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  1. Going to head up to Augusta for the Tuesday practice rounds and am trying to find a golf course (on the way back to Florida) where we could stop and play on way back home on Wednesday. Doesn't need to be a "Championship course", just something fun. If anyone knows of any........
  2. Just got the email today....I got tickets to the Tuesday practice round!
  3. I have often found it to be a little funny when it comes to meeting professional golfers/tv golf people. Living where I live and playing golf around the state (and working in the golf business for years) I have been lucky to meet a lot of players/golf celebrities. Most of the people I have met have been really great to talk to and be around. You see them on TV or during interviews, they don't come off that way. I always go back to the comments that they usually make about playing golf and it "being their job" so when you see them in the "office" they are not the same. I'm not the same in my "office" as I am when I am out of it so I get their point. All that being said...there's about 5-10% who are not what they appear to be!
  4. Anytime I have invited any of my buddies to my club, they have always offered to pay guest fees. More often than not, I just tell them to get the drinks/food after. I'm usually inviting them so I usually pick up the guest fees. I guess they have been around golf enough to know to tip etc. so I don't feel like I have to tell them to do it. I'm kinda surprised by the reaction of having to tip the caddie. I guess it would never cross my mind that it wasn't my responsibility to tip my caddie. On the other hand, I grew up caddying at a private club so I guess I learned it that way.
  5. Not really a Spieth fan but I think he will come around. He's actually put some descent rounds together here lately (just not four rounds in a row).
  6. I use the Bionic relaxed grip. Lasts for months. Cost a little more but it will outlast all of the others.
  7. I remember years ago going to a Titleist fitting school. David Duvall was there. I got to talking to him about the equipment and he literally had no idea about the actual specs of his clubs. He would get some drivers from Titleist, hit them, and keep a couple. I thought it was kinda funny that the fitting school was telling us to get everyone fitted and David Duvall was just hitting clubs until he found some he liked. The reason I bring this up is because (I would assume) the clubs the players are using are not exactly the same ones they are selling at Dicks sporting goods. That being said, you could sign your equipment deal and still get the clubs you really like even though they are not what the consumer is playing (see Tiger Woods Nike clubs).
  8. I actually classify my rounds as practice rounds and playing rounds. Practice rounds I will routinely try to hit some different shots (big cuts around trees/bunkers, low punch shots etc). Playing rounds I'm trying to score. Yesterday, after work, was a 9 hole, get some exercise, practice round. Followed by a three beer, reflection period. I have found the "reflection period" to be very relaxing.
  9. Yes, his putting stats and records are great but I'm still not convinced of his putting ability when it really counts. Tiger made those putts. Jack did too. Of course I'm comparing him to probably the two best clutch putters who ever lived. If I remember correctly he and Brooks both had some pretty good looks at birdie on the last couple holes at Augusta and didn't even come close. It just seems like he throws in a three putt at a really bad time or misses a 5 footer when he really needs to make it.
  10. I'm not sure how Dustin "gave it away". He was never in the lead. I will say this about DJ, I have never considered him to be a great putter and if he ever becomes a great putter....he's gonna win a lot more often. Maybe he's not a great green reader? I guess I should say, "he's not a great putter in major championships". I can't recall him making a huge putt in a major. I can recall him missing some huge putts in majors.
  11. I'm not sure what kind of golfer I am. I can play alone or with anyone. I can play for $ and be serious about my game or go out and just play for the fun/relaxation of it. I tend to play to the level of my competition. The better the players I play with/against, the better I play. I also have learned over the past few years that some days I'm just not going to play as well as I do on others. I guess I'm a "go with flow" golfer?
  12. I won the Lottery in 2015 for the Wednesday practice rounds/Par 3 tournament. I think it took about 7-8 years to win. Have not won since. When we went on that particular Wednesday we sat next to a couple and they claimed that they have gotten tickets almost every other year. Luck of the draw I guess?😒
  13. Guy drinks at a bar where he works....guy gets in car and dies in crash (after work)....bartender that served him is liable?.....bartender employed by Tiger Woods' restaurant....who has the most $? I don't know if it has already been mentioned but I would think that Tiger's restaurant is some sort of corporation/LLC or something. Insurance covers the business for this type of thing?
  14. I know one thing for sure...banks are not touching golf courses here in Florida. Myself and a couple of investors are looking at possible buying a golf course in this area and none of them are going for more than 2M. As a matter of fact most are not even close. And these are 18 holes with year round play. We have checked out a couple and done the due diligence etc and it's gonna take a while to make $ back on investments. Some longer than others. We have been working on this for almost a year and I have a feeling that we may end up doing nothing.
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