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  1. Dave,

    I'm gonna be over in Orlando a couple days near the end of March. I can only play one day. Heathrow or the Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes? Wife is playing too. 

  2. Bucki1968

    4th Anual Orlando Trip is Scheduled!!

    I'm heading over to Orlando for a couple days in March. I only have time for one round, so it's Heathrow or at Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes. Anyone know anything about either of those?
  3. I with the rest of you on the MTB ball. I think I have few dozen of them I haven't gotten into.
  4. Bucki1968

    Divot Or No Divot

    I don't feel like I am hitting the ball solid unless I take a divot. I"m pretty much a small/shallow divot guy but if I don't take one with the 5 iron on down...I hit it thin. I can even take a divot with my three wood sometimes (and it actually goes further). Kinda like that Tiger Woods stinger shot.
  5. Bucki1968

    2019 Masters Tournament

    I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and pony up for a couple of tickets to the tournament. I have been to the practice rounds but never the tournament. I've got the wife about 75% convinced so....we'll see.
  6. Bucki1968

    What are you Reading Right Now?

    Just finished Shadow Country and am now working through Cherry (which is actually pretty good).
  7. I'm really working on this type of practice. I have found out it's not the easiest thing in the world. I have a hitting net in back yard and yesterday I spent about a half hour out there and probably only made about a dozen swings total. I am also using video/swing caddie so I can get a better idea of what is actually working/not working. Man....this game has changed.
  8. Bucki1968

    Sergio DQ - Damaged Greens

    Yep. I think the European Tour knows that Sergio will just come here to the States and play our tour. One less name on the Euro Tour is bad for them. Most of their guys are playing more here now anyway so they have to keep who they can.
  9. Bucki1968


    Yeah....join the club. I go a couple weeks of "this game is easy" to "I look like I have never played".
  10. Bucki1968

    2019 Phoenix Open

    I don't remember too many of the holes either. Just kinda all looked the same. Hate to say it but I played Legends at Mrytle Beach and it was kinda the same thing. In good shape but I cannot really remember a hole I was like "'WOW".
  11. Bucki1968

    2019 Phoenix Open

    I would think with all the bad weather up north it would be good week-end to watch some golf in sunny Arizona? Looks like a pretty good field. Super Bowl right after the final round on Sunday....good week-end for sports. I played TPC Scottsdale a few years ago....was not a big fan. Maybe it beat me up too much.
  12. Bucki1968

    Winter Depression Thread

    Uhhhh...I don't think the ground is going to thaw.😢
  13. Bucki1968

    On the Cheap North of Tampa

    Hernando Oaks, Silverthorn, Brooksville cc, Plantation Palms, Seven Hills, Lake Jovita, Fox Hollow, Lake Brenadett. Various prices and level of challenges. Plenty of Hotels and Bars around.
  14. Bucki1968

    Paul Azinger to Replace Johnny Miller on NBC

    Not sure if I read this right..So Johnny's last day is Saturday? He's not doing the telecast on Sunday? Is Azinger in on Sunday?
  15. Bucki1968

    Course Maintenance Effects On Play

    It's funny....I used to play the public courses exclusively but have joined a private club and have been a member there the past few years, the only thing that has changed is that now I pay a lot more money to listen to idiots talk about golf course maintenance and golf course management. Everyone can find something to bitch about at just about any course. I played Pebble Beach and greens were awful. It's a public golf course. I get it. I can live with it. Another thing I have learned now that i'm a little older and now have the means to do/buy some of the things I want...it turns out that the "benefits" of equipment usually amount to about 3 yards and maybe just slightly more accurate (but without the three yards). But that's for a different thread. 😜

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