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  1. Putting Issues

    After watching Rory putt great to win the API, and having some putter issues lately myself, I'm starting to realize (I think) that I have been too focused on my stroke and less focused on just making the putt. I have never been a huge fan of specific "putting mechanics" but I am curious about any ideas/opinions that the forums might have. I have not been putting well recently (partly due to just not enough practice and partly do to very different green conditions on the courses that I have played recently). I am hoping to pick something up that maybe works for you?!?!
  2. Dealing with slow play

    Jeeze...I don't have any shitty kids.....Actually my wife isn't that annoying. She is a pretty good player. As a matter of fact she just got her index down to a 7.9.
  3. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    I would think Eldrick Tonk Woods has a good chance for a high finish. The "Snake Pit" is tough but it's not really that bad (unless the wind blowing sideways). I have played the course many times and I guess I don't think it's really all that hard. As a matte of fact, I have always liked the Island course better. By the way I'm going to be Yelling "Eldrick Woods" all day Saturday. Let me know if anyone hears me. I'm working on a $50.00 bet to get thrown out. I have some other material also.
  4. Regular or stiff shafts?

    This information is true. I work part time for nameless retailer that does club fittings. Your best bet is to find one of these local stores and find out some of your numbers (swing speed, ball speed, launch, etc.). You can find out pretty quickly and doesn't cost you a dime. Tell D*c$ I sent ya!
  5. Go to club or shot from 125 yards. READ ORIGINAL POST!!!

    With all variables being equal (no wind, greens are holding a good approach shot, etc.) it's a smooth pitching wedge. I can go after a pitching wedge and hit it 135 if I have to. It just depends on how well I'm hitting it that day. It also depends where I'm playing (more elevation in the greens, where the pin is, where the trouble is) and how the weather is as far temperature. It seems like in warmer weather, I can drop down a club. I'm not sure I have a sure club for a certain yardage. It usually runs within a 5-7 yard window on a given day.
  6. Going to The Masters?

    About 7-8 years ago I drove up there with a buddy on Friday night and we tried to get tickets. We struck out all morning (on Saturday) but eventually a guy sold us a couple of his tickets and we got in on Saturday afternoon. We stayed for Sunday and were able to get a couple tickets that afternoon . We paid 150.00 bucks for Sunday. 200.00 on Saturday. I don't think you can get tickets that way anymore because they scan your ticket when you leave so you can't get back in. I saw people selling tickets on Saturday and Sunday so I think you can get them if you really want them.
  7. Dealing with slow play

    Yes. There are condos next to the club that people rent and are able to play at the club.
  8. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    <---is seriously considering......
  9. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    I have lived in Tampa for about 20 years and have never gone to this tournament. This will be my first one. I have played the course a bunch of times though. Curious to see the tour guys play it.
  10. Dealing with slow play

    I found myself behind some slow groups this past week-end and it effected my play. I know this time of year is busy down here (Florida) but for the past few weeks it has been exceptionally busy at my club. I guess I'm looking for some tips on how to deal better with slow play. I'm trying to get better dealing with it but yesterday I actually quit after 9 holes because I just get tired of waiting 5-10 minutes to hit every single shot. Any one have any ideas on how to get better dealing with it?
  11. This is probably my favorite tour stop on the "west coast swing". There are a handful of golf courses that I would love to play (but probably never get to), and this is one of them. Just curious if any of the forum members have ever had the chance to play it. I would put Riviera in my Pine Valley, Augusta National, Shinnecock, Seminole GC, bucket list.
  12. I played there about 5 years ago (I want to say it cost me 350.00). Beautiful golf course to look at. Course conditions were really not that great. Long story short, I wouldn't spend the $ to play there again. There are far better golf courses for far less money. On the other hand...I got to say "I've played it". Oh one more thing...it was about a 5 hour round of golf.
  13. The Nine Hole Conundrum

    I can only get out for 9 holes (this time of year) after work. I like to use it as more practice than trying to shoot a good score. I like to try to shape shots or work on some issues that I may be having with my swing. Actually I have found that I really enjoy it. The course is usually pretty empty and I can concentrate more. It's one of the more enjoyable times I have on the course. Once in a while, I bump into someone else who's doing the same thing and we play a few holes together.
  14. Does anybody know anything about Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes or Heathrow CC? I have a reciprocal membership with those clubs and am thinking of heading over there to play them.
  15. Swing 'Trust'

    Speaking personally, I think that having complete trust in your golf swing is something that comes and goes. I usually go wrong in my backswing (when I'm not playing well) and shows up with mis-hits and balls off line. I think that no matter how good or bad you are there will always be some trust issues that show up from time to time. Usually I can head over to the range and work it out. Sometimes it's a quick fix, and sometimes I let something creep into my swing that takes some time to get rid of. Usually when you make a big swing change, it's going to take some time. Unfortunately (when it comes to golf), nothing really comes as quickly as we would like it to.

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