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  1. I'm curious what everyone on these boards thinks of Fox 's coverage of the US Open? I have reserved judgement until this year, but I just don't think they do a good job. I'm not sure Joe Buck is a golf commentator. I do like Paul Azinger. It looked to me like Curtis Strange had some trouble with the interview with Brooks at the award ceremony. Holly Sonders is great to look at but I don't see the point of going to all those break away's to show some story about a player or something about various golf holes. I personally would like to see it go back to NBC or even ABC.
  2. Which 63 was better?

    Yes...Johnny is whining but I would say his was better because he did it in the last round and won the tournament. JT wasn't the only one who went low on Saturday. Turns out it's the most players under par at any US Open ever. But I will say it again....Johnny is whining (and being a grumpy old man).
  3. When I worked in the golf business, I worked under a guy who actually spent some time on the tour back in the 60's/70's. He was in his late 60's then and could still flat out play. He would, however, hit the El Hosel every once in a while and when he did....he would literally quit on the spot. He would keep hitting them. If he put the clubs away for a day or two he would be alright for another month or two and then hit another one. This went on for the three years that I worked at the course. He told me stories of other guys who were good players who suddenly got a case of the "shanks" and quit the game.
  4. I have always believed in checking to make sure your doing the basics right before you go see a professional (unless your fundamentals are bad to begin with). I used to be a pro and still hang out with a bunch of professionals and to a man they always say, "grip check, alignment check, and ball position check" are the first places they are going to look. So if you can check those and they are okay, then go see the pro if your still hitting it all over the place. Just my two cents.....
  5. Singh and caddie part ways

    I'm sure there are a bunch of other people (in the Jacksonville area) who can add something to this, but Singh is know to be a first class A-hole. I have gotten that information from people in the golf business in the Jacksonville area so I'm hearing it second hand, however, I have heard this from multiple people in various golf course positions.
  6. The very last stroke/strike/full swing.........

    This happened years ago but my favorite broken club story was with the old Wilson Killer Whale driver. I hit a drive and the head flew off the club about 50 yards directly into the lake in front of the tee. The ball actually went pretty good into the fairway. So I contacted Wilson and they sent me another one....that had the same issue (except the head didn't fly into a lake). Needless to say I was done with the Killer Whale.
  7. Golf Channel Programming

    Yes I have to admit I watched that one. Actually I was having this conversation with a guy I work with because the Golf Channel is on all the time.
  8. Golf Channel Programming

    It seems like the golf channel has gone more toward instructional shows (golf fix, school of golf, etc..) in the past couple of years. I used to enjoy watching Pipe Dream about the guy who was homeless trying to make it. I liked the Big Break in the beginning but it seemed to lose some steam. What I really miss are some of the old films/shows that they used to show. Celebrity golf with Sam Snead I loved. They used to replay the some of the old "Big Three" programs. I got a kick watching those guys play in the primes. I also miss the old Shell Wonderful world of Golf episodes they would replay. I'm not really complaining about the current programing but it would be nice to occasionally throw in some of the old stuff one night a week. Throw back Thursday? I do watch Feherty
  9. Orange Whip Swing Trainer

    I work part time in the golf department of a big sporting goods store....we sell them. I mess around with it when it gets slow and I think they would help to get warmed up before a round. You can also tell pretty quickly when someone is "casting" with one of those things. You do get feedback from it.
  10. Playing Golf Without a Thought

    Not sure if this counts as a swing thought but I usually make a couple practice swings with the thought of turning my hips (actually my belt buckle) to take the club back and then turning my belt buckle back through to the ball. I feel it, and then do it. I do try to line up to my target but once I start the swing, I'm not sure I'm thinking about anything. The faster I move my belt buckle through the swing, the harder I hit the ball.
  11. Do you prefer to walk or ride?

    I like to walk whenever possible. Here in Tampa there are not many places that you can walk so I end riding about half the time. I use one of those three wheel push carts now and I think it makes me look way cooler anyway.
  12. College golf

    If you play well in Junior tournaments you won't have to look for a college to play golf at. They will come looking for you. Keep your GPA where it is.
  13. Florida Keys golf?

    Heading down to Key West in June for some adult entertainment and hope to play some golf. It looks like we are going to play the Key West CC but I don't see much else in the area. Anyone ever play Key West CC? It looks like we are going to have head all the way back to Key Largo to play anything else. If anyone knows anything about these course or has any other recommendations, it would be appreciated!
  14. Boy you are so right! I would think that a two piece ball (e5) would have less spin of the driver thus maybe you are hitting it more often in the fairway which would make the game easier. I have found that I hit it straighter off the tee with some of those balls. In my humble opinion, there is not as much difference in balls these days because of all the technology. I still have my personal favorites that preform well for me WHEN IM PLAYING WELL.
  15. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    This thread shamed me into updated my handicap. As I suspected....I'm on the way up. Now that I can play more often, hopefully, I can get back down to around scratch.