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  1. Bucki1968

    NCAA Football 2019

    I've said it before and I'll say it again.....win the line of scrimmage. Ohio State blew Michigan's defensive line off the line of scrimmage the entire game. The defensive line did a good job stopping the run and making Michigan one dimensional. They got out of the zone defense in the second half and played some man under and Patterson had to be perfect throwing the ball and the receivers had to catch the ball (which they couldn't do). And eventually....the bigger, stronger and faster team will take over. I read a article somewhere by some idiot who said "Ohio State is playing chess and Michigan is playing checkers". That is completely wrong, Ohio State is playing checkers and Michigan is having to play chess. I have been there...watching a team your going to play next on film and realizing that they are better than you at every position. You can play a perfect game and they can play an "okay" game and you can still get beat. It ain't about the X's and O's....it's the Jimmy's and Joe's.
  2. Bucki1968

    NCAA Football 2019

    The only way Ohio State loses a big ten game this year is if they beat themselves. They are far more talented than any other big ten team. We'll see how good they are if they make the playoff. I don't think (again unless they play poorly) Penn State or *ichigan are good enough to stay within 17-20 points.
  3. Wow...I thought I was fast. I played the other day (walking) in about 2:45. My wife and I usually walk 18 holes in right around three hours if no one is holding us up. P.S. Not retired, drive a Honda but there are a lot of BMW's in the lot.
  4. Shot 77 on Sunday. Only get to play once a week now and my short game was AWFUL. We had the club championship this past week-end and the greens were the best they have been in a while (11 on Stimp). I couldn't get a putt close to the hole or a chip/pitch inside of 10 feet. I am always amazed at how quickly I can loose all touch/feel when I don't play that often.
  5. Bucki1968

    NFL 2019-2020

    High school participation in football has dropped about 30% here in Florida. I believe it's also dropped about that level in Ohio. Your starting to see that in College Football because the talent level drop off from the top 4 or 5 teams to the rest of the programs is becoming larger and larger every year. It will eventually flow up the NFL.
  6. Bucki1968

    NFL 2019-2020

    I have been "out" on the NFL for about the past 5 years. I can watch college football all day but can't make it through an entire NFL game. As a Browns fan, I can only say that the Browns can find a way to finally beat the Steelers and make it seem like they lost the game. The "head coach" of the Browns is a joke and needs to lose his job. He can't call plays, can't keep any kind of discipline for his team and every time I hear him speak at a press conference, I can't believe he got an NFL head coaching position. It's too bad because I love football. Maybe I'm just getting to the point of being the "stay off my lawn" old guy but the game is seriously deteriorating.
  7. Bucki1968

    Pace Problem

    I used to work at an upscale semi-private course in the Tampa area (this was 20 years ago). We actually would remove slow groups when they continued to play slow. Now that being said...we were busy. Especially in season. Out tee sheet was booked every day. Out head pro and the owner (who played there very often) decided it was better to piss off one group than the entire golf course. You got warnings (we had a marshal on both nines) and if you didn't close the gap, you were asked to leave and got a refund. It only needed to be done for a few months because our course then got the reputation that it would not tolerate slow play and it solved the problem. Times are different now. Too many golf courses completing for golfers.
  8. Okay I subscribed...I used the link above. Does that mean you and I both get an extra issue?
  9. Thanks. I will use the link. Appreciate it!
  10. I probably have this in the wrong thread... but could not put in the reading room. I am wondering if anyone subscribes to the golfers journal. I recently got a hold of an issue and really liked it. I see that it's published quarterly and it's not cheap. Just wanted to get some other views of the publication to see if it's worth me dropping the cash.
  11. Well I still work, play golf year round, drink beer and scotch and eat as much steak as possible. Ironically, I think the golf is burning up enough calories so I don't really gain weight ( I also have a job where I am very active) so I play as much as possible. As far as the golf part....I believe that golf is like any other sport. When things start to go wrong, go back to fundamentals. Check the basics and go from there. 90% of the time that seems to work.
  12. Bucki1968

    NCAA Football 2019

    College football is about recruiting. It's actually the same here in Florida for high school football. As long as you are in the top 5 recruiting classes, you will be one of the 4 or 5 teams that are at the top every year. Add in a decent coaching staff and your gonna be top 5 every year. Actually the gap between talent has increased over the past few years instead of bringing teams closer together. I worked for a coach years ago who said to me "it ain't about the X's and O's, it's about the Jimmies and Joe's". He was absolutely right. This year might even be more significant with the level of talent on the top teams. I love football. But (at least here in Florida) high school numbers are down and attendance at college games has fallen off. I'm worried about the future of my favorite sport.
  13. I'm actually not a better golfer than I was two months ago. I don't get to play as much once school starts so my short game/putting are not nearly as good when I do get to play.
  14. Does it count that I usually don't walk as much in the summer (Florida)? I still walk every chance I can but when it's get into the 90's with high humidity, I usually ride.
  15. Absolutely true. That particular golf course saw a lot of "activity" other than golf. From more than just myself.
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