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  1. i really would love to meet you one day erik. i gurantee we would get along.
  2. this thread is fantastic. everyone has helped to prove my own personal theory that golfers' are totally out of it. good job.
  3. i don't get the point of the article then. to me it makes GD look like GQ and that's that.
  4. Whatever you people want to think is fine by me but the game isn't going to gain any new players or fans because Justin Timberlake is on the cover of Golf Digest. If you want to expand the game to younger people, you'll make the game accessible to them. I.e. basketball is easily accessible and popular to all because it's inexpensive to play. All you need is a hoop (any public park) and a ball and you're set to go. Golf? You need clubs, you need tons of land, you need that land designed into a "course", you need balls, you need etc. etc. more and more. It's not cheap, it's not easily a
  5. perhaps where you're from, self worth doesn't have to do with celebrity but that's not the case in New York. secondly, if i wanted to read about celebrity musicians, i would buy rolling stone, GQ, Details or any one of the thousands of magazines that deal with this kind of crap. i read golf digest because i want to learn about GOLF, not hear about Justin Timberlake or Francis Ford Coppolla or Cameron Diaz, etc. etc. etc. Why was Justin Timberlake picked to play in that match? Why was Tony Romo? They're both sponsored by J. Lindeberg and they're both big name celebrities, right? Uggh,
  6. great, go ahead and keep sucking celebrities off in this bullcrap american celebrity driven culture. By Justin Timberlake (not his real name, guranteed) being put on the cover of GOLF DIGEST, that publication is feeding into the same crap that keeps this country down - if you're not famous, then you are nothing. I would like to see GD put one of YOU, one of the READERS on the cover. that would be a change, instead of putting a small, d*ckish pop singer decked out in J. Lindeberg on the cover. Seriously - if you can relate to Justin Timberlake, than good for you. You're obviously wealth
  7. I'm living in New York and although Golf Digest says now is the time to join a country club b/c prices are at an all time low, it's not really the case in NYC because the prices here are NEVER low and there are way too many wealthy people so... My question is regarding country club prices in Florida, particularly, the Boca Raton area. Now, i've done some online research on the country clubs down there and a few that have come up are St. Andrew's, Boca West & Broken Sound. I was wondering if anyone was A) a member at one of these or another Boca club and B) how much initiation and membersh
  8. IF THIS ISN'T THE FUNNIEST SHOT I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS : I hit into a bunker on the side of an EXTREMELY downhill slanted green that's about 75 feet long. Anyways, i'm in this bunker, southwest of the green and i take my 52º wedge and i BLAST the ball, completely missing the sand and pure the ball WAY past the hole and over the green until BANG! my ball hits the top of one of the golf carts of the group ahead of me. I see the ball hit the top of the golf cart and oh my goodness, it's bounced off onto the top tier of MY green and what's it doing?! It's rolling down towards the hole! rolling
  9. you're basically describing DRILL 2 swings, which is a tried and true method. I dig it.
  10. Is it just me or is this the most awful thing i've ever seen? I read the interview and it barely has ANYTHING to do with golf. It's more about Justin Timberlake and the "obsession" fans have with him and then how he deals with that along with the relationship he has with his stepfather than the article has anything to do with golf. Let me also say that this is a really, really disgusting attempt by golf digest to turn it's magazine into Details or GQ. Come on, let's get real : Golf Digest is a GOLF MAGAZINE and unless they cut the crap, i'm going to move to another publication instantly
  11. i play D3 college golf and i shoot in the 80's. In our tournaments, the low guy usually shoots +1 or +2.
  12. I'm not sure if this has ever been suggested (it prob. has) but... why not involve other continents in the Ryder Cup as well? Or perhaps do something like the World Baseball Classic, with each "continent" sending 12 players to play. Basically, i'm saying to do a Ryder Cup with Asia, South America, Africa & Australia being represented as well. If you don't have enough PGA players from those continents, bring the best available pros that are slightly under the PGA from them. What do we think of this?
  13. he isn't going to be scared of villegas, nobody is saying that. what i am saying is that camillo is coming into his own and i think with tiger off the tour for a while, the other players have established some newfound confidence. we'll see...it should be an exciting season next year.
  14. Next season, when Tiger is back, he's going to have some real competition in golf. Camillo just proved his worth to the world and i gurantee will be a real force in the upcoming years. Sergio is nasty, Padraig Harrington is nasty, Anthony Kim is up and coming...it's going to be a real show.
  15. i like that boca west has 4 courses and if it's that inexpensive, then it's def. somewhere for me.
  16. Kind of a beginner lesson but i like the video very much http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-...ect-golf-swing
  17. Does anyone know how much it is to join Boca Raton's country clubs? I am thinking about Boca West, as they have four 18 hole courses.
  18. So, I'm thinking about moving to Boca Raton right? And i looked up club fitters down there. Check out this one in Jupiter. http://www.fuziongolf.com/contact/index.html
  19. you are living proof that someone doesn't need to have a perfect golf swing to shoot good scores. your hips slide a bit too much but your swing is nice and easy and you don't have much "pull" in it which is great. When viewing, it looks like you're going to come over the top but then you don't and your swing comes back on plane pretty nicely. just work on your lower half and you're good. i wouldn't mess with your backswing
  20. ease up on the grip of your 7 iron. a guy on the golf team at my school does the exact same thing.
  21. well, the ball sleeve isn't much smaller than a hole so i would recommend putting a tee if you want to practice aiming "small" persay but, this exercise is cool because you have to get a very particular roll to get the ball into the sleeve and have it stay there.
  22. So, I've been doing this putting drill indoors for quite some time. All you need is a floor where a golf ball can roll, a putter and a sleeve of three golf balls. Check it out and try it! Let me know what you think.
  23. actually, the 6.0 would be the s400 equivalent. x100 would be 6.5.
  24. yeah i really dislike the look of the new x forgeds. compared to the old ones, they're pretty lame-o.
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