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  1. thanks for the advice I will think about that touch screen is really nice
  2. I am torn between the calloway Upro go or just the basic bushnell neo.Any advice good or bad on either would be nice.And i am sure this has been ask before I apologize in advance...
  3. well I took you guys advice to heart and really tried to manage the course better instead of just going at everthing.Man has it payed off my last two rounds have been in the 70's,I shot a 79 and today I shot a 76 granted the courses I play are not the hardest one in the world but pretty average.If I keep my head on straight and keep practicing and course management I should only get better,just wish I could play more...................................
  4. What do you guys think about playing a par 3 at least once a week and hit 2 or 3 balls,I pass by one on my way home from work everyday and it is cheaper than my driving range does anyone else do this
  5. david in florida I think you are right I am not a great putter but I leave to much green between me and the cup
  6. by the way I hardly ever have the doubles and triples,I just get on that bogey train sometimes and cant get off it........
  7. you guys are saying just what I have been thinking for some time now,its just good to hear it from fellowgolfers and thats why I joined this forum.As for what handicap I want to get to I am not sure,If I could just get in the single digits I guess that would be about as far as I want to take it not sure I guess Ill know when it gets to be too much pressure.And about the better players so guys I play with are about the same as me but some are not very good and never want to be they are just in it for the fun I will always play with them but I do understand what you are saying but I will live wi
  8. By the way do you guys ever have a bad round and if so what is the average score and how often?
  9. Thanks for all the replies,yes I think practice is just about as fun for me as golf itself.So when I go to the range after figuring what I need to work on should I maybe only take those clubs and work on that distance instead of just beating ball through the sky.And some of the people I play with are not very good but really good company if you know what I mean,so I think no competition factor lets me try to go at some of them sucker pins and take risky shots that being my fault not theirs.I will just practice more and basicly just tighten up my game and I think it will come.
  10. Ill just keep hacking at it,and practice as much as possible and I will keep better track of my game to see were I need the most improvement thanks
  11. they could be some better but not too bad,right around the green I am pretty good and confident.I would say from around a hundred I could use some work to get them a little closer to give shorter putts.And I do work on that as much as I can thats why I ask if I should just keep hammering at it and it will come or is there some other secret.
  12. And I dont mean the big hair bands,I am talking about all year long and the end of last year I have been shot in the low to mid 80's just about everywhere I golf.Dont get me wrong I have had 3 or 4 off games were I will shot in the 90's.The courses I usually play courses in the 110 to 120 slope not realhard courses but just about all I have around me.Just wondering what I can do to shave a few more strokes off or should I just keep playing and see what comes of it.
  13. I was wondering about the Izzo and golf buddy so thanks for the good info guys
  14. Is there any of the gps systems that you dont have to pay the yearly subscription
  15. How many people use only there pitching wedge from a 100 yards in and chipping around the green,or has everone gone with all the wedges.I have tried the wedge route and jst didn't do as good,when I started playing years ago there was not all the wedges of today so I just learned the feel part of the game
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