing. Not just that particular word. They don't even realize that they are cursing most of the time because that's just the way they talk. If I wrote up every kid who swore in my classroom....they would all be suspended (as a matter of fact I have instructed not to by those who are higher up on the totem pole). Unfortunately, their parents speak essentially the same way. Heck...many of the members at the club where I'm a member speak the same way. That's where we are now. Sorry Shorty. You are out of touch.
  4. Well....he made an idiotic comment to himself and the whole world heard it. He is gonna pay for it. But at the end of the day, we have all made really stupid decisions and really bad choices that didn't get broadcast on the Golf Channel. Hopefully he will learn something from this and it will make him a better person. Or it won't. Either way he is going to wake up tomorrow and be a major champion and a millionaire. Same as Patrick Reid. Same as Tiger Woods. P.S. I am a middle school teacher, and the word Justin Thomas used is still used often in this school environment. It hasn't
  5. Well now that I read it.....it says if you were not selected, "you have the opportunity" to purchase tickets for next year. In the instructions it says to apply in June (like the lottery), so maybe we are just getting a refund and thrown back into the lottery with everyone else.
  6. Watched the first episode on Monday. If you read the recent book about Tiger, there was nothing really new in Part one of the documentary. I was surprised that his former golf instructor admitted the adulteries committed by Earl and himself. He seems genuine that he was regretful for Tiger having the two role models that he had growing up. I was also surprised that they got his high school girl friend to talk so much.
  7. I voted no because I've always kinda been a fan (despite all the issues). I guess I would like to hear the story of abuse from him or someone in the family. I don't like just getting one side of any story.
  8. Yes I have tickets and was informed that if I was not picked to attend this year that I would be able to attend in 2022. I assume their won't be a lottery until 2022?
  9. I didn't mean to imply that twosomes make for slow play. What I should have said is that I see three or four groups of them in a row. Why not just pair them up? And I do agree with not making people pair up, however, I might pair them up during the busy times of the day/year. I think if you let them know up front that they might get paired up, maybe they would decide to play later/earlier when it's not as busy?
  10. I recently had a long conversation with the general manager at the club that I belong too (wife too). As with most courses, during this pandemic, our membership has grown. This had to lead to some slow play issues. The one thing that I have noticed is that many of these people are playing twosomes and there are even some singles worked in. Which of course makes no sense and backs things up even more. I was told that many of the members don't want to be paired up. This is a private club so I guess the staff won't really do anything about slow play because of what everyone is spending. I suggest
  11. Got a three wood head cover and a half zip pullover (both from the club where the wife and I are members) where I will actually get the bill. I also got a gift card from the in laws. I put new grips on my irons which I guess was a gift from myself (and I guess so is the head cover and pull over)?😒
  12. I'm from that area. My mother lives in Pt. Austin. That's where Bird creek is. Good course.
  13. Ping Eye 2 black dots....used them for about 10 years. Had the woods also.
  14. What's wrong with Verona Hills, Bird Creek or Ubly Heights....? 🤣 Ironically I'll be up in the Thumb in June (Port Austin).
  15. My wife and I play golf together often. She also plays with the other ladies at the club. She also watches football, hockey, and golf on TV with or without me. About to be married for 24 years. Not sure which way to go on the vote. I married a golfing buddy...it really doesn't get any better.
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