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  1. I couldn't agree more. We had a Callaway fitting day at the club last week and I tried out new drivers. Went through all the bells and whistles and came to the conclusion that the Epic Flash I hit now with a Hzrdus Yellow shaft....goes further than the new Epics with the stock shaft. I actually hit the new Epic Max further with my 3 year old shaft. I thought that was kinda funny. I guess I'm not getting the most out of my wedges, mine are at least 7-8 year old Clevelands. I suppose I need to upgrade.
  2. Yeah I just heard for the 100th time.😄
  3. Well...it would appear that this done.
  4. Wow these guys are playing really slow. Looks like almost a five hour round.
  5. Wow...matsuyama winning would be huge. 😒 He’s going to have a pull a Greg Norman to lose.
  6. I have Mizuno Irons but have been using Cleveland wedges for about the past 10 years. I have a 54 and 58. I do hit full shots with the 54 but not very often. I just like these wedges because they have very little bounce and I find that useful. Like the posters above have said, "it just depends on how you use your wedges". In my case, my wedges (as well as my 3 woods) have always been in and out of the bag. It's just trial and error. I think it's part of golfs' charm. Your always looking for the perfect club (that works for you).
  7. I have had this one for almost two years and love it.
  8. Okay...this guy is due. Paul Casey -10.
  9. I have been to a Super Bowl, game 7's of the Stanley Cup, National championships in college football and World Series games and the only sporting event I have ever been to that exceeded my expectations is the Masters. Augusta National is absolutely perfect. It almost doesn't look real. Unfortunately, it might be the toughest ticket in sports. Hell, the practice rounds were better than any other sporting event I have been to. To me it's the best week of the year!
  10. I was stunned when he first pulled out the 3 wood.
  11. This thread encouraged me to find the yardage books I still have from some of the tour stops back in the 80's. I can't remember the guys name who used to make them but he would sell them to the caddies/players. I had to look and see if there were elevation notes. There are some that show the humps and false fronts but no numbers detailing how high the elevation actually is. I had a friend who played on the tour (still does on the Champions Tour) and a couple other buddies who were caddies who gave me some of these books. It's amazing how much detail this guy put into these books as well as som
  12. Our course had been back to normal for about 9 months also. We don't even have anyone wearing masks in the clubhouse other than employees. That's funny, I played a course down in Venice about a week ago and they had those in the holes. That was the first time I'd seen one.
  13. Scotland, Great Britain, Ireland, USA and the Bahamas.
  14. I agree completely (about the pace). It was brutal.
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