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  1. Has anybody used either of these training aides. I purchased the SKLZ Gold Flex. Gold Flex was $70 vs $110 for Orange whip both are the same but the SKLZ is half the price. The gold flex has helped me with tempo, keeping hands in correct position at top of backswing starting the hips and release of hands thru follow thru. I have a habit of getting my hands to high and out on front of my shoulders which leads to the dreaded over the top start of a swing. It helps me drop my hands back into the slot keeping them inside and done the path to my target. I strongly support this side and suggest you
  2. 1 - Spine angle - Rotate dont sway 2 - Rotate shoulders - Dont confuse dropping left shoulder raising right shoulder as a sign of rotation 3 - Keep lower body quite as much as possible - I see so many golfers that are starting out rotate from shoulders all the way to ankles not allowing for natural tension to turn cheast back thru shot.
  3. I purchased a SKLZ Gold Flex swing aide. Great item for warming up or on days cant get to the range I try to swing it up to 200 times. I did find another great use for it, it helps keep my wife at bay during PMS//Menapause moments very handy to keep the werewolf cornered till the full moon goes away
  4. I donate all my used clubs and bags to youth golf thru either First Tee or what ever program is in need. When i was n the pawn business I use to clean out golf bags when they came out for sale. I would take all the golf balls,gloves and misc items and donate them too.
  5. When I switch I go to the Ashton love thme
  6. I like the Oliva series V or G prefer maduros chruchills
  7. Dont laugh now. I have 2 cars my everyday car is a Kia Sorrento love it. Now my other car is a Sabaru STI that has been thru the preformance garage down south. Tune and ready sitting at 700bhp with custom 3 stage turbo with a mist setup on it. Chassi has been tweeked as well as the suspension and tires. This thing is a corvette, viper, shelby killer. The first Vette I destoryed the owner was in such a state of shock thought I was going to have to take him to the hospital. The Viper when I just drove past him all he could do was give me the good old middle finger to me. For those who dont know
  8. It is not a matter of can he play yes he can still pplay but his reputation has killed him. No one wants him as a team mate or in there locker room. Read to many stories he is a cancer in the locker room and is not someone you want around your young stars. Here is a classic case of a Million dollar talent and a 10 cent brain. My brother the cop use to tell me this. You can take the rat out of the hood but you can never take the hood out of the rat.
  9. If there was ever a poster boy for what roids actually do to the body it is A-roid the hemroid. I dabbled with roids a few times and what happens is the ability to lift more longer adds so much stress on tendons and joints they break down and wear out quicker. I was lucky enough to have a trainer who knew this and really focused on making those stronger before I wnet real heavy. I got large but found out no matter how much I stretched out to keep limber my shear mass made golf hard. I was 315lbs at my largest with only 11% body fat. Now I am down to 260 lean out lost a lot of mass hit it furth
  10. slufoot7

    Tennis anyone?

    Dont care for tennis to hard to play and hold onto my cigar! Golf well I can play with it or leave it in the cart
  11. 49'ers - 31 Ravens - 20 I feel the running of Kap will offset the rush of Suggs and Ray is long in the tooth to track him. I think Ravens QB will flinch first but the running game of Frisco will be the difference. Sure wished I knew who the ref's were betting on thought.
  12. These are good if :1- You are young I am 57 and have been advise by my doctor not too 2 - If you like injuries again not only my doctor but people I know have suffered some major injuries. Doc told me that ACL, MCL injuries have doubled and in most cases it was the crossfit training they were doing off of some video.. If I were able to do one of these it would be with a trainer. But I dont worry about that 8 knee operations have squashed any thoughts of that but the treadmill and I are good friends and with kettle balls, a custom built 5lb driver, 5lb 7 iron that is all the workout I n
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