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  1. Not sure who gave me this drill but when I start to hit the driver bad I go to this drill and it almost always helps me fix any driver/3 wood issue. I stand with my feet closer together (on the driving range) and try to hit my driver at flags that are around 100 yards. It really helps me with contact. Then you just slowly increase the distance (and the width of your stance) until you are hitting full shots. It helps me to shorten my backswing and have more control over the club as well as increasing distance because I'm hitting it flush. I think it also really helps with my tempo.
  2. Bucki1968

    To Join Or Not?!?!

    I'm a teacher also and it was fantastic using the club this summer. We (wife and I) used the pool often, the exercise facilities and of course the golf course. I met a lot of members this past summer so I now have a couple groups that I can hook up with. Of course, I'm back to school now so no more week-day rounds for a while.
  3. Bucki1968

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    This past Sunday the wife and I went to club to play at noon. We teed off at 12:05. We played through two groups who were nice enough to let us play through. One guy in one of the groups made the comment that they were not in hurry but just wanted to get done to see the PGA championship final groups play. We finished at 3:00 exactly. We went into bar, had a couple beers, a little bit of food and watched the last groups start. We left the bar at 4:15 and the group that let us play through was in the parking lot unloading. That was about a 5 hour round with no one on the golf course.....I'm sorry if anyone disagrees with this but that is pathetic. Fortunately they were nice enough to let us play through but I thought about those guys being out there when the season starts and it made me sick. You can talk to your buddies and play at a decent pace. You can play bad golf quickly. There is no excuse.
  4. Bucki1968

    Golfer Elbow

    I agree with above, I used to get golfers/tennis elbow in my left elbow all the time but now I work on strengthening my forearms more and have not had any problems since.
  5. Bucki1968

    Par 3 opening hole

    Strange...a course I played in Michigan starts with a par three (about 170 downhill) then you have back to back par 5's. No need for a starter on the first tee and it usually spaced out the groups nicely. Probable one of the most flowing (non-slow) rounds of golf I've had. Been playing that course for years and the longest it has ever taken is around four hours. I would say the norm is about 3.5.
  6. Bucki1968

    To Join Or Not?!?!

    We joined a club this past December. I have been trying to convince my wife to join one for a couple years. We spend about what you are. Best move we ever made. We like to walk when we can and we can play 18 holes in three hours. Even if the course is busy it still only takes 3.5 hours. Down side is that when I play other courses, the greens are not going to be as good so it takes me a few holes to get the speed. The club has reciprocal clubs (all over the USA) so we can go play those when we are in town. The members have been great so far.
  7. Bucki1968

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    One of the problems I see in our area is the lack of course rangers. None in the summer months and very few during the winter (season) months. When I worked in the golf business we did a double tees on Saturday and Sunday mornings and that actually helps some but we also rangered and kept things moving. Believe it or not if you make an example out of a couple groups... it will definitely speed up play. But you have to be willing to sacrifice a little revenue to make it better for the masses.
  8. Bucki1968

    Top Golf

    Tampa location is usually pretty busy. I don’t like hitting off mats so I don’t go to try to practice. I go if friends want to meet for the “bar experience”. The food is ok but overpriced as well as the adult beverages. I do see a lot of non-golfers having fun which I guess is a good thing just as long as they do it there and not in the group in front of me on the golf course. 😜
  9. Bucki1968

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    I would think the later in the day it gets over there the wind will actually Slow down some.
  10. Bucki1968

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    OK do I sit here and watch this or do I go play golf and listen to it on the radio. I’m torn .
  11. Bucki1968

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Dang it. Come on Tiger. I’m thinking molinarie might get it done today.
  12. Bucki1968

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    We (Florida) are getting British open weather lately. Not quite as cold 😜
  13. Bucki1968

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Golf balls really spinning today. I would imagine we’ll get some low scores this morning.
  14. Bucki1968

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    I don’t think I’m going to comment on what other people say because I have no personal experience. I have not heard much that has been flattering. But I have obviously not heard from everybody at lake Nona.
  15. Bucki1968

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    Anyone ever hang out at Lake Nona? You can find out anything you need to know about Poulter from staff/guests/members.

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