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  1. I would like to be more consistent. I'm too up and down. 80 on Saturday followed by 72 on Sunday. Unfortunately, that will require more golf/practice. Not sure I'm going to have the time needed to get that consistency. I have, however, learned to just enjoy playing the game. That was my goal last year.
  2. A couple weeks ago I was hitting some balls at the range (at the Club where I am a member) and I was watching these three younger guys coming up the 9th fairway (par 5 with water and island green). I watched one guy hit what I think was 8 or 9 balls into the water from about a 100 yards. After hitting his last ball in the drink, he threw his club into the pond. His buddies were on the green laughing at him. He then drove his cart towards the green and missed the front of the bridge and slammed the cart into corner of the bridge...smashed up the front of the cart. They were not members...I don't think they will be invited back. I thought it was hilarious. On a side note...I too have "helicoptered" a couple wedges into ponds in the past.
  3. I feel compelled to post the 75 I shot yesterday (MLK day) because it took 4 hours and 40 minutes to play 18 holes. It is snow bird season here in sunny Florida....Usually I don't play worth a crap when it takes that long to play 18 holes but I was actually one under on the back 9 (which actually took longer to play than the front 9). I will say this...I don't know how anyone can play a round that long and do it more than once every year or so. All we did was sit in the cart. Needless to say...I won't be playing golf on any public golf courses during a holiday for a long time.
  4. I would like for my prediction to not be true but....One win....no majors.
  5. I was watching some of this tournament last night and realized that it's still it a pretty good tournament. Back in my younger days, it was always cool to watch this tournament from a snow covered mid-west and wish I was in Palm Springs playing golf. Pretty good field this year. Seems like the pros go pretty low every year but it's still fun to watch. I do miss all the celebrities that used to show up for Bob Hope. The fields used to be loaded back then too. One of these days I have to get out to Palm Springs and check out the golf and all the other stuff....
  6. I carried for a long time but have switched to a sun mountain speed cart. Wife uses one too. But I just got a new bag that is without a doubt the best bag I've had for a long time.
  7. Johnny Miller was my favorite but I think Azinger is doing okay. I think they could do better...I wouldn't mind seeing Chamblee or Nobilo.
  8. I play with a group of guys who gets together every year or two and we have a "Ryder cup" type of competition for three days. The thing you have to remember when you play that format is that the other team is going to hit it in the crap too so no matter how bad it looks you will probably still have a chance to win/tie the hole.
  9. 1.6 to 1.2. Wishing for the other way....😒
  10. Hole in one on a Par 4. This was years ago on a 300 yard dog leg right. I recently played that course and the trees have grown up so high that you can't hit it over the corner anymore to get it to the green. Used to be if you could carry it over the trees on the corner, it would catch a slope and roll on the green.
  11. 65. Actually made a 7 on a par 5 during that round. Turned in 30, birdied number 10, thinking course record and hit it out of bounds!
  12. I never hit any good shots so.......
  13. Faster...defiantly. Our club is usually around a 10 but they can get them rolling faster for events.
  14. I'll tell you what, if you happen to have a certain "big box sporting goods" store in your area that sells the Callaway Diablo Tour ball (3 dozen for $40.00 right now).....jump all over it. You can also order them on-line even if you don't have that "sporting goods" store in your area. Good three piece ball for the price.
  15. I played Pebble Beach years ago when I was in the PGA. Obviously I didn't pay the regular green fee but it was still expensive (1990). It was a probably about a 5 hour round with two gentlemen who decided they wanted to play the back tees (I was with a friend who was also in the PGA and we didn't want to play all the way back) who couldn't have shot 100 from the front tees. Even with that, we waited on every single tee for 18 holes. Believe it or not, the course wasn't in very good shape (November). Was it a great round of golf....no. Was it a great golf course...yes. All that being said, I wouldn't pay anywhere near 500 bucks to play it.
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