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  1. Would The Crossings at Carlsbad be an option? Maybe the Carlsbad resident rate could be negotiated for a large group? I would like to play GS if we had the option... just my 2 cents. Goose Creek is walkable also which might be a fun option if its being over seeded
  2. Cheese I hear the back 9 is pretty tough I hope you don't have a melt down!
  3. Damn GD! You've been dying for me to get on here so you could use that huh? haha touche big fella!
  4. Nice one Pak haha GD you should literally carry your team... thats the only way you are going to contribute!
  5. SOD (strength of the day) Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 find 3 rep max (205lb) WOD For time 800m Run 100 Hollow Rocks 800m Run 9:31
  6. Pure misery hah it was a miracle i didnt rip my hands doing all the pull ups... the body aches are setting in right about now.. haha
  7. One of my favorites! Nice work! @righty to lefty
  8. WOD - "Jet Fuel" 10 jerks 2 pullups, 9 jerks 4 pull ups etc.... RX- 155lb (I scaled it to 105 as i weigh 155 on a good day) Jerk - 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Pull Up - 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 Time 18:57
  9. I picked Thorbjorn Olesen to make a decent run just because I want to hear the announcers say his name a bunch of time this weekend. Rory and IJP in the final Rory on top for it all. http://sweeps.golfweek.com/bracket.asp?ID=7&Bracket;=26722&Incomplete;=1
  10. Im really excited for the new iLINE Lamkin is coming out with. I contacted customer service and they shared a little more about them.. "The new iLINE is made out an advanced elastomer material that has the Crossline surface pattern. These should be available in early March."
  11. Thanks for your thoughts I will definitely try this on the range
  12. I have been plagued throughout my short career with a nagging over the top move, for a period of time over the last year I had it licked (for the most part) however this particular day it reared its ugly head worse than usual. I am satisfied with my ball striking and distance is not an issue as I work very hard on these two aspects of my game. Any advice to help me achieve a consistent / reliable ball flight would be greatly appreciated. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years My current handicap index: 4.3 My typical ball flight is: straight/ baby fade The sho
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