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  1. I played a course recently where I hit it to about 8 feet on a par three and my playing partner hit about 10 feet above the hole. His putt rolled off the green and he hit his pitch to the same spot he had just putted from. He eventually picked up on his 8th stroke. It was an awful pin. It was also a Sunday and everyone was taking forever on the hole (9th hole). We got over to the 10th hole and there was three groups waiting on the tee. We just left. They did give us a 9 hole rain check.
  2. What I think is funny is how popular IPA's are now. I was drinking Bass Ale 25 years ago and everyone thought I was nuts.
  3. If it's really early....I'm all over a spicy Bloody Mary (or if I'm hungover). However, after the first 9 holes....it's all good! I've opened a cold one more than once before 8:00 am.
  4. I was very lucky during my college years. I pretty much worked my way through college at one golf course or another and then spent another 7-8 years as a club pro. I should really write a book. I worked at a public golf course that was pretty full of degenerate gamblers, drinkers,etc. Probably was the best years of my life. I learned many, many interesting lessons.
  5. If I'm just messing around, I'll roll it (when by myself). When I play in the games with the guys, we play it down everywhere except in divots in the fairway. I don't mind playing out of a divot but not if everyone else is not playing out of them. The funny thing is....in the past 5 years or so, I've only been in one divot.
  6. I think "The Match" and "The Legend of Bagger Vance" are my two favorite non-fiction golf books. Although "The Match" really isn't fiction. I also really like a couple of James Dodson's books although those are really not fiction. "Son of the Game" is good as well as "A Golfers Life", "Range Bucket List", and "Dewsweepers".
  7. Until the clocks get turned back, I can get out after work for 9-12 holes on week-nights. I usually walk as it cools down enough for me not to be completely miserable in the heat. I wish I could do it more often because two things almost always happen. I relax after a long day dealing with 11-13 year old middle school kids and I almost always play well. It's better than scotch....well....maybe.
  8. We play a game similar to this. However, I no longer get in the game with handicaps. I'm tired of paying the guy with the 13 hdc. who shoots 78 and wins all the $. From now on, when anyone wants to play with me and couple other guys, it's straight up. Nobody gets strokes.
  9. I'm confused by this...we played every shot in Scotland (about a month ago) and so did the "Scots" that played with us. I know some of the people play match play but I didn't see any in any of the rounds I played there. And it looked like the tee sheet at St Andrews was pretty full. We played in 3:30 minutes. Walking. We played in three hours at Hoylake.
  10. We allow some fivesomes to play early on the weekends and they usually move pretty quick. I get aggravated when they give me the "we played in 4 hours" crap when everyone else is on a 3:30 pace. I hate the whole "four hours for 18 holes crap". For some reason (in scotland) they can get around in 3:30 or usually less walking.
  11. Okay....It 2. This is a tough one. I'm going tap in birdie on a long par 5. I thought it was good but.......
  12. Golf has really taken a beating in the Tampa area. Many of the area high schools don't have teams anymore and most of the ones that do, don't have enough kids to win a match (need a whole team). Even some of the private schools have numbers way down. I've been trying to figure out why that is with such a large first tee program. First tee goes into almost all of the middle schools to teach golf etc. I realize that many of these schools have a very low income population but that has not been such a problem in the past. I have all the equipment at my disposal to give to kids. I'm not understanding it?
  13. `I know it's been said but I gotta go with Deer Island. It's hard to pick one because some have been harder than others based on the weather. I played Bay Hill a few years ago in about a 20-25 mph wind and it was brutal. I played "The Bear" in Michigan in some really miserable weather and that was brutal also. It's hard to pick just one.
  14. I actually have a couple dozen of the three piece. I'm going to be giving them away....😒
  15. This time of year, I can get 9 holes a couple times a week after work. I usually do it for the exercise ( I usually walk) as much as the actual trying to shoot a score. Sometimes I just go out and hit a couple balls and try different shots etc. I find my 9 hole rounds after work are very relaxing for me.
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