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  1. I agree 100%. D.J. hit an awful putt on 18 (which he does often) and Brooks hit two awful putts on 17 and 18. Tiger needed help at the turn and he got it. Disclaimer: I'm not bashing him but he didn't shoot 64 and run away with it. He played smart and waited for everyone else to make a mistake. Just like Jack used to.
  2. I play either the Snell Black (MTB) or the Taylor Made TP5X. Both good balls but I found some TP5X balls for 30.00 per dozen so I stocked up. They go further off the tee than the Snell and they spin a little better (for me).
  3. I agree with this. I think he's got tougher competition now than he did in the early 2000's. As a matter of fact ,even though he has won a Bethpage, I don't think it will set up as well for him. He knows Augusta maybe better than anyone in the tournament so obviously that helped. I'm not sure he should be the favorite at Pebble Beach either. Phil plays well there and so does D.J. and it's a U.S. Open so Brooks will show up. I'm not trying to take anything away from yesterday, I'm just not convinced he's back to being a dominate player. Hell I was rooting hard for him yesterday and have been a big fan for years. I'm just not going to jump on the "he's gonna beat Jack's 18 major" bandwagon just yet.
  4. I actually thought of this thread watching the Masters this week-end. Number five has been redesigned so that the bunkers on the left have come back into play. I don't think a (playing the hole at 495) many players who are say higher than a 15 hdc. can even get the ball to those bunkers off the tee so they don't come into play. It makes a longer hitter consider hitting a three wood and having a longer club into the green. That's something a good course designer can do to make a great golf hole.
  5. OH it's definitely possible. I'm just saying let's not make it be the number one news story going into Bethpage. Sure he has a chance...but four more? Gonna be tough with the competition he has now. I would think that this might actually inspire some of the young guys to make sure it doesn't become all about Tiger this year.
  6. The whole day was surreal...with the morning start and the way the round played itself out. Tiger winning is huge for golf. The only thing I'm going to get sick of hearing is how now he's got a great chance to catch Jack's 18 majors. I think we need to pump the breaks on that a little bit. Maybe after the U.S. Open (if he can get either that or the PGA done). He may not even win another one. And I'm a fan.
  7. Years ago I was working in the golf shop and a couple of high school players were giving me crap about beating me. So they talked me into going out after I worked most of the day and I really didn't feel like playing. We started on the back and nine and I played out of my mind. Ended up shooting a 30 on the back nine. The course record was 63 so they are trying to talk me into playing the front nine to see if I could break it. I birdie the first hole on the front nine and go to number two and hit two tee shots in a row OB. I end up making a 9 on the hole. Then I birdie four of the remaining holes and shoot 65. I remember thinking how much fun it was. I stopped at a local bar and grill on the way home and got a steak and a couple beers.Interesting side story to that....when I got home my now X-wife was pissed I came home so late and I explained to her that I went out to play a quick nine and played well etc. She got all pissed off because she wanted me to get home so we could go the mall. I remember thinking....what the hell are you doing with this chick?
  8. Looks like the weather is not gonna cooperate much the next few days. Will there be "Monday at the Masters", this year?
  9. I'm getting nothing done today. My students are gonna love it. Roll out the balls and leave me alone to watch the Masters. "It's the most wonderful time of the year".......
  10. I played golf yesterday with a couple of friends I have played with for years. I actually don't play much with them anymore because one of the guys hits numerous balls. He's literally one of those guys who will hit three or four tee shots until he gets a good one. He usually does not hold up play so usually it's not a big deal but after about 12-13 holes of this,I start to lose interest in playing. Yesterday took well over four hours to play on a golf course that I really don't like so that made it even tougher (because of the groups in front of us). I hardly ever shoot a good score when I play with them and I feel bad because I don't like playing with them as much as I used to. The last five or six holes yesterday all I wanted to do was quit and go get a beer. I do like talking to them so it's one of those rounds that I just don't put too much thought into. I literally don't think I lined up yesterday on the whole back nine or even made a practice swing. I guess I should just see if we can meet up for beer and wings instead of golf from now on.
  11. I'll watch any golf. So I'm down with Texas Open. Rough being the tournament before the....what's that tournament next week?
  12. Football, Baseball, Wrestling State champion (3x) in Wrestling. Quarterback on football team. Shortstop on Baseball team. Played football in college (walk-on, eventually got a scholarship for last two years), wide receiver, special teams. Played golf around all those other sports during high school and college. Worked at country club during summers in college.
  13. I agree 100%. I watched the Indians dump payroll this off-season and now they can't score any runs. Unfortunately in baseball winning is a direct result of the payroll.
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