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  1. Not sure if I'm right about this but wouldn't trees also absorb more water/fertilizer? Therefore taking it away from the grass? I'm not a tree hugger but I do like trees on the golf course. The only time I am in favor of removing them is when they keep the sunlight and air away from the greens.
  2. I wonder how many fellow PGA tour members are "friends" with Bryson. Is it just me or does he strike you as kind of a loner? I don't think Bryson has "taken advantage" of anything. I think he has worked hard to maximize the equipment he is using. I agree with above, "just tip your hat and say congratulations".
  3. I think if Tiger is gonna win another major, it's going to be the Masters. I would think that he knows that.
  4. I thought it was pretty interesting listening to Rory's comments on the Golf Channel. He kinda threw some jabs at Bryson and the way the game is changing.
  5. Watching the coverage on Peacock on my I-phone.....Yippee. Come on Golf Channel. This is ridiculous. Yes, it was easy to load and it's free etc...but really? It's the US Open. I can't get it on Roku tv. I need my computer for work. I get it. I'm watching anyway but just seems sorta like NBC dictating that you have to use the app. I already have Netflix, amazon prime tv, etc...I'm just burned out on all the streaming services. I actually keep hoping the one of the previously mentioned services just start buying everyone out so there will be one place. It is what it is.
  6. I'm trying to find someone comparable to Jordan Spieth's career to this point (hot as the sun and then struggling). David Duvall? Johnny Miller?
  7. Watching the coverage on Peacock on my I-phone.....Yippee. Come on Golf Channel. This is ridiculous. Yes, it was easy to load and it's free etc...but really? It's the US Open.
  8. Nothing like watching golf....and getting paid.
  9. I'm not sure this is a weird moment but I actually saw lightning strike a golf cart (with two people in it). The whole thing kinda lit up with a light blue light. It hit about 10 feet from me. It hardly made any noise at all.
  10. Not sure if i'm looking forward to the "Winged Foot Blood Bath Part 2". I like to see a little bit of aggressive golf. Totally defensive is not that much fun to watch. I get bored watching guys grid over 12 foot par putts on every hole. Tough is good but not all day, every day. Be nice to see someone have to hit a shot (take a chance) now and again. Pitching out sideways with a sand wedge is not my idea of good golf (as far as viewing a tournament).
  11. Not sure which way to pick this....some were harder due to weather or playing in a tournament (course set up). On a daily basis I think the toughest one I've played was probably Pointe-o-woods (Michigan) or maybe Fox Hollow (Florida). Tournament wise I would go with the Scarlet Course at Ohio State. Weather...no doubt, Carnoustie. Brutal.
  12. Yea...me too. I did get to watch some "coffee golf" this morning!
  13. Just booked the Dunes....played the Legends courses a couple years ago and don't really want to go through another 5+ hour round of golf. Looking for one more fun one that might be a little less crowded.
  14. The wife and I are taking a little trip over Thanksgiving break to play a couple rounds in Myrtle Beach. Looking for one course that is really nice and don't care about cost and one that is fun to play and is in the moderate price range. Not looking for anything ridiculously tough but at least challenging. We are staying in central MB but are willing to drive.
  15. I have absolutely no prayer of winning our club championship unless I play completely out of my mind. Too many good college players and former professionals. That being said, I'll still go and try but it's gonna take some really good play and some really good breaks. I need to have the A game and hope they show up their C/D games. Usually there is at least one of them that shows up and tears it up.
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