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  1. Solheim Cup Controversy: Who is more at fault?

    True, but Hull didn't walk off the green. She was walking away from where she was watching the putt. I don't think the video shows Hull off the green before Lee picks up the ball. To me, Hull started moving before the ball completely finished rolling. Lee assumed because Hull was moving that the putt was conceded and picked it up. Lee is totally at fault for not asking. Or better yet, just putt out. How many times have you been on a green and started walking before the persons putt stops completely? A lot! You don't walk away from the green to the next tee while the person is still putting - that's unsportsmanship.
  2. 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Discussion Thread

    It's looking like folks want something to complain about. I read/heard that many (maybe all) of the greens are not going to have a collar/fringe. The fairway and green will be cut to the same height. I don't think those lil areas are going to be a concern given how close the green areas are going to be shaved. Chambers Bay is going to be a very different US Open than most...more like an Open Championship course with lots of elevation change.
  3. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver! Jordan Spieth - 4 Phil Mickelson -4 Tiger Woods -4
  4. Help Finalize Brewery Name

    I have 2 additional name suggestions: the obvious - 19th Hole Brewing Co. the more nuanced (like good beer should be) - What If Brewing Co. as in..."what if - I used a 5 instead of a 4.iron. Cheers
  5. How did you get started?

    Like many it started with my Dad bringing me along to his golf outings. It was a rare occurence - maybe 1 or 2 times a summer. What really got me into golf was caddying - a local private course hired local boys (14-18) for a summer of caddying. I did it for 2 years. The other big influence on my golfing was being a junior member at a local course. After the first year, I was able to work at the course for playing priviledges. Cart boy, range ball picker, short-order cook and many other tasks....it was lots and lots of fun. Currently I bring my lil boys to the driving range tor a local pitch n putt course to play. Its alot of fun.
  6. couses on the cape

    Here's another thread that had similar inquiry: http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13741 This is part of my reply... I grew up on the Cape but left in the 80's. Over the years I have been back to visit family and play golf at a variety of courses. There are a lot of muni that you can choose from. I would try: Dennis Pines Bass River Highlands Blue Rock (a par 3 course) Twin Brooks (another 3 par course). Enjoy.
  7. Getting rid of mulligans

    Mulligans are cheating if you only count the better of the two (or more) shots. One way to break the habit is allow yourself to hit additional balls to "prove to yourself" that you can make that shot. Just don't count them. Also use common sense about when to hit/play an extra ball. Multi-ball practice rounds are great ways to maximize you playing.
  8. 30 yards out.

    It's been said before and I agree: Bump and run w/ 7 iron If wet conditions, I would use a wedge with a partial swing.
  9. From personal experience, I would say it's more likely to have a 20+ handicapper hit longer drives than a single digit handicapper. In my teens & 20's, I would jump out of my shoes hitting the ball far...albeit all over the course, Eventally I gave up my Driver for a 3 wood for better control with acceptable distance lost. Even Tiger gave up average distance driving for better control
  10. What to do when your distances don't make sense...

    I would try moving the ball back in your stance for your irons - topping the ball (to me) means lifting your head or the ball is to far forward
  11. Big score on a hole is caused by:

    Poor chipping and not enough practice... Here's a great example of a bad hole: 400 yds par 4 Drive: 250yd left center of fairway 2nd shot: 150 yds - strong 8 - pull it long & left 3rd shot: wedge chunked short 4th shot: wedge sculled over the green 5th shot: wedge 20 feet from the pin 6th shot: putt long by 5 feet 7th shot: putt rim shot - goes around but not in 8th shot: putt finally Banish the wedge to the bag for the next several holes - either chip with 7i or putt ....can't do much worse If I play more, the kinks mentioned above go away and become very infrequent...thankfully
  12. How did you get started in golf and how old were you?

    I started 30+ years ago when I tagged along with my dad. He would allow me to hit a few balls while he was playing. This continued for many years... My golf playing took off when I started to caddy (12/13 yrs old) then became a junior member at a local course lots of playing for very little $ back then.